Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Took the night off from our normal broadcasting, will be on air Tonight into Thursday morning also For you who are posting on our HellBilly Truckers fb page

Good Galldarn Morning to ya'll. Last night I did something I find more needed to do these days as I grow older, relax put my feet up watch TV and rest. For me its prep, to get ready for the next episode of the drama of the Knytes as well as the WolfPack. With that said, I did not do our cyber radio show overnight, and while I did remain quiet, did a bunch of brain draining and I'll let you in on the results of that later today as well as on the show. Okay then:
Now there has been a bunch of postings on our subsidiary the HellBilly Truckers Association page and FB group that has nothing to do with what the group nor the page is about nor to who its for. Some gal posted there for another lady about the issue of the movement of Confederate monuments, and inciting a total in/out no haul New Orleans movement. This is fine in its intent but the postings etc, need to be directed more to our mother organization's group/page the Iron Knytes Truckers Association, and/or our political page the United Confederate States of America. Not the HellBilly Truckers. The Hellbilly Truckers Association is a organization of wyld Southern bred hot rodding trucker/toewers that are into fully customized heavy and medium to light commercial trucks, we call em TruckRods. Not for expressing political or similar opinions or the like they go elsewhere. So ya'll like Diane and others, please post this kind of things on either the Iron Knytes Truckers Association group/page on facebook, or on the group/page of the United Confederate States of America thing on facebook, not on our Hellbilly Truckers Association group/page, okay.
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