Thursday, May 4, 2017

You can't always trust Internet information since much happened long before there was a World Wide Web

As much as I depend on, and most of the time groove on things online as well as technology, I always am in bewilderment of those who think that the nation doesn't see or recognize anything that was before there even was a World Wide Web, or even ISDN. If you were to tell someone that back in 1961 a visionary named Mike Parkhurst, created an organization of owner/operator long haul truckers called the Independent Truckers Association, and eventually created a publication called Overdrive to chronicle the events and news of the Independent Truckers Association, you would get a puzzled look on their face, but he did, there was and the Iron Knytes Association is the true current era version of that organization. 
If you were to tell people that there once was upon a time an youth based and created organization created from pooling together the 4-H Tractor Safety Program and the 4-H Wheels program and a ground breaking project of the use of CB radios, that eventually was called the TeenAge Truckers Association that eventually evolved into the Hazzard County Knytes that same muddled look would also graze their faces. Most would call you a liar, if not worse, and most would hail you as a fraud or worse. Thing is those things happened. 
Once upon a time, there was a nation not driven by the WWW, but was connected through a land line telephone, and cell phones were a thing that was thought of to being a farce. There was a nation and world long before the www, more over there was a time the so called social sites, like Facebook, Wikipedia, Instagram, and others. In fact there was a time there was only two worthwhile email services, one brought to light by Microsoft called Hotmail. The other called Yahoo. Then came a object called America On Line or AOL. Back before there was a Google, there was AltaVista, Lycos, MySpace, music was attainable through Napster, and before Alphabet/Google bought it and truly messed it up, called YouTube. 
Oh there was also over the road truckers magazines, besides Overdrive, there was even one called Owner/Operator. Few remember those days, the fact is those things and others were long before there was a world wide web, but our youth and geek squads out there think that if it happened it was dead or didn't exist due to nothing current online or searchable online. Thing is it did happen and much did live and prosper. 
Then there was a time that the only place you got to listen to music and news was either radio and/or TV. Streaming online or as I call it cyber radio, didn't exist, and if it did it wasn't seen as much of or anything threatening to over the air broadcasters. If you did do cyber radio, you weren't considered a pro broadcaster, more like a hobbiest that tinkered with broadcasting. In essence no big deal. Plus there were people that if they did know how to embed a streaming station into a website, they were far and few between. Of course there's certain information you really do not want to put online or display on the net either. Court documents, probate records that include bank accounts, and so on, and there are news press articles that were done, but many Newspapers today, did not retain those articles. So how do you point cyber snoops in the right direction? 
This was my problem with that little jerk headed pimple faced college boy on Wikipedia saying what I was saying was false. However some detective work, will uncover that in fact besides the three towns of Gooding County Idaho they included in the article of Gooding County, that there was and to a lesser degree still is two towns called Tuttle, and West-Point Idaho. Thing is they did and today still exist. 
Of course there is the TOS statement by Wikipedia that any article that is of a self promotion or a promotion of any kind will get you banned. This I'm sure, depends on how much money someone was paid to place the article, or how much was donated to Wikipedia to publish such an article. More like a publicist or statustician . 
Just because its not online or in a searchable data base that can be crawled over by a search engine like Yahoo, or Google, doesn't mean it didn't exist. You can't always trust what you read online and yes, there was a time BEFORE the World Wide Web. 

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