Thursday, May 25, 2017

At what point do you finally unfriend someone on facebook? I unfriend when comments or posts go unanswered

At what point do you as a client of facebook do you unfriend someone on facebook? As for me? I unfriend about the time that either my comments are no longer replied to or that I feel completely ignored or that further communications would no longer be beneficial. 
Of course there's always that one person that somehow creeps in and adds me as a friend but still no greetings or even a damn hello occurs. There's been a lot of that lately, especially from some so called applicants or prospective applicants of the featured talent searches both for on air as well as on camera for HazzardAyre, and of course the smaller things for Hazzard County Choppers. Of course as I alluded to in my prior post, when it comes to HazzardAyre applicants and meeting here at the Wolf's Lair, I completely understand that with the complete nut jobs out there why any woman would be apprehensive about meeting in a residence rather than say an office. I fully agree, I too would like to have an office/studio downtown Etown, Wyoming. Problem is there are none priced reasonably in Etown or the immediate area. 
Plus with my own budget pinched so tight Abe Lincoln's ears bleed, its just more economical to run the radio station out of the house.
Some of this difficulty is why the Federal Communications Commission is doing a rule change allowing the actual studios of a station to be outside of the city of license. The conditions of putting anyone on air of either gender to roll in to put on a 6 hour show, that is LIVE all the time which is our goal has become so troublesome that the Knytes(knights) are looking at moving the studios of our station to metro Utah, yet broadcasting from the top of the big mountain just outside of Evanston Wyoming . It will sound like we are here, yet we'll be 125 miles away. Then of course there are the cover girls for the stations formal website. What burns my behind is this. The Knytes(not me) but the Knytes pays feature talent at minimum of $300.00 an hour for their participation, yet few if any will respond to a ad post anywhere. However, you hear from many places from Walmart, to McDonalds, to the Pilot and the Flying J, darn I wish I could get a good part time job. Now lets see, they apply for a cover girl gig of ours, show up at a shoot , earn the $300.00 an hour for a roughly 8 hour day, walk away with just under $2,500.00 for a days work, and yet nobody shows up. Now its not that we do our shoots involving anything like porn, and while a bit racy and slightly naughty, still nothing that many don't already wear, even to Church on Sunday. Yet none show. 
But I'm getting off point. I write this as a associate I contacted not so long ago about becoming involved, hasn't called, visited and while I understand he was busy with the funeral and all of a dear High School friend, still dropping by at least would be appreciated. 
With me, if I tell somebody that I will help do something, or tell them I will at least attempt something, you can bet that I will do what I said I will, unless circumstances dictate that I can't. However if I can't , I will do that promise a courtesy by calling or emailing who ever I made that promise to, and saying I can't and here's why. 
Had a facebook friend, that I am considering even still about as a cover girl. Few weeks ago, she gets in touch, asking could I front her funds for a bike? Really? If there had been anything more like some gag gift in the mail of stockings in an envelope, or such I might have been a bit more pushy at the Knytes about helping. But its not just her. Some local gal got in touch with me a few days ago wanting details on the feature talent gig, then said she'd be out Thursday(yesterday) for an interview, but then barked she wanted paid before hand. Really? Not even McDonalds gives out advances, before you at least show up for an interview. Once upon a time the Knytes did that, until the Knytes got burned all too many times, then made it a policy, that at least one shoot is completed to throughput before there's a pay check. Yep, unfriended her as well. 
Look I'm not ragging on Evanston Wyoming here, this small town could bubble like a boiling pot of water, if only a few people would pull their heads out of the sand, and allow for something albeit out of the box, but allow something to yield a crop. Yet most of the locals have plowed me and the Knytes under dirt so much, that even I have to ask , "Why am I still here?" Which is why if everything goes right, come next week at this time, I'm back in Hazzard Idaho. For those who need to know; Hazzard Idaho is a small rural town west of Twin Falls in Gooding County Idaho of 125 people that lays between Wendell and Hagerman Idaho. 
 The town hall was part of my Mom and Dad and my home there for nearly 65 years. The area is known for its agricultural prowess, and if you have tasted peppermint in your chewing gum or taken medicine with mint in it, it more than likely came from a farm in Hazzard Idaho. Again I'm off point. In closing here, ignore me or the Knytes, consider yourself defriended and forgotten. And as my Mom said, " Don't let the door hit you in the butt." She also said this as well, " The bird that flies too high , usually ends up in a cow pie" meaning when you become to arrogant and stuck up, you'll find your self if one mellofahess. 
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