Thursday, May 25, 2017

Another day wasted on a brick wall

Another day wasted on hanging around for a feature talent for the website. The would'ves, Could'ves and Should'ves creep in but at the end of the day, can't fix stubborn. Gal emails me on a pitch of the feature talent on facebook, says she's really into it, wants to know what its about? Now the ad is pretty well self explanitory plus if someone can't figure it out their, probably not the one for the task to begin with. That said, when we do this projects as a organization, its done from the framework, of putting a sweet face with a truck, bike, and or muscle car, with the radio gig's printing and then apply it for the website. A website I have held up making simply because no visual talent to make ours stand out and be taken notice of. In today's media business if you don't get your prospective customers attention within the first glance or first word, you've most likely lost that attention either for good, or at least the foreseeable future. From the dawn of the automotive performance industry, whether its a manufacturer or the young buck down the street in some home garage bringing a street muscle car to life, ads for parts or magazines featuring a project have always been enhanced by a scantly cladded lady standing, laying on or at least posing with the ride. 
There was a time that bringing up such an idea or posting a notice at the neighborhood burger joint or even newspaper you got several model wanna bee's who would show up give em a hundred bucks and be done with it. You didn't have to submit to a saliva test just to get the gal with the car, truck or bike. Today the opposite is the condition of the situation. So many goofballs and wierdos have done un questionable acts on attractive women that its no wonder why some might be a bit skiddish at going to a home studio, or a shop out in the middle of the boonies to take video. In today's society of ultimate paranoia if you ain't downtown, or have a public office/studio, forget sweet ladies to show up for much if anything. Of course environment is something different too. In the greater Magic Valley area of Idaho, where most who are over 30 or who have lived there for longer than 40 years, knows the Knytes, knows what we have in mind, and realize there is not any kind of physical danger about showing up at one of our open talent calls. Outside of the Magic Valley in fact outside of Idaho, and parts of Utah, there is that, stranger danger thing that hovers and you either need to go through an agency, or book through an agency in someplace Hollywood, or Denver etc , not ultra conservative Utah, or western Wyoming. When I say conservative I mean religiously strict and restrictive Utah or western Wyoming. Oh sure you see hundreds of images on such social sites like facebook, and so on, but notice they are not from our area or if they are, she's booked through an agency. 
But I wasted a whole day, when I could have been finishing up LexiBelle and getting ready for the great relocation back home to Hazzard, Idaho. Funny thing, I'm not mad, since it would have been a much greater surprise if this new applicant had showed up. 
$100.00 in wasted revenue, but hey this is Evanston Wyoming.

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