Friday, May 19, 2017

The Nite Rolls in the snow is exiting and ever try to build a website that's beyond the abilities of most website builders?

With Lil wolf back on the road and now just waiting to set the service bed back up again, bizzness is getting back in gear here. Sadly with the shop we are in now costing so much for what it is, the Club decided to withdraw its support of the shop, and my own income will not sustain the high cost so for the near future I just toew. 
Okay then: At 17:30 did we catch a very busy set of hours. With all the highways being shut down to all points east, both Highway Hooker Toewing and RodeWolf Toewing got swamped. Even had to call out my bud Nate, on two calls. We just got hammered. But even with that, didn't make enough to cover keeping the shop. Oh the shop, is okay for what it is, but its location, the month to month rent rate, the cost to heat the place at $500.00 a month, there's just not enough coming in to offset the retention, of the shop, so we're out looking. That being that, as for myself I never left the graneuer of Metro Utah for southwestern Wyoming to toew and build bikes, I left Utah, to refire a inferno of a Super Radio Station both over the air as well as online. The latter is the real headache. Seems that even with the platforms we stream over, still the actual website has never been built at least to a degree that means anything. 
The most successful and at least my vision of what a website for a streaming radio station is To date I have not found anyone that can duplicate that, even to a smaller degree Both are excellent sites. While there may be website builders that reside great distances from us here. I have yet found one that will sit down and discuss with someone not to knowledgeable on website or computer intelligent, namely me. Sure I can shoot the cover photos, design much of what should appear on the front page, but I'm lost after that. 
Building a site for the Knytes, as well as the radio network, has been a quest, of mine since 1999, when I figured out that the Knytes needed one. With that said; there is a slight glimmer of light here as far as the stations consistency. The FCC is going to relax the requirement of having to keep studios/office within a 20 mile radius of the transmitter. Which means KSOA/KTOW could be remotely operated from Metro Utah where on air, on screen and technical human resources abound. Not to mention a better pipeline that's a bit more expanded to where streams of at least, 250 mbps down and nearly that going up is possible, as well as eventually gaining the sky to 1 Gig via Google . This would greatly enhance the abilities of HazzardAyre Radio and everything that makes that up. A few nights ago after another computer failure, I thought to myself, why the hell am I here? I have no kin here, outside of about two maybe three real friends, which includes my Bishop and one family from church I'm just not making enough to make this operation happen, at least to a revenue generation situation. Plus the loss of the shop, means there is really nothing for a long term residency here. So efforts will be engaged to progress to exiting gracefully, from Western Wyoming. 
Saw some outfit from Denver Colorado, of a person following me on Twitter, that builds websites, one other guy has been calling for me to have them build it, what I want and demand from a website builder, is someone that will sit down with me go over my requirements, and my vision for it, do the cash stash, then build the thing. Not someone from NYC or Miami, that have no idea of what I'm wanting to do, or what the Knytes want the thing to do. 
Will be on air at 08:00 until then:

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