Monday, June 26, 2017

It really was a serious Monday

Well here tiz Liz, Finally Shelly's money came in and a mere $120.00 came to me. Says she'll send the rest on Thursday but we see. Okay then, with that and attempting to escape Earth's terrential gravitational emotional pull I was zipping along the Epsalon cluster when I found my cell ringing. I ignored several calls early in the morning, one from the greedy guy who rented us the shop here in Etown, and another telemarketer, wanting to know if they could design our website. Which had the been speaking American southern English, I might have heard their words, and if it had been the voice of a foxy sweety I'd have been tuned into her frequency. As it was it was some Indian from India doing the pitching and about mid way in his pitch I pushed off. 
Now there is something that a few have brought up here lately that needs cleared up. It's no big secret that in many ways Shelly and I are worlds apart. But so too I'm several galaxies apart from most humans. In that I was raised with the ultimate good parents, in a very comfortable environment, with anything and everything I could ever want at the snap of my fingers. Where as Shelly was raised in a rather abusive and very resource lacking environment. She was physically abused, and emotionally abused. The one thing that we do share from our childhoods, is that we both were not the so called Popular kids in school or neighborhood, but that standoffish attitude comes from two different views. Hers was that she wasn't very good looking. Nor was I, but in my world the peer thing was more along the lines that I grew up much faster and mentally able than Shelly was. Hers is more from a arena of not getting the right education. She fears, where I rush in, She isn't a social person and hates big crowds, me as the showman I am, lives for the spotlight. I love the stage, acting, writing plays and films, and of course my second love radio. 
You could call me Farckle, where as Shelly is more of a Mia, divorced or abscent parents. Mine were always there with the safety net, Shelly's wasn't. 
However Shelly is not stupid, nor is she incapable of learning, she just needs a firm hand and lots of love to rise above her issues.
The other day, my Bishop, was barking at me about as he described it, having a tantraum. Perhaps that's accurate. Reason? I take medicine for my emotional swings, especially when I'm feeling stress, such as having the lights here being turned off. For 2-1/2 weeks no meds. The $10.00 co-pay I have to cough up and who knows how that'll change under President Trumps Health Care Bill, but no funds no meds. Both for my diabetes,. Hell I can't even buy the mini batteries that goes in my blood meter. No meds, meant my emotions were going wild. Then having the Power bill issue, and trying to get my WolfPack and I out of this bassackwards village, I was in panic mode. Just Monday, I hadn't ate much in 4 days. Not because I didn't have money on my SNAP card, but that I'm just not hungry or really want to eat. I haven't slept really well since I began this move project. Some might say that if its that difficult why do it? Look the shop was $750.00 a month. Then before the rent rate hike, $160.00 a month, $200.00 for Internet and cable, then near $300.00 for both power and natural gas. I was just not bringing in enough fast enough to cover my butt. Then came the rent rate hike. $300.00 rent, $750.00 shop, $300 utilities, $200.00 cable and Internet.  Of course as long as Shelly was contributing and she and I sharing expenses all was fine. Once she flew out of here twice but the last time most importantly, there was just no serious income. Then came the discovery of a small but livable older 3 bedroom home in Wendell, for only $200.00 more than I was paying for rent here. Well I jumped. Plus the fact that my company was created only 10 miles west of Wendell, Idaho; I know the environment , I know the people, the majority of the Knytes as well as the WolfPack is there, and it's a dang sight warmer there by usually 10 to 20 degrees, look southern folks are not accustomed to cold and ice. 
On the business and the Club(s). For the last what now 40 plus years I have gave my everything to our illustrious organization. I have seen its both good and bad parts. Between the Knytes and the WolfPack, we do incredible things. That said, since 1978 I have put my toewing business and all on the back burner to serve both the Club(s) as well as my time in the Marines. With this move I'm reversing my priorities. Hazzard County Choppers and what will be RodeWolf Toewing is my main squeeze vocationally. I will still serve in the capacities I always have, just turning down the burner a bit. I'm devoting much more of my time to Heavenly Father, My Company and Shelly, and toning down this big push on the Club(s) all the time, which also may be less time on radio as well. I have howled about this a lot, but this is after all an organization, not just a single bodied me only pursuit. At last count, there are 300,000 members of both the Knytes, and the WolfPack combined. Its time some of ya'll started putting more of your shoulders to the wheel. Just today, after pushing very hard, boxing things, and running service calls, I got to the point once Shelly sent her contribution, I took $10.00 and hit McDonalds of Evanston Wyoming. Two things there, one the food made me hurl, and I had the Hershey squirts so bad I used up 2 rolls of ass wipe. But that wasn't the worst part. Because of not having my stomach medicine, as well as my Metformin my a1c Went way high I nearly passed out and just about had a heart attack. Not some mini stroke Like I have sometime, but a sweat like an athlete after a 100 mile marathon, heavy chest, the whole bit. I debated about calling the paramedics, but toughed it out. Bottom line I nearly died, and it was clear, not only do I need to get out of here, but once I do, its time that my aging body gets some time to unwind and relax a bit. 
Any mile, headed to Wendell in the morning, hope General JaXson, gets me there and back. TTYLY

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Another Sunday, and it was a crappy weekend

