Sunday, May 21, 2017

Church is fun except when you just got to pee, and then get a tow call.

Ever hear of a LDS Church member whose kin folk was a FBI guy from the days of the thugs of the 1930's? I did today and was really getting into it all, talking of Capone and Baby Face Nelson and others. I'm sure there was maybe less than half of the congregation who understood the talk, and even fewer that would call it what it was the St. Valentines Day Massacre . I'm sure the rest of our church members understood and even fewer would absorb that. So services are about to end, After 6 sodas before church, and all , lets say my bladder and kidneys were screaming for relief.
Met the new sweetheart of a lady missionary this morning, and discovered one of the city council members just happens to go to our Church. Might can just adjust here and keep it together. If this town is about to ignite as this City Council guy says, might not be to hasty in moving, although I did see an ad in the Slime News on a 3 bed house in Wendell for rent.
Concept being home base Wendell, Radio gig Etown. 
Get two gigs for the price of one. 
So did you see the shake down bark this morning from Saudi Arabia, and Prezz Trump? If he hangs together that might be something to shake them Turbin heads up a bit over there. Which brings me to another point of thought.
Why is it all these Islam types, getting off on my farm aviation company; AyreWolf Aviation? If the idea is to convince me to fly ayreraids for Islam or something forget it. The only things my byrds kill are bugs, and pests of farm fields not people. Although there are some that say our use of RoundUp Herbicide is harmful to people. 
So as I was headed to pee, then to class, darn phone rings, actually vibrated Tow call, lane blockage, one car versus big truck. Cleaned up that in less than 15 minutes. No damage to big truck, minor damage to car. Came home grabbed food. 
Today didn't see Dave at Church, but I always am happy to see our missionaries especially the young Angels or lady missionaries out spreading the Lords words. Oh sure their cute and all, but I feel, that if I can uplift them, they can do a better job of telling people how obeying the gospel, can make miracles happen. Just like me who needs a miracle on my power bill, of $176.00 by Wednesday. Yea I know the Church helped with the rent here and all, due to the underhanded junk, of an Identity theft, and looting my bank account. That's fixed Can you say Candc Bank of Idaho? Bet that you can. My bank account moved, many will try to get water out of the Well, this next month, but the Well is dry. Last but not least. Just before Sacrament being blessed, caught a text from Verizon, saying bill owed. Really? Of all of $13.22 and they at Verizon are fussing. As usual I get a receipt. Which I had, so called Verizon, payment hadn't been applied. Thing corrected, but I'll bet someone's going to get an ass chewing in the morning. My step son Mike always used to call me a pack-rat, in that I kept everything including invoices paid and such. Sometimes having one of those bits of paper helps. Wonder if somebody popped $13.00 into the wallet for lunch that day? Can you say job opening?
Going in for a afternoon nap, then out to the shop, clean out the General, and then its HazzardAyre/RoadWolf Radio overnight.

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