Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Horror story of being a Wells Fargo customer, and excuses, excuses

Oh the horror stories of Wells Fargo Bank. I have heard way too many, and had troubles before with this institution, but fixing a snafu online or over the phone, is much more difficult that standing in front of the little lillipuscions . First it was the dreadful finance company trying to swipe money from me again, cept this time they found two things. First the thing was paid, and yet Advance America took money out again, and Wells Fargo let them, despite the noises that I made to deny the withdraw. Really, but it get's better, Wells Fargo closed my savings account without prior contact. With all the lawsuits that Wells Fargo Bank has had over the last few years you'd think they'd do or want to do a better job. Maybe time to find another bank. 
The town that yaps so much against drinking is one that will drive you to it. Funny there is not that many bars here, guess that's why the controlled narcotics trade here is so strong and healthy. The Advance America store didn't even have enough money in its till to cover the refund, so they made out a check to me. Again financial institutions are just that, institutions and the inmates are running the institutions. 
Okay then, excuses are like farts, Everybody has them. Except perhaps us who tow for a living, seems we are to be the everready, minute men(women) yet if we have troubles, those who always say, yea I'll be there for ya, are never there, or have an excuse. Oh its okay that if they call in the cold of the night that we get out of a warm bed, to rescue them, but even during the warm of the day, they can't bother to follow through on their promises. One is an associate, that keeps saying oh yea he'll be there for the radio gig, yet always has a reason to not come out. No wonder KNYN FM 99.1 here is having troubles, nobody to depend on. 
Okay then, went out to the Shop to do some fast work with LexiBelle, dead battery. The damn battery charger that I bought from Walmart is shot. That damn thing never has worked right since I bought it. Come daylight both Walmart, and Interstate Battery is going to get an ear full. 
Then had to postpone my trip to Idaho, for Nurse GoodBody's birthday, but between the bank and having LexiBelle's health problems, more month than money. Just pay bills and get through the month. Swap banks and be done with this junk. 
Come July if not sooner, this Wolf is out of here. 
Happy Hunting

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