As the night rolls in on what I pray is the last Sunday of my residency in Evanston Wyoming, I must say its been both a crappy weekend, but at least a peaceful Sunday. The day today started with old Bessie my computer having issues again, but a full day of diagnostics seems to have remedied the malady, so that's is that on that. Seems any more its more running diagnostics that getting on air, at least cyber air. Hopefully a slightly larger pipeline in western Idaho and a redoux of the gear and old Bessie should allow more radio and less IT tinkering. I woke up with the idea of going to Church and Stake Conference, but after the chewing out I got from Bishop, and my head feeling like I had the worst hangover without the party the night before, I blew a fart, turned over and went back to sleep until around 09:30 woke up and ate, watched some TV , tried to catch some good flicks on LaffTV here but found that on AllWest LaffTV was kaput, so relegated to Lifetime Network, caught some girly flicks. Ever notice that most girly flicks and those that condemn men, are usually at the end, thank their lucky stars that a guy was there? At least in the plot for most of these lady targeted films. However when I got into the snarl with old Bessie, I turned off the TV, as my mind without Goody's can't process more than one distraction at a time, and while I ran the bug killers on ole Bessie, just sat on the porch in my chair, feeding seagulls , and not really caring about anything at all. 
Visited with Vern for a few and then he left. Ran out of seagull viddles, so while they circle for a meal, I just observed those majestic birds. Some might call a seagull a scavenger in a fancy suit, and while that maybe true, as they fly they seem so free and without any concern, that just watching them can allow someone to just unplug their mind. 
With all blessings, this time next week or the following week, I'll be back on the air, and online. 
More in the morning, I'm out of it tonight.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Needed more sleep and what's the big deal?

Got up early this morning got a few things packed, then snagged a shower which in Etown here is a challenge. See about a month ago or so went to activate the shower/tub faucett except the faucet handle broke. Which I worked for a hour with a pair of Vice Grips. So informed management who in a week after came over with the assistance of the fix it crew here put on a new one, that does not allow for an even mix of hot or cold, it's either hot or cold. Which means having to sit in the tub, mix the water by hand, then to rinse off, one needs to run the tub twice in hot mode until the hot supply diminishes to the point one can get in the shower and rinse off. All of which may seem like a slight disturbance except all that heating of water costs natural gas that increased the amount I'd normally pay for natural gas. That and the loss of the shop, due to the increase of rent here at the illustrious Wentworth Apartments of Evanston, Wyoming to $300.00 that I have to pay, I said this can't be done. So by a blessing found a place in Wendell Idaho. So last two weeks it was finish up with LexiBelle, and mover her to Nate's for fuel tank repair, then clean out the shop, plus haul bit by bit stuff both from the shop that can go into the General JaXson, and still finish up with the shop. So Thursday night into this early morning got a bunch of stuff, Keith and I hauled a bunch to the new house. Left my phone at Evanston, and when I got back, there was a message from our complex manager, on the shut off notice. Yep, one from Power company, which I'm still working with Bishop on, and one from Questar, can't do much about it until Shelly's money gets here, Monday. Okay then Complex manager says there were two cops here knocking at the door. So called the local county fuzz and they had no idea, of anything they would visit me for, so shrugged that off. As I said 9 days wont come fast enough. Can't figure out what the fuzz would be here for cept to fetch the keys to the shop, that is at the bottom of a big box in Wendell, and can't go back there because, no money in my britches until Friday next. After that the pricks that own that shop can stuff it. Again, seeing Evanston Wyoming in my rear view wont come fast enough. Oh yes will have to make three more trips, one to snag Gabriella, Shelly's Subaru, then LiL Wolf and then General JaxSon. The reason I mis spell Jackson is a slight tribute to the Character on SOA Jax Teller. 
Okay then the end of the day is one weekend of rest, and a week of prep so next weekend I can be done with crap city America, Evanston Wyoming. Some day would love to beat the dog turd out of the con artist, that conned me into moving here to begin with, likewise the lady and her husband, that held my first months rent at Yellow Creek, which if I had known I would have gotten back, moved back to Woods Cross Utah, and this last 3 and half years could have been avoided. 
Considering all I have been through here, promises, and promises, only to be told to bite a sour egg, first it was the bar, good in theory, but no booze license paying $4,000.00 a month rent was stupid, so that scrubbed. Had plans then to move away, but nope couldn't find anything. At least that I could afford. Then came the first shop, had four so called partners. One suggested by our complex manager's husband well that fell through. Could have gotten out of the shop then, but a guy pal of Becky's said he wanted in. All I saw was a guy who loved dope, and used in the shop, and never did contribute to the shop rent/expenses funds. So out he went. Then came Nathen and Michelle. One payment, nothing against the utilities, only good thing there was that reunited me with Rick. So that went okay for a time, but I got so short changed in my own money couldn't do much against utilities, plus his Father in Law had this old trailer house in there, no fixing on LexiBelle, nor LiL Wolf. When that fell, found another shop out by Nate's shop, rented it. As long as my rent at the Wentworth was at $160.00 a month I could afford that along with the combination of Shelly's money, the Knytes's money and mine I was able to keep that going. But then Shelly and I started fussing over the fact of the none acceptance factor that is Evanston Wyoming, so she left in March and because of that April and May's shop rent fell, and so did the shop. The only thing I can think, that I was made to sit put in Evanston here was to get together with Shelly, outside of that its been a very painful, and stressful 3 and a half years of absolutely nothing. 
So with all of that, next week I'll be finishing up here in Evanston, Wyoming, the deposit, is no big deal since it didn't come out of my pocket anyway, and be thankful, that I'm finally out of crap hole Evanston.
On the air Saturday morning at 06:00 tonight I'm resting and relaxing, the last mile of the home stretch is near over and need to get my body in shape.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just before Dawn

