Thursday, May 18, 2017

LiL Wolf is back on the road, and LexiBelle is about to be,

Feeling better today, A1C level seems to be steady, and got a few things done. Nate got in touch and I took Lil Wolf down to him for the surgery she needs, but from the muscle she was putting out this morning, it can't be that bad. Then got an inquiry from our Texas Princess on helping on a bike purchase. The Club may help, but needs more details, and what she will do in return for the Club. Remember the Club, is not a bank nor a welfare organization, and at this point don't know this seatcover that well to fund $6k, for HOG. That's Harley, Owners, Group. In case ya'll didn't know. Kinda sounds like the Texas pillow deal that became a real pain. We see.
It's really balmy here today, got 3 inches of snow on the ground. With about 30 inches expected by morning. So been keeping close watch ready to be going towing. I laughed at a post by our Texas Princess, about working late nights. Really, In the 30 plus years that I've been towing, and wrenching on bikes, I haven't been on a complete let my hair down get wasted vacation. Even going to Sturgis is a business trip, in selling for Hazzard County Choppers, or covering the evet for SAMCROMC RADIO. I had a breef escape in 2001 in Layton, Utah. But no real put my feet up, get drunk, and stoned day off. There's always a tow call, always a service call, and this radio gig is doing 20 hour days, and what feels like 8 hour nights , in real bitter weather. If that doesn't grip your heart strings dig this friends, do you realize its been nearly 23 years since I even got laid? Even then while it was as smooth as 20 year old scotch, still there was no emotional connection. When it comes to Evanston Wyoming, shyt, I have yet to get any interaction between me and a hot lady. While difficult, I will hand off this to Twin Falls, at least there was some intimate action at least twice a week, every week, and in Ogden Utah at least once a week. Heck even when I was residing in a 10X10 office in Woods Cross Utah, at least there was a spreading thighs event once a month. Here absolutely nothing. So if you think that sometimes I'm a bit shall we say deprived and hungry, for a woman's touch your right. So you would be too. So when a lady approaches me from afar I think could I get lucky here? 
I remember one a few years ago that impressed me. Although the wyld thing never happened with her, At least she knowing that I love gals in nylons and such, took it upon herself to take a few pairs of her well worn scented hose put em in an envelope and mail them to me, know what? 3 years after, she was the owner of a very pink flamed custom chopper built by HCC, yep we built her a bike. She sadly lost her battle with COPD, and went to that great biker bar in the sky, but her slightly naughty gift to me and the Club, earned her a scoot. 
Any mile, in production for tonights radio gig, tune in on www.livestream/hazzardlyfe at 02:00 and on at 22:00 hours.

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