Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Took the night off from our normal broadcasting, will be on air Tonight into Thursday morning also For you who are posting on our HellBilly Truckers fb page

Good Galldarn Morning to ya'll. Last night I did something I find more needed to do these days as I grow older, relax put my feet up watch TV and rest. For me its prep, to get ready for the next episode of the drama of the Knytes as well as the WolfPack. With that said, I did not do our cyber radio show overnight, and while I did remain quiet, did a bunch of brain draining and I'll let you in on the results of that later today as well as on the show. Okay then:
Now there has been a bunch of postings on our subsidiary the HellBilly Truckers Association page and FB group that has nothing to do with what the group nor the page is about nor to who its for. Some gal posted there for another lady about the issue of the movement of Confederate monuments, and inciting a total in/out no haul New Orleans movement. This is fine in its intent but the postings etc, need to be directed more to our mother organization's group/page the Iron Knytes Truckers Association, and/or our political page the United Confederate States of America. Not the HellBilly Truckers. The Hellbilly Truckers Association is a organization of wyld Southern bred hot rodding trucker/toewers that are into fully customized heavy and medium to light commercial trucks, we call em TruckRods. Not for expressing political or similar opinions or the like they go elsewhere. So ya'll like Diane and others, please post this kind of things on either the Iron Knytes Truckers Association group/page on facebook, or on the group/page of the United Confederate States of America thing on facebook, not on our Hellbilly Truckers Association group/page, okay.
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Detour to the relocation to Hazzard.

Last nights run of HazzardAyre/SamcroMC Radio went very sour. Between computer problems and AllWest going slower than a turtle what's constipated it was not one of our best efforts. AllWest Communications is a great outfit with good people, it's just that the powers that be there at AllWest, have yet to figure out where the growth of the town of Evanston is, and where its going and thus have not invested in the technology nor infrastructure that is needed to encourage business's to deploy venture capital and move here. That said, last night amongst the conceptualizing of the move to Hazzard Idaho, it was determined that on my personal threshold that financially I just can't right now. I added up everything it would take to relocate just me, and it came to just under $3,500.00 which means I'm stuck in Evanston Wyoming for awhile at least 6 to 8 months which is going to require me moving in the cold and snow. Plus the very thing that brought me here in the first place kicking off this radio station and all that makes that up is not yet done, and so as is said, A Marine never quits until the job is done. So too, neither will I.
Okay then need to find a service style garage, much less expensive than the $750.00 I have been paying, plus a place for the station, especially even if we have to move people here, to run it, my housing complex manager wont be too happy me parading people in and out of the Wolf's Lair here.
As far as the beaver tails that are needed to run this gig, plus be on covers of the website that will deliver it much better than what we have now can be gleaned from Metro-Utah. 
So for a time I have to detour the move to Hazzard Idaho for a short spell, dig in and finish what I and the Knytes-of-Dixie started here.
Until this evening on air

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Wolf came as a blessing from a vowed Church Authority