Just when you have it wrapped up something or someone throws you a curve ball, and you have to re-examine your attack plan. Such was the thing yesterday now that my illustrious Bishop, told me no how no way to helping with my power bill. Truthfully if the owners of this dinky apartment would bark, I'd not care much if the damn power got unplugged. But it's immediate eviction if you loose your utilities. Not that I care much since I'm moving out of here anyway, but the request for aid, denial, was one more thing that said I and the WolfPack ain't welcome here. Oh well, there is a thing called Carma. Sometime, someway in the future, there will arrive the need of my former Bishop, when he'll be driving to say Boise or such that he'll need a tow. I always say and its a fact, you really need to make friends of us who tow. After all one day you WILL need one of us.
Okay then;
Put up an ad on facebook just a few ago, and the ad was immediately pulled. Yes it was for a poster girl for our TV and web ads for HazzardAyre and all that, that includes. I say picky , picky. Guess that's what home grown, print ads are for, might put same in SooperAds, when I get there.
Then there was this distant noise of someone asking me why I love feet and nylons on a woman rather than just seeing bare legs. To me, the simple answer has always been; that a woman dressed in nylons is like the looks of a great classy truck. Sure the standard stock wheels still make the truck go, but there's no look or style. Chrome wheels etc just make the truck pop, in the eyes. Same goes for women in nylons. Rather than make it a dirty or filthy thing, my thoughts are simple nylons on her legs, just makes her chassis classy. 
Finally, going down to check on LexiBelle over at Nate's. I saw his shop entry door open, so thought I'd pop my head in. Couldn't see nor hear anyone, so thought maybe Nate just forgot to close and lock his door. So I did, secure the door. Nate was in his office, but I never heard anything. Sorry Nate, just looking after you. I would hope that if you came to my shop and saw the door open but did not hear me, you'd secure the door of my shop as well. 
Any mile, headed for bed, as I gotta get up early to go see if I can get some help on the power bill, since I guess my Bishop, thinks I'm not good enough to help one final time. On that, if your ever in a spot, where, you need to do a payday loan, stay away from Advance America. At the beginning of May, thinking I had everyone paid, including Advance America, come to find out one of their former managers, had taken the $500.00 I paid along with embezzling much more. However Advance America without making a phone call or a can we work out some payment options, or anything, just took out of my WF account, and so apartment rent, utilities and such including my shop rent . So I had to go to the Bishop in May for help with most everything, and so I could pay my shop rent. Plus without the monthly money coming in from Shelly at the time since we were feuding my butt was against the wall. I hate asking anybody for anything. Be it Church, friends or even the club. But sometimes you have to. Our current Club President, had a tripple heart attack, no help there, the about to take his seat at the head of the table President, was off on some vacation thing, so no one to ask for help there. I would rather work for money to live, I hate stepping on my pride and crawling under a shell, but there are times one has to. Mark our Bishop, thinks all I see him for is to draw funds from the Ward funds. Not true, but I was and am in a mess. It was by a prayer and a miracle that I located the place near Hazzard Idaho in Wendell. I'm so dang close to getting out of here, yet because Shelly is stuck as far as money goes until the 1st or so, and me likewise, just to keep things lit here now, I figured Mark would be compassionate enough to throw out one more bone from the Ward, as far as my last power bill here. Nope. So as said I'm in bed so I can go see if there's another resource. The sooner I get out of this pit called Evanston, the better.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday was Fathers Day, but did you remember to thank the finest Father of all Our God, Our Heavenly Father?

Yesterday Sunday, was Fathers Day, amongst all the ties, gifts, dinners and the like for your Earthly Father, did you remember to thank the grandest , greatest father of them all, Our God, Our Heavenly Father? Did you stop, and pray and thank him for letting you breathe one more breath, for allowing you to live, did you thank our Heavenly Father for him allowing YOU to love him another day? While I didn't get up in time to go to services yesterday, my mind and spirit was there on that second row in that meeting house, just as if I were there in person. 
I'm truly thankful for My Earthly Father, a man who was larger than life, tough as nails from the Old Marine Corps. A man who achieved much in life, from being in the original 214 USMC right up to becoming a 3 star Marine General, to becoming and creating along with my Mom , 1/4 of the Flying J empire. A man who had a heart as big as a mansion, and would and did help all too many ungrateful people in my home towns as well as around the World., But I'm most thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me such a great Earthly Father. Much of what I am I gleaned from my Dad, except maybe for the white glove inspection style of Marine clean, still my Dad was a perfectionist, and I have became somewhat that myself. My Dad did not know the word can't or wont, or give up. Although the latter I can't say I am, since I gave up on Etown months ago. You can't save everyone and you can't remove arrogance and ignorance. No matter where it is. But My Dad did much of that. My Dad was not much of a bookworm, nor a school learned person, but he did have the skills to recognize where a bit of seed money or a bit of sweat planted in the right place would reap one helluva harvest. Yet even with my own Dad's greatness , he could not have done anything without my Heavenly Fathers blessings and all gave to my Dad by my Heavenly Father. So while I saw many salutes to Dads everywhere by many, I want to be the first to say Happy Fathers Day to my Heavenly Father. Who without him, I would not be and could not be. 
See ya'll in the AM on our radio show.

