Monday, May 22, 2017

Some times you need to skin the cat to get to the meat

I sure wish things had been much different and that this community of Evanston Wyoming would have been much more helpful, but today I got a serious set of offers that have me standing back thinking the offers are not so bad and might give me and the Knytes/AyreWolvez a shove in the right direction. 
The first offer I got was from a party in western Nevada, who has kin folks here in Evanston, that wants to buy the license to the radio station we just barely acquired. The offer is just enough that with it I could buy a license and station in mid central Idaho for and is part of both a bar/cafe there that would cure a host of financial problems that I have been going through. Hey $ 400K for our license here in Etown is not a bad offer. Next heard tell of a whole house in a town 10 miles east of my home town in western Idaho for $500.00 a month , yep a whole house. 
Now don't get me wrong if I had the community support, as well as the human resources, both for on air as well as administrative here, as well as someone to go out and beat the bushes to get some steam rolling from ad sales I'd most likely stay. However two things got my gears in my head turning. 
First good old President Trump, is going to be cutting SSI payments or at least benefits, by how much I don't know but it'll be stiff none the less. Add to that Medicaid is going to get axed for many if you get it at all, all which means, the safety net that I have been enjoying since the Montgomery Foundation got froze in 2003 and still only trickles coming in every two years since will put a serious hurt on old folks like me, if I'm not making good money soon on my own. Bottom line while I got it, I'm going to use it to gain some altitude in my income. Etown Wyoming is not the place that will come from. Western Idaho has if nothing else jobs. Some high paying, some, not so much , but at least jobs. An example; When I was living albeit slim, but living in Idaho, if my income got low , I could always find a job driving spud truck in the spring and fall, as well as beet truck in the late fall, early winter, just before toewing season. Here in Etown that's just not the case. I seldom had income infrastructure problems. Oh once in a gray moon I might if I got a stupid mail carrier, or cousin Bud forgot to send the Foundation check or stipend check in the mail. But overall I never wanted for much of anything or for very long and never did I fear utility payment problems. LexiBelle always made money even when she was getting older, and my trucks always were up to operational status. Here in Etown that hasn't been the case. Even after I had one guy do some wrenching on LiL Wolf, which was no wrenching at all, and still cheated me out of $600.00 for. Guess I didn't buy enough meth through his company nor was I the right gender. 
While I haven't yet made my decision yet, the combination offers I got today, has me thinking, maybe it's time to step on my pride and consider what's best for me and my company, as well as the Knytes/AyreWolvez. 
Okay and if she reads this I don't care, but last night I got two texts from Smelly Shelly. The first was accusing Alesha of being a transgender, which that's I don't think is accurate. And two saying something of that Shelly thinks she's the only woman for me, which I say is bull. Simply because of the emotional and mental abuse she put me through. Not to mention the substantial financial loss from low tow volume due to me having to remain home tending to her all the time. But I was kind and said it like this; If she wanted to try for round three, once she paid me the total amount of loss to me for what she cost me around $15k, ($15,000.00) I might consider it. Which wont happen since she doesn't have $15k, or ever will have it. So that shut that off immediately. Of course I had to get up, and block her from my cell phone. The concept that after the last go around that we were through. Didn't register. 
Any way much to do Tuesday, so it's lights out here.

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