Sunday, June 25, 2017

Another Sunday, and it was a crappy weekend

As the night rolls in on what I pray is the last Sunday of my residency in Evanston Wyoming, I must say its been both a crappy weekend, but at least a peaceful Sunday. The day today started with old Bessie my computer having issues again, but a full day of diagnostics seems to have remedied the malady, so that's is that on that. Seems any more its more running diagnostics that getting on air, at least cyber air. Hopefully a slightly larger pipeline in western Idaho and a redoux of the gear and old Bessie should allow more radio and less IT tinkering. I woke up with the idea of going to Church and Stake Conference, but after the chewing out I got from Bishop, and my head feeling like I had the worst hangover without the party the night before, I blew a fart, turned over and went back to sleep until around 09:30 woke up and ate, watched some TV , tried to catch some good flicks on LaffTV here but found that on AllWest LaffTV was kaput, so relegated to Lifetime Network, caught some girly flicks. Ever notice that most girly flicks and those that condemn men, are usually at the end, thank their lucky stars that a guy was there? At least in the plot for most of these lady targeted films. However when I got into the snarl with old Bessie, I turned off the TV, as my mind without Goody's can't process more than one distraction at a time, and while I ran the bug killers on ole Bessie, just sat on the porch in my chair, feeding seagulls , and not really caring about anything at all. 
Visited with Vern for a few and then he left. Ran out of seagull viddles, so while they circle for a meal, I just observed those majestic birds. Some might call a seagull a scavenger in a fancy suit, and while that maybe true, as they fly they seem so free and without any concern, that just watching them can allow someone to just unplug their mind. 
With all blessings, this time next week or the following week, I'll be back on the air, and online. 
More in the morning, I'm out of it tonight.

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