We as a radio media Company are unpopular for all the wrong reasons also can we have real Americans who Speak American English at Google?

We as a radio media production and such company, are unpopular for all the wrong reasons. It's not that we use at times slightly off camber language, it's not always because we are as transparent and honest as can be although we are, it's because when the truth on a subject needs to be spoken we as a group, are not to shy about doing just that, TELLING THE TRUTH. Sure our ad revenue is a bit low, and the fact that we don't have a huge conglomerate corporate bunch micro managing everything we do, nope don't have no use for that big suit and tie, big city junk. Our aim is to tell it like it is, or as one of my bunch said it earlier, We talk like the big Government politician talks when they are at home, the difference is we don't forget the people at home when those politicians go back to DC. There is no stock holders, and there's very little if any censorship, at HazzardAyre. Our basic slogan and its in all and I mean ALL we do, is we fight the system. If it weren't we'd go off bore hunting as it is the system ALL of the system is broken. There's only one bunch on Earth to fight the battle, and it lies on the face and in the hearts of us in the Knytes-of-Dixie. From that first meeting in Hazzard Idaho in 1982 to now everything we do is aimed at uplifting and strengthening the towns of rural America. Just because the big cities and big business multi billion dollar corporations are snuffing out these small communities, does not mean we all have to lie down and take it like a wounded hound dog. We as Confederates and Americans need to stand up and say enough already. HazzardAyre Radio is here to speak up and speak out for small town rural America. Who says everything is better off in the big cities? Here's an example or two. You go in to buy a certain product, say a specific soda pop. Corporate company say Walmart or Smiths Foods says they can't get it, as it does not sell or test well at our store. Small town rural food store a owner-operated store, will bend over bassackwards to get that soda pop, or at least get in a suitable alternative. The difference? Big time big box store's owners in some big city will never see or visit with you in person, but the guy at that small rural town food store more than likely has children that go to the same school as you do, you drink at the same small town bar, and you have breakfast at the same small rural cafe in the mornings. You know them, they know you, and in many cases you most likely went to school with them, and go to the same Church today. Which leeds me to my next grump tonight. Because we are in the throws of relocating from Evanston Wyoming back home to my home town, I changed the address of Google My Business listings for Cooter's A1 Toewing and of course Hazzard County Choppers. What did the Haji speaking company of Google do, suspended my listings. Even though I have done paid for a website domain for both, they decide to suspend my business listings. Really, Google? Since that big bunch at the Alphabet Companies took over Google, and its sister YouTube its been one helluva battle dealing with these people. Now this was what jerked my cage. Asked for phone help, they called, guess what I couldn't hear a damn thing of what the lady on the other end was saying. Nope, and to add injury to the pain, you try to explain, that such small towns in Idaho, don't require a business license. The regulatory side comes from your Idaho Sales Tax Number, and Federal EIN, which we have both. Two of the oldest in Idaho BTW. That said, I tried to explain this to the lady on the other end of the phone representing Google, yet she just could not grasp the concept. Then she asked about taking a pic of our new place, when I attempted to explain that I was stuck in Wyoming and just could not go home for two weeks, she still could not understand. Now true there is that cultural barrier between India and the UCSA, and there is a geography problem between Wendell Idaho population 4,000 and Queer bay California at over a few million but still can't these big companies get a few people to look at the geography at least on Google Earth and find the damn thing? I have been dealing with Google since 2004 when I signed on to do my bit for a then County Commissioner in Utah's campaign. Been fond of Google, both Blogger, and other platforms. The thing is when I have paid nearly $60.00 for two business website domains and all, you'd think that the open door policy would apply. But it's not just Google. Nope; there's grand popular Facebook. 
A former associate of HazzardAyre Radio who came here in September/October of last year to giving a shot in the butt to our network. We had totally planned to move into a office space near where the domicile I reside in is, here in Etown Wyoming. Owner decided at the last minute to decline. Which pissed off the Knytes so they pulled their funding for HCC which left me paddling upstream. The radio gig, provides the money for HCC or nearly over half of the money for HCC(Hazzard County Choppers) I was headed out then but Shell and I decided to give it a second try, ya'll know why that failed. So I waded through a serious winter, couldn't respond to toews, and as such got quite a bit behind in shop rent. As such shut down. But Codi came and I was as happy as a kid with a new train set on Christmas morning. Codi could do and did the impossible. But Shelly got a serious case of the jealousy and envy illness and with no money coming in from the station, Codi and I agreed to part with no bad feelings. However she saw some pics Shelly put up on her news \feed, as such they show up on mine. Codi saw them, as such I got a warning from facebook, remove these or you will have your fb privlages suspended. So I scanned every possible way, and finally had to unplug Shelly from my friends list, removed the pics from my account and now all seems well. However there seems to be a few more pests online on fb, that are determined to break Shelly and I up. To which I say to them; want to break Shelly and I up, then pony up the same amounts of $'s Shelly has, and is supposed to by end of this month, offer yourself up and if I like you we can then talk. If not then don't go away mad, just go away. On that subject just for a short thing here. I have no idea, why all too many women think I'm such a hunk? I'm not. Many think I have a love tool the size of John Holmes, the endurance of a marathon runner, or the moves of a contortionist at the circus. Once upon a time I might have had some good moves, and a mind that could create a big bang moment, but today, if I make it through one session in bed I'm so tuckered all I want is a pinch of Skoal, a Dew and need to recharge of vital fluids. In all my days there was only one lady that could get me to snag my nuts three times in an hour and a half. Her name was Debbie, something who lived near Layton Utah, her pop hole was so tight and small, plus she knew how to use her wall muscles. Outside of her and this goes back to about 1995 somewhere, nobody else has been able to do that since. Nobody. Not even Tammy. And Tammy was quite tight as well. Shelly's big thing is she says she's handicapped on looks and gene pool. Maybe so, but here's where even Monkee shines. Janice(aka Monkee) had some procedure problems as well. However she learned what I liked, learned how to dress, diet, and even do in the bedroom what I liked, and that part for the most part was not an issue. What broke us up was my being on the road as much as I was touring with the Knytes's Band, plus my lecture series. If it hadn't been for that and my now dead cousin Bud, I'll bet money Monkee and I would have made it. There's the quilts that I sleep under everynight that should be replaced, but I can't since sleeping under those quilts, I fell like I'm snuggled in with Monkee, there's shirts in my closet that I'll never be able to wear again, but I can't throw them away, since Monkee made them. I used to have a saying that if Monkee couldn't do it no one could. I still believe that. On casting for our TV gigs, jambs and such Monkee was right there with me at I can't count how many agencies, cheering me on, speaking up for the club, and encouraging me. Monkee, would cut wood at the shop in Montpelier Idaho with a butcher knife until her fingers bled, so I could stay warm. I will be honest here and say this, there was no more peas in a pod than Monkee and I, and to be further honest, if Monkee got a hold of me, and said we could reunite, No matter the distance, other women, any of it I'd do it short of selling LexiBelle.
 But that ain't going to happen. I can say this Monkee gave me one great step son Mike, two sets of step grandkids, a good step daughter, and memories that I still live in my dreams today. Monkee btw is why I moved here to Etown in 1997 for in the first place. I'm off topic sorry. But because fb decided I had to unfriend Shelly to retain my fb account, which if the Knytes's stuff and all were not on there, I'd take it all down and get off fb, all together. Shelly sucks the front and hind teat of fb, but to me its more of an addiction than just a source of online information. Shelly would rather be on fb, rather than out amongst nature in a Hazzard sunset lake 
 and fb is grander than a Hazzard sunset? Give me a day with a fishing pole on Hazzard Lake, any day, these big corporations don't care about people and only lift an eye brow if you ask for a refund on advertising on either one of them. on Google my Business or the money I have spent boosting things on FB, don't work. What outside advertising I do is on, its free and 80% of my tow calls are generated from Yelp. I can guarentee ya'll this if facebook or Google come calling again for money its going to be sorry, and adios. Once bitten Twice Shy, ain't gonna happen. 
Later Ya'll


