Sunday, May 7, 2017

Radio Show Review and Luncheon Protocol Examination

Friday was just a day that I have needed for quite a many moons. The General JaXson, hummed like like a saw against the pebbly asphualt and with much time to spare was enthrawled at the honey waiting tables at Sill's Cafe there in Layton. Seems Sill's has got the concept down that people walking in 70% male do not want to stare at, much less be waited on by mud fence smugly wait people. They want or at least desire some eye candy to greet them. Something neither the Legal Inn of Evanston here or anywhere else really here in Evanston where you might want to dine. There's a serious difference in dining and just chowing down. If your going out and paying moderate money to eat, and converse you want a slight uptick that scarffing down at home. 
Finally Jonny shows up, then came Alesha whom looked a slight bit teasy but at least comfortable. I've figured out Alesha's stage name, although it took me a while to do so, and if you sound it out you'll figure it out as well. 
So with the even concluding we walked outside after I paid the bill again , although it was purely a business meeting and not a date, I was as we standed there wondered , should I move in for at least a smooch on the cheek or something? It seemed there that I think she thought that way as well, perhaps I'm wrong there, but I wondered at the proper protocol. Am I missing something here in relation to keeping it all purely professional, or is there an underlying current bubbling? I remember the same thoughts when I was working with Nurse GoodBody in Gooding on then AyreWolfFM. Of course that was different on so many levels, but I think now, as I look back at that in relationship to what is going on now and wonder has someone entered the traffic pattern, that could, and I say COULD be another Nurse GoodBody situation, or is it to just keep it simple as it is? 
Over the last two years, I have had the gifts of making several acquaintences my personal lady, only to be robbed by Smelly Shelly. From Lexi Johnson, to Sydney, and a few in between, had I not been attempting to make a silk scarf out of a pigs ear, I might not be prowling the forests alone. Not that I mind being alone , since the loss of Monkee back in the late 1990's to me there will not be another like her. She stole my heart and stomped on it, both at about the same time. So I'm very gun shy when it comes to getting serious with ANY human lady. I am always looking for a hidden agenda even if there's none to be found. 
So should have I went in for a smooch yesterday with Alesha? Still wondering.
Okay overnights radio show went good, with not much of a tech snafu, computer wise. Something that Jonny was barking on Friday saying terrestrial radio is becoming too congested and not as it was when he and I were growing up and certainly not as it was just a few years ago. To a small degree he is right , however in the event of a serious disaster or such, nothing replaces standard over the air radio. Katrina and a few similar disasters demonstrated that. When all crap hits the fan like that , cell phone airwaves get overwhelmed, Internet is virtually useless, TV wont be active for long, and forget cable or satellite TV. People will get their news and such via radio. And for western Wyoming and northeastern Utah and southeastern Idaho, that just happens to be us. So to build the absolute best radio station requires a lot of long hours and a bunch of more hours building radio programming. That said and I'll howl on this until the rabbits are on the ground ready to be consumed, my only problem is finding and putting in place good on air talent that can be on air live and two finding somewhere in this village of Evanston a place to house the station that doesn't cost an arm and a rump to rent. More over area business's that will support it. The free range spend mucho money, not care if it makes money is pretty much if not completely over. A few years ago we had many truck equipment manufacturers that supported our broadcasting efforts, likewise farm equipment manufacturers that supported us, on the airwaves. Harley Davidson, supported us as well. Many still do, but not to the level they once did. Part of that is the economy, which if you believe the politicians is improving, the other side of that coin, is that lets face it our broadcasting efforts have not been as polished or as lackluster as they once were. When HazzardAyre reduced our over the air efforts and turned up the burner on going cyber radio, we lost a lot of what we were. More over the reluctance of many sweet ladies that once would go on air for and with us has complicated things. We need to beef this up and that's why Alesha is on board. If I can get at least 4 more sweethearts on board, then we can really drop the hammer here. 
Any mile see ya'll on air after midnight, into Monday morning, have church and need to catch some shut eye.

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