Sunday, May 21, 2017

I'm absolutely convinced texting via Smartphones is the decomp of The English written language

Grand howdy this morning from the frozen tundra of Wyoming. Yes the sun is out, but its colder than a bankers handshake this early hour.
Woke up with a hangover headache without the party before. Noticed last night that dreams of a romantic nature did little to bring themselves to boil, since there's been very little to no visual or tactacle stimulus. I did get a slight rise in my jeans however at one seat cover out at the Pilot, here plus still visually alive from one that brought me back to being alive two weeks ago. Then a photo or two from the Princess from Texas, got my interest up, although little all over viewing was detremental to any kind of release of liquid. 
So with that said, I must progress to my main point this morning. I'm all for mistakes in spelling, hey some can't always put every letter of every word in order. However there are blatant mashups of words due to tiny keyboards on these blooming Smartphone cell phones. All too many words mashed together in a big hurry, so as to not use up data minutes and or battery life. Sure old skool texting wasn't much better but it was slow enough that you could, although many didn't then, but that you could go back, proofread the text then push send. Today the blooming things are so fast that it takes wordsmith to translate the thing. 
Of course , even those using a computer desktop app, very seldom proofread what they write. Even pro news and magazine writers don't look into what they wrote as to either punctuation, spelling, or grammar. Didn't these young writers get the lesson on sentence trees? Of course there are words that are improperly spelled on purpose. I do it every hour. Such as spelling the word AIR as AYRE. It's an agreement on a copyright fiasco. Certain areas of our nation spell things or use words not always used in every day speech . Such as You'ns. That is ya'll plus three. Ustacould. Such as Hey can you help me move this couch, and responding, hey UstaCould, just can't do it these days. Or spelling a chow line as Buffay, instead of Buffet. Spell it like its said. Or our beloved Hazzard County. I used to have hours of rather heated discussions with news writers telling me Hazard was spelled with only one Z. Until I showed em that our Hazard was spelled Hazzard as with two Z's. 
Okay then, have you noticed the disasterdly President Trump is gaining ever so closely to impeachment? Was reading a thing from that spot. I don't like to tell you so, but I did tell you so, Trump is about as Trustworthy as a snake. May look all innocent but is as sinister as a Devil's demon. 
Granted we as a people didn't have much of a choice last election at the end, but way too many, better qualified candidates were biding for the seat in the Oval office. 
Time to get together for Church, be with you at 17:00 For Talking Toews and A blast to the past, of HazzardAyre at midnight.

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