Monday, June 12, 2017

Who are those hot women on those attorney TV ads?

So there your sitting watching Roseanne on LAFFTV and up comes some woman yapping about some situation that YOU should sue for. My question is this; if that same blonde big breasted woman would get rid of what ever it is plugging her anus, and got a better paying gig, she just might could be a great TV pitch woman. It seems though that with the bland script these all assuming TV attorneys just want some eye candy to spur you into suing some major corporation for producing a product, but some idiotic doctor or such installed in you that turned out sour. But I ask who are those women. And have you ever searched for who they might be? Somebody knows, but they keep it quiet. 
Earlier today I got into this fuss with Shelley over the fact that I might try out for a thing showing off my bar tender skills at a bar in Ogden Utah. Of course Shelley as she always does, started accusing me of having a wandering eye. Of course I have a wandering eye, I wouldn't be a guy if I didn't have a wandering eye, guys that ARE real GUYS look at women. Thing is its if they act on that thought, not just look. Which I haven't, with that in mind lets if you will allow me to, examine this even more closely. 
I will not go into history, but from the first Facebook thing, I told her that it's my duty in the Knytes to cast and install female talent on our ads and such. She said that would not bother her. From ground zero, she was always pissed at my recruiting lady talent. The center of that is simply due to a serious self confidence problem. Lets face it Shelly was not born with good looks, and from a few pics of her family most of them too, were not born with good genes. As for me I wasn't either , but I make up for it, by building my brain, not my body. What Shelly lacks in looks she makes up for in having a heart as big as a warehouse. She tries very hard, but due to that poor gene pool she's a bit short changed. Just like me, what I lost to a metabolizm imbalance I gained extra grey matter and the ability to mature faster than the rest of my peers, if in fact I even had any peers, I was just a bit smarter than they were and in many cases still are. 
Now in the loyalty department, I will firmly admit, that right after Shelly left here the first time, I gained a rather warm fondness for a younger lady named Sydney. The first time I met Syd, it was at the Pilot. Once I taught her what flavor of smokeless tobacco I liked, she never forgot. Then came the news she was going to have minor surgery, gallbladder removal. Since I had mine out and knew what to expect I explained that she had little to worry about. A few days after her surgery she got an infection, and had to remain in the hospital in Utah. Myself and some of the Knytes, got together some cards and a inexpensive gift, rode down to that hospital, and gave it to her. Bottom line there was and in many ways still is much chemistry there between Syd and myself. This past October, going down to fetch the paperwork for an Impala that I gave to Rick here, I came home rather dehydrated, and very sick, nearly died. Fortunately Syd showed up for our weekly card game, and found me nearly dead in the bathtub. That little lady hoisted me out of that tub, laid me out on the bed, crushed ice cubes and got me hydrated and then called Rick, to take me to the hospital. Where after meds, and all, Syd brought me home, we ate then she split. At that point it would have been so easy to just shovel off Shelly, Syd move in and in many ways maybe things would have been better, but I remained loyal to Shelly. Oh and yes, Syd and I still call each other if I don't call her, she calls me, its called a REAL friendship. So now lets move on. Outside of Syd, I haven't even thought of stepping out on Shelly, and havent thought of it since. Yet no matter how many times I explain to Shell, that I'm not even looking she says she doesn't trust me. So the question comes, without trust there is no love. As if you love someone you trust them. Which brings us up to date there, with the move, and all approaching, I texted Shell the last few days of, May telling her if she wanted to get back to me she had to prove it, only by her contributing some green for the place in Hazzard, would I consider a reunion. She said she had no money. Which I found out later she did, could have sent, but didn't. Question, she fibbed. Honesty is another part of real love. So why would I put that kind of condition on the reunion? Simple, when Shell split again the 1st or so of April, not only gone was the boost the shop needed to survive, but the fact that she had spent 2 more days here in Evanston, bad mouthing me and the Knytes at every turn and to every lady in the town. Or at least the ones that I might or that might like me. The destruction of the fragile reputation of the shop and me, became that the service jobs I was getting stopped or slowed to a trickle. The thing is, if on her 2nd go around, here with me, had Shell, not got caught up in the jealous whatever thing, We could have together, not only built a very successful, tow service gig, plus custom shop as well, but because of her that got destroyed. So because she stepped in the manure so bad, its her obligation, to help me relocate so I can rebuild and all again. 
Okay then , at the end of the day, it is that I would still like to know who those hotties are on those attorney ads on TV are and last, this is a combination, and hope Shell, reads this, if she wants me back, its find the money so I can get the move done, plus contribute for a few months so I can rebuild, since it was her that trashed HCC and all in the first place. 
In Knytes news. Big Rick our Club President, had a tripple heart attack, he is okay at this time, but going through a lot of pain still and being monitored at home by his Dad and all. What I need from Club members at this time, is your prayers for Rick, maybe some financial help so that I can get over there, plus some extra help money wise to be gave to Rick until he can be in a health condition to regain his job driving heavy haul. 
Get in touch with me to know the proceedure to donate, Knytes's members already know how to donate.
Will be on air at 04:00

