Thursday, May 18, 2017

Now I lay me down to sleep, but tried to bathe and all I could do is weep

Okay first of all, before I get into my usual rant here, why is it that all these Iranian and mid east nation type people digging on my company's FB page, AyreWolf Aviation? I truly would like to know. The page is not one that would excite the military, its pretty much to do with a few of us that apply farm chemicals over large farms. I don't think even one of my byrds would carry weapons, or deploy them since most are only equipped to drop fertilizer. But many seem to dig on the page, I have an idea, since these folks seem to have more money than brains, how about contributing to my bank account or at least the Treasury of the WolfPack, aka the AyreWolvez? 
Okay then; show nearly done, decided to go in and take a bath, shave my face and get clean. Figuring that the malfunction of the faucet handle was over. Nope, still fuggledup. The handle is upside down for starters. The valve is meant to have the handle pointing down, as you twist the handle to the right engages the cold water, and as you progress from right to the far left in an arc it gets warm then right down hot. Pressure to the hot side is now less than it was before. Don't get me wrong the lady who manages this complex known as the Wentworth Apartments, of Evanston Wyoming, is one sweet lady. She truly watches over most of us here, however the complex goes through fix it people faster than I change shorts. 
As the guy, who seems able seems not able to satisfactory fix the tub faucet handle, it comes down to me, searching out the one I need, and fixing this mess myself, which is what I should have done in the first place. It's that old saying, " If you want it done right, do it yourself." , my only gripe is I'm paying more for rent here, and getting less for that increase. Apparently too, the real owners are to sweep through in the next day or two, when I suggested, let me chat with them, our Janet said , "no", there's only one reason, a risk in job security. Since the only thing that really would happen if I voiced my thoughts to the owners, would do to me is me get thrown out. Janet needs to get old Ed, back here, he might not be an expert, but I trust him much more than the new guy.
Going to attempt being on air overnight Friday, into Saturday.

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