Wednesday, May 10, 2017

There ought to be a law against falsehoods on facebook, most are mirages at best

As much as I age the more uninformed or inexperienced I become. While in its infancy the web as in www., it was thought most of what you could learn on it was mostly accurate and true. While many websites are spot on, the biggest of these are social sites, like facebook, and before that it was Lycos, and to a smaller degree MySpace. Today its mostly facebook, since it is one of if not the largest social site there is. Before that it was social chat rooms, and such web 2.0 allowed placement or posts for free or nearly so, for services or offerings that are not so transparent. I call them fake posts or at best misleading posts. At first for me it was Shelly, followed by Alesha, and Angela who was our leading candidate for main photographer. One was a supposedly expert screenwriter that turned out to be a serious demon that hammered me on the feelings department, the next is money hungry, looking for a path to being mainstream and the last is a videographer, who is in Texas, who has a son and family who will not travel to Wyoming or anywhere west to do shoots. Which is sad really since there are vistas and views here out west that you will not find anywhere, nor can be man made. There is a very strong movement going on that divorces the idea of buying or doing business online as opposed to doing business or buying at home with brick & mortar companies. An example, and I get these all the time, of firms who offer to help us expand to greater things by advancing us working capital, as well as buying equipment. As for myself, if I'm going to get business cash, I'd rather do it at home,since I have reasonable knowledge that any personal information I give for that purpose, starts and ends at that lending institution. Whereas if you get business cash from someone way far away from you, you have no idea where your personal deets are going, who is reading it, and if in fact its destroyed later in the event that what ever application is drawn up. In essence if I don't know you I'm damn well not giving you any information that can crimp my wallet. 
I also am one that always urges anyone applying for a career opening at any one of the Iron Knytes or the WolfPack's company's, to live in or extremely near the location where they will work. People who live out east somewhere some 2000 miles or so, I try not doing business with since if I have to go smack someone in the head they are not too far away from me.
Facebook, has been dodging this shotgun shell for at least a year. The conditions of it started during the last Presidential election, where through debates fact checkers were brought in, to make sure the words or thoughts were true. This lead to what has become a buzz word called fake news. I would like to take this up one step, how about those who post fake posts? 
Best practice, don't do much business on a local basis, not so much from people you don't know. 
Finally is therea oasis in cyber space? Yes; If you see a post on facebook, or on our blog or anywhere else, just know that post is accurate, true, and proven long before the post is posted. You can believe and trust what you read, and hear on our cyber radio shows, our station or such is not fake. We are real, not misleading, and most important honest. Honor is one of our cores, and we will not stray from that. 
See you in the AM on the AM, 

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