Friday, June 2, 2017

Bang went the pump, General JaXson stopped but its getting patched back together

So coming home to wait on the venture to the cannery with Dave, when the power steering pump flat finally went out. So ordered that but it wont be in until Saturday morning. So here I sit in the studio doing cyber radio.
I can't even get out to the shop. So with that ya'll need to know this.
I'm patching things back up with Shelly. Reason? I'm tired of being alone and the extra income coming into the house wont hurt either.
My avionic mechanical ability has been recognized by a company in Jerome Idaho, so my moving there and being able to wrench on aircraft mainly helicopters will also increase my cash flow. The only thing holding me back, $500.00 to get into the house in Wendell, so scrambling to get that done. Had it not been for the power steering pump, of the General, it'd be no problem, but that pump, cost me $200.00 so had to be done. If LiL Wolf was insured and licensed I'd take him, but again, lack of funds prevents that. I'd hate to loose $80.00 an hour job, and a house a whole house, because of the lack of $500.00 . So sweating that.
More L8R after the show.

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