Friday, May 19, 2017

Is it Taupe or Taupae ? Ever try mixing that color for a paint app?

So in amongst my day today of salvaging my computer since few here in our cottage village knew how to correct the situation I got a paint order to do a set of tanks in taupe color. Or is that coloure ? Any mile went to Automotive Paint and supply to attempt to match the transparent nearly color of taupe. Which I discovered is Taupae as well. So taking cues from stocking attractions, I went and bought some taupe knee highs and off back to the paint store. Apparently there is several levels of taupe colors as they pertain to hosiery, and matching that color in a paint version to spray on fuel tanks for a HoG. The gal who is buying the finished product is going for a near nude hosiery colored fuel, tank to resemble a hosed butt. 
Still doing diagnostics on the computer, here trying to tune up the band for tonights gig, so without adue,

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