Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Detour to the relocation to Hazzard.

Last nights run of HazzardAyre/SamcroMC Radio went very sour. Between computer problems and AllWest going slower than a turtle what's constipated it was not one of our best efforts. AllWest Communications is a great outfit with good people, it's just that the powers that be there at AllWest, have yet to figure out where the growth of the town of Evanston is, and where its going and thus have not invested in the technology nor infrastructure that is needed to encourage business's to deploy venture capital and move here. That said, last night amongst the conceptualizing of the move to Hazzard Idaho, it was determined that on my personal threshold that financially I just can't right now. I added up everything it would take to relocate just me, and it came to just under $3,500.00 which means I'm stuck in Evanston Wyoming for awhile at least 6 to 8 months which is going to require me moving in the cold and snow. Plus the very thing that brought me here in the first place kicking off this radio station and all that makes that up is not yet done, and so as is said, A Marine never quits until the job is done. So too, neither will I.
Okay then need to find a service style garage, much less expensive than the $750.00 I have been paying, plus a place for the station, especially even if we have to move people here, to run it, my housing complex manager wont be too happy me parading people in and out of the Wolf's Lair here.
As far as the beaver tails that are needed to run this gig, plus be on covers of the website that will deliver it much better than what we have now can be gleaned from Metro-Utah. 
So for a time I have to detour the move to Hazzard Idaho for a short spell, dig in and finish what I and the Knytes-of-Dixie started here.
Until this evening on air

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