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Old skool ain't always bad skool .

There are many that tell me that my old skool equipment and radio production gear is antiquated that is sort of true, however that old gear gets a show delivered when some new high tech wont. Example, as you know we have been streaming our main radio shows over for a year now. Their software argues constantly with our system. Can't play tunes or features from my audio in the computer through Spreakers software, mainly a internal playlist. Yet if I pre tape the features on old cassette tapes and such guess what I play that through MY mixer and it works fine with no serious echo as it does with Spreakers playlist. Me and one of their techs spent 3 some odd hours several months ago now, and the condition still exists. The old cassette decks and my own gear still delivers as I said with precision, yet Spreakers pukes at the most in oppurtune(spelld wrong on purpose) times. Of course I don't expect Spreaker to go out and redesign their software just for me, but a fix should be readily available any way. One thing we as an organization are considering is dropping and going with a firm in Boston called once we get the move done in Wendell Idaho. 
Thing is even with rides and for me toew trucks. My old Holmes 500 still outpulls and out does just about any rigs her size, including the mega thousands that some of the new ones. The old skool mechanical rigs will outperform many of these fancy units just about all the time. It's the same thing when it comes to buying a new chassis and all for a new or newer toew truck. I have looked into both Ford and Chevy, neither one offers a standard or clutch stick shift transmission. Dodge still does. When some ask me why I don't buy a new truck , its simple, none of the new ones does what LexiBelle can, so why not spend money on LexiBelle rather than a new rig? Automatic transmissions are a pain. They always leak fluid, are a hassle to repair, and nearly all overheat or fail on a heavy hard load or pull. An old clutch style transmission, has fewer parts, does not overheat, will out work an automatic so why not use a clutch style transmission. Both my Subaru and the General, have automatics, one needs to be serviced really bad. Yet LexiBelle which has near 1,700,000 miles on her has lasted since 1974 when I bought her new, has pulled loads 4 times her size, out of even swamps, and outside of one clutch replacement and one throw out bearing still purrs like a lynx. Same situation for LiL Wolf. 400,000 miles, and just one clutch replacement and one slave cylinder replacement. Still running strong. 
Old skool is not always bad skool, and most of the time works better than new skool. Now if I could just get to fix my echo problem.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Some say they side with our Armed Forces, then there are those of us who do, because we are part of the Armed Forces

