Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Horror stories of life in the big sky cold nights of western Wyoming but it ain't always bad.

The night rolls in the warm rolls out and it's about time for this old Wolf to shovel off to my den and needed slumber. Considering my day to day I need it. Stopped by the local McDonalds, got a medium Mac and fries, and reviewed my few hours at the city council meeting, where I announced that we are now the new owners of what used to be the license of the old KEVA AM 1240, which will soon go by call letters KSOA/KDXD, both an AM and FM, one classic southern rock, the other all rockabilly. While many congradulations were exchanged, the local council members did little in the way of barking the thrills of what a station could bring here. The big problem now for us is finding somewhere else besides my domicile to run the station from. Went out to the shop the battery is holding for the time being so now I can begin the reassembly of LexiBelle to wrap that up. Still no word from our associate Mark, on his yea or nay for being part of broadcasting here. Like a friend once told me, if your waiting for an oppurtunity to catch up to you, it just might pass you on by when your not expecting it. The WolfPack doesn't just sit and wait. 
I'm sure that the city council took the news of the station with a grain or two of salt as they heard this before. Thing is; I have paperwork to prove my noises on the subject, plus a true streaming set of channels on both Livestream.com and Spreaker.com so its not pure bullstuff. The old 1240 AM License was conditionally granted pending a final decision on the location. As well as having enough people willing to work the station and at least 3 more to be in administration, should a Federal inspection be made. That's FCC regs, not mine.
Any flyte, my eyes are heavy so turning in, catch you all on the radio in the morning.

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