There are those that for fame or perhaps fortune proclaim their loyalty to our Armed Forces. No matter branch of service, then there are those of us who are a part of the Armed Forces, in this case the United States Marines, that remain loyal, its the Semper Fi thing. There is no such thing as a retired Marine, discharged Marine, or former Marine. Once your feet hit those golden boots your journey to being a Marine starts, and there is no going home and no turning back. That said, this last week, I felt very angry at a school district who decided that for PC sake, to deny a just graduated Marine his spot in his High School graduation because he wanted to wear his and proudly so, his dress blues to that High School graduation. Can this nation do any worse to slap a recruit or us who gave and give all to defend the very nation its liberty and freedom the very freedom that these administrators at that High school the ability to tell that young Marine he can't go to his graduation in his dress blues? With all of that said, and I must preface this by saying that for a rodeo announcer, farm announcer and long time broadcaster I admire Zeb Bell of Murtaugh Idaho. However and I like his blog Cowpies each week, however I think that his writing about protecting Mother Earth and all that President Trump pretty much torpedoed this past week with, withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, could have been put off and more attention put on this serious atrocity of breach of protocol if not worse, by a school district refusing a newly trained Marine his pride of wearing his dress blues to his High School graduation. Neither Tomi, nor Zeb and little on Network news has been mentioned about this, and like us in the UCSA coalition defending Southern or at least Confederate heritage, and history, and protesting that destruction of our treasured statues, and mentors, when it comes to certain issues there is a vast array between Zeb and myself and Tomi will never speak of anything Confederate. Although she lives in Dallas Texas and enjoys the area that was fought for by those very Confederates. The cross of Saint Andrews which is the Rebel Flag, is always condemned because of the misguided version of the history of southern life in the late 1700's to mid 1800's. 1863 to be exact. Its always based on blacks being hauled over here to be claimed as livestock for the purpose of working the fields. With that said, the Hispanic community is busting hiney to do just that, hence the wall. The blacks didn't like it, but the Mexicans are dieing to becoming Americans. Maybe it's time that these so rightious and arrogant BLM's and such recognize that their very prosperous lives are due to being chosen to come to this nation in the first place. No doubt a few ignorant assholes hurt these people, I'm sorry, but think this, Native Americans who our ARMY military slaughtered, raped, and plundered and left them to live on small patches of ground called reservations aren't out here bitching about how poor and left out they are. They are making their lives better on their own, although our nation owes them a debt that may never be fully repaid. These are the things that Zeb Bell, and Tomi and others wont bark about, but I do every day, and that's why HazzardAyre, AyreWolfFM and HazzardLyfe radio continues to bloom, taking from Star Trek, We take radio, where no radio has gone before. 
That said, Mark Peterson, myself and a few took to the Golf course today. Even with the slightly cooler temps, still I got a bit too much sun way too dehydrated and Sugar level rose which the combination sent me to the hospital for a few to get all under control. I still want to know what that purple stuff in a tube that they feed you to get your blood glucose level in proper sequence is. Reason? It tastes good. But I'm home now, putting the touches on things for tonights show, that can be heard on tonite doing KnyteWolf Radio. 
That said, when Zeb and Tomi and all these goofballs that fight for causes to feather their nests, come out and say they support the Armed Forces, I say, you can't defend something that you have never lived. Want to defend our Armed Forces? Put on a uniform. Want to support the fight of the obliteration of a culture and society? Don't just fly the Rebel Flag
 Support the cause for which it flies, donate to the UCSA Coalition any amount will be appreciated to aid us in keeping Confederate Radio mainly HazzardAyre Radio on the air both over the air and on online radio. 


More of the Morning Howl

I had some other things that I wanted to add here this morning. 
Many of us in the performance automotive world, have bought products from Edlbrock, from carbs to intake manifolds, to engines and such. The son of the founder of Edlebrock, Vic Edlebrock Junior passed away yesterday. His loss will be felt by many of us in this hobby and business. Although he and I disagreed on many things when we'd chat on the phone, I only met him in person once at the SEMA show in Lost Wages Nevada he was an inventor and a very well liked and honored pioneer in our hobby of performance muscle cars , trucks etc. 
Next I'd like to have the oppurtunity to have a sit down with TV network executives. Seems as though its ratings sweeps time, as the good movies always roll out at this time. Disney Channel ran Camp Rock and Camp Rock2 last night, TBS ran two Tom Cruise spy movies, and the movie version of SWAT. I also noticed that several redone series are going to be on CMT, this fall, except one, yep the Dukes-of-Hazzard will sadly not be one of them. Which leeds to this, did you catch the story of the Marine graduate that was told he could not go to his High School graduation wearing his Marine dress uniform? This political correctness thing has gone way too long and way too much. Even common courtesy things like holding a door open for a lady, helping an elderly person cross a street, or for that matter swatting a child on the butt for not minding. With the tragedy of just this past week, of an estranged guy pal, fight, that caused a meltdown of common intelligence open firing of a young woman and 3 children, only blocks away from a elementry school, with children just getting out of school that day. The restrictions of being able to apply discipline to children and youngsters with a good swat or spanking if needed has caused our youth to think they can do anything bad and not get any punishment what so ever. And time outs etc don't do it. It's like this example of mine. For shits and giggles when I was just turning I think 6 years old. I decided to pocket a box or two of the old candy called Milk Duds. My mom knew I did not have money that day or at least that much to buy those. Since I do not lie EVER, I told my mom what I had done. So down to that drug store we went. Right there in the middle of that store at 6:00PM my mom pulled my britches down, and gave me a paddling, till my butt was red. I can assure you that stopped any concept of shoplifting again. Today my mom would have been hauled to the clink for doing that, but that was certainly a lesson learned. This is what needs to return to our society today. Teachers and educators can't swat a kid at his or her desk for disturbing the class like they used to. Even having a kid wear a dunce cap and sitting in the corner with your nose against the wall is cause for a teacher to be fired. But my, in my day, that was standard practice. Granted such things can go beyond simple correcting, but done with restraint , a spanking is just the ticket to keeping kids, tweens and even teens in line. 
More later, our prayers and all go to the family of Vic Edlebrock Junior.

Morning Howl

A grand morning to ya'll. Yes I'm still in Wyoming, systematic problems with the General JaXson (why I spell it that way in a few centons here) and waiting on money from both the club, and LadyWolf. I looked up the outfit that hit me so hard. Seems that Advance America isn't that popular in the good department, all too many have been hammered by them likewise Wells Fargo Bank, here. Let em try to get my money from CofC Bank in Idaho. Okay then.
Watched the rerun of America's Got Talent last night and that little darling Angelica Hale was on there, considering having to go through a kidney transplant and all at such a young age of 9, and having such a none child singing voice, just blew me away. 
Don't get this wrong, or anything ya'll, but my admiration of that young lady has nothing to do with anything sinister, but my that gal can sing. Any album she puts out, if we can get a copy of it, will be played on HazzardAyre Radio.
Much to do later today so I'll close, but not before I say to our Bishop, Happy Birthday. May yours be much better than mine. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Shit is changing and so are we

Shit here is changing. The move is on the top of the list, with that move comes what will I do once I get there? That question has been asked by many. While going toewing is not going to change the prime parent business is rebuilding and restoring as well as repairing aircraft. Doing that under the banner that was created in 2005 while I sat one dusk filled evening in Woods Cross Utah at SkyPark Airport there. As I sat on that flight line watching all styles of airplanes, helicopters land and take off, I knew that the days of spinning wrenches on bikes, trucks etc, was going to less and tuning aircraft would be more in line with serious cash generation. Did you know to date as it was in 2000 when the WolfPack was formed, that only 4 maybe 5 companies in all of America, was restoring and rebuilding vintage military aircraft, otherwise known as warbirds. Of that 5 no more than 3 in America rebuilds and restores military helicopters. With conditions being then as now serious cash generation, and a limited competition situation, I thought shit, maybe we mainly me gets re-energized in doing just that tooling on helicopters. With that said, and relating to my previous entry here, If one were to examine the world war 2, aircraft of the time and much more since there was the time of what was termed " Nose Art" Nose art is not getting your beek tattooed nope, Nose Art is scantly dressed women painted on those aircraft. 
Well you get the idea. Now if one were to be in the business of rebuilding these flying weapons of death, then shouldn't the nose art be reproduced as well? So went the task of finding and having images of gals with aircraft painted on the restored aircraft. So out we went in search. Some of these searches were met with a casual attitude, while other recruits had no idea. At the time the pin up girl movement began in earnest. Everybody it seemed was doing or trying to do with pin up posters and such. Ours started with a sweet heart from the Boise Idaho area, 
 Paige was a great person to work with since she did what she was told, came dressed even on the primary interview dressed as requested. Of course with our second treasure 
 then the next 
 and so on. Some were a bit racy, others rather tame, all of a sudden even at a time I wanted out of having to work with anybody or anything related to models, suddenly I was thrusted into having to choose talent. Taking a photo for a pin up, is easy, having a model having to dress down and stand in a pose so that an artist could apply her image with paint and an airbrush is another. 
So we decided to begin doing pinups and military pinup posters etc, to help recoup our expenses. Trust me paying a gal $100.00 plus an hour to pose in the hot sun, outside, for a full day, is rather draining on the wallet. So doing videos and pinups etc became a secondary path of bringing in money to support the company.
The company has two titles, AyreWolf Aviation that is based in Alaska and ran by my 3rd Cousin Gordon Sant, and HazzardAyre Aviation, ran by myself, and Terry Junkert of Jerome Idaho. 
In 2009 there was an idea hatched by the WolfPack. Back during the day, during war time, many combat squadrons especially in the south Pacific around the Solomon Islands and surrounding areas, got their entertainment from radio. Some of the radio stations was created through the Armed Forces Radio Network, or AFRN as most of you who watched the movie Good Morning Vietnam. Other radio stations were from Japan and long range stations with women doing the on air pieces. So our idea in 2009, was why not create a radio network based on old fashioned and styled radio networks that military aviators listened to during war time. With no other title in mind, AyreWolfFM was created. When I began looking for creative talent and producers one came in and did not have one minute of hesitation of pulling off her boots and giving me a wiff, however she got the idea of what we were trying to do. 
We played music of all kinds but focused on the music of the mid 20's to early 1950's, Big bands, including the show Big Band Jump. We also ran what we called the AyreWolf Theater, where we'd run the audio side of great movies of the era, just as they did in war time. Of course we had a collapse of funds of the main supporting organization, the Montgomery Foundation, so we had to close for a time. Of course there was the thing of our base foundation of all things southern heritage, the Dukes-of-Hazzard etc, so in 2011 I got this bolt of light and strong inspiration, late one night that started HazzardAyre Radio. As I just said shortly after my Cousin Gordon and I had a bit of a falling out, and he got hitched and moved to a small back country area of Alaska, and bought 30% of AyreWolf Aviation. Shortly after that I decided name my half of AyreWolf Aviation, as HazzardAyre Aviation and the rest as they say is history and yes I will be getting a domain and a site built for HazzardAyre Aviation next month. The bottom line here is this; while I love to build and ride a custom bike, having my breath taken away, going Mach 2 at 20,000 feet makes just tooling on two wheels a bit lame. Oh sure Hazzard County Choppers will go on in Wendell Idaho etc, but my head is going to live in the clouds. As it was once said 
Like I said, shit is changing in my world and so am I.
L8R Aviators