Before I set on the main topic here, while watching yet another Disney Channel series rerun, I thought I'd let ya'll in on something here since I've been called many terrible names because I do watch the Disney Channel. First at the hours that I really get to sit down and watch anything on TV any more there is nothing and I mean nothing really anymore to watch on TV at 02:00 hours(2:00AM for you none military out there.) so its get into the offerings on the Disney Channel. Let's face it, first CMT takes off the reruns of the Dukes, which would be fine if the stuck ups at studios such as Warner Brothers would put on a series of say a retweaked or updated version of the Dukes. I thought for damn sure that John, or before his death James Best or such would have written and produced a new series. Of course they are not to be totally faulted since even us here in the Knytes as well as the WolfPack, would have had our movie in production called the Hazzard County Knytes(knights) done. The film was a pilot to entice the powers that be to allow a Hazzard flavored series to bloom. The basic concept was to be a Club bio, coupled to a half Dukes, half Hollywood Knights thing that also brought in a garnishment of Airwolf, to make it an all around hit. Again had myself and a few others agreed on the ghost writers and outside casting staffs that might already be in motion, but another year wont hurt on waiting on that.
Okay then with SOA, the Dukes, and Airwolf and even Baa-Baa BlackSheep no longer on satellite/cable line ups, and certainly no B.J. & The Bear, Movin On, to name a few, what's a lone Wolf to do? You watch the Disney Channel.
Of course this is not where that started. Back at the turn of 2011 to 2012, as SouthernSteele Media our communications subsidiary, was in the motion of buying a small radio station near Rupert, Idaho(KBAR-AM1230) however at the last minute the sale got pooped on by a few prior commitment consignees , so that was that, however the idea for day time hours radio was putting Radio Disney on KBAR(what was to be KDXB) and then me do the HazzardAyre and Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio thing evenings and overnight. Even in grand mini Cassia area of Idaho the on air talent is a bit thin. So if one was to keep even some of the overnight offerings in continuity of Radio Disney during the day, might as well get to know the concepts of the Disney Channel, so I started watching the Disney Channel. At first I started watching Wizards of Waverly Place, starring Selena Gomez, who I rapidly fell in love with as a artist and performer. Then came Shake-it-Up, which got me into Zendaia and so on. There is some damn good people writing some even better programs and shows, most are one of's such as Decendence2 and a few others. Of course the recently killed Girl-meets-World was a switch back to a series I watched as a teen called Boy-meets-World. The list goes on, but the Disney Channel was blooming. Then some rearranging of heads of operations and management and so on at ABC/Disney that also owns ESPN took place, money got tight and some high priced series got canned. But I'm not a perve just because I watch the Disney Channel. 
Okay then; this Wolf thing. When I started in radio as a project for our FFA(Future Farmers of America) Chapter in Hazzard, Idaho I had no real style. Mostly I had duplicated the styles of Skinny Johnny Mitchell of KCPX AM 1320 Salt Lake City Utah fame since that's where I got my first taste of radio at age 7. I really had no intention of going into the business. I had my eyes on aviation and flying, maybe even NASA or such until the space program pretty well went sour, and we moved to Hazzard in 1971. Once in Hazzard, Idaho; flying or anything like that was about like telling Mormon pioneers someone was going to invent the computer. It was Jules Vern stuff to Hazzard-ites and they just thought it to be nuts. Then at age 12 , Mr. Ills said is there anyone in the class(ag/farm education class) that want to do our weekly FFA report at KART AM 1400. Of course I raised my hand, and that was the strike of the match. Soon I was going up there at 4:00PM on Friday nights, I did the report, then Kim ,Kent, Lee and I started messing around as kids do every week, and one evening there was this hour in the then newly signed on elevator/big band station of Kim, and Kent's Dad's station called KFMA FM 92.7. Long before it became Z-103. So there we were. Fully automatic radio was in pioneer stage at that point. There was a company called Drake/Chanault who produced hours of music tapes on big 20 inch reels. ultrasonic tones on those older computers told the system when it was time to air an ad, or go back to playing music. Of course as luck or divine inspiration would have it, the automated system could be over ridden and go LIVE. Well Kent Lee told me how to do that. So I went in, dug out some oldies rock & roll, and started doing radio. Al Lee Kent and Kim's Dad said he liked it, so after the FFA thing on KART I was going over at 6:00PM on Saturday nights, doing a thing called Saturday Night Dance Party. Of course that progressed to me at then KEEP AM 1450, where I did news and some sports then my own thing, then was the silent invisionary over a thing now called KEZJ, Then to KLIX AM1310, over to KMTW FM 96.5(now KLIX FM) where Long Haul Trucker Radio(now Dixie-Diesel Trucker Radio started). Now during all this in finding a style and all, I had went by the on air name as WolfMan Pat. Seemed innocent enough, then of course there came my call to active duty in the Marines with the 214. Well a spot on weekends opened up on AFRTS or Armed Forces Radio/Television Services and I was spinning records and barking the latest skuttlebutt of the different air squadrons and so on. So the transfer to AirWolf was made in 1988, which made a TV production producer a bit upset, couldn't have the same spelling as his TV sow, so AYreWolf came to  replace AirWolf and that might be a that's history moment, except, there was a stretch in our squadrons command and I was relegated to becoming Active-Reserve status, as such to put food in my belly and just to keep busy, I took a job from a bunch of pushing from my cousin that squandered most of the Montgomery Foundation's money, but it was there fixing tires for the Church of Jesus Christ's trucking fleet, (yes they have one) called Deseret Transportation, that then President Hinckley came through the shop one day. Then as now I did not hide the fact that I used Skoal, drank coffee and certainly did not hide the fact that I like desirable women. So President Hinckley sat down on a stack of tires, with me and we had a chat, a rather long chat. In that with a bunch of things, President Hinckley said he had heard my AFRTS radio shows and some of my syndicated stuff and liked what he heard. Although he went on to say, that it was a bit racy it got people thinking, thus he said," boy your very much the Wolf in amongst the Sheep" Meaning I was one of the few of the Church that wasn't afraid of speaking my mind, in Church, on the Church or out of the Church. He said its good for the members to be shook up as he said it.
Before he left me that day, he said that he gave his personal blessing to me to continue to be the Wolf. And as such the tag has stuck. 
So you might say that it was with the gift of a Church authority that I became the Wolf of the airwaves, and that really now is history.
Any mile, I need to hit the bed , long day today, Church then shop. Find me on air at 08:00 on 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

At what point do you finally unfriend someone on facebook? I unfriend when comments or posts go unanswered

At what point do you as a client of facebook do you unfriend someone on facebook? As for me? I unfriend about the time that either my comments are no longer replied to or that I feel completely ignored or that further communications would no longer be beneficial. 
Of course there's always that one person that somehow creeps in and adds me as a friend but still no greetings or even a damn hello occurs. There's been a lot of that lately, especially from some so called applicants or prospective applicants of the featured talent searches both for on air as well as on camera for HazzardAyre, and of course the smaller things for Hazzard County Choppers. Of course as I alluded to in my prior post, when it comes to HazzardAyre applicants and meeting here at the Wolf's Lair, I completely understand that with the complete nut jobs out there why any woman would be apprehensive about meeting in a residence rather than say an office. I fully agree, I too would like to have an office/studio downtown Etown, Wyoming. Problem is there are none priced reasonably in Etown or the immediate area. 
Plus with my own budget pinched so tight Abe Lincoln's ears bleed, its just more economical to run the radio station out of the house.
Some of this difficulty is why the Federal Communications Commission is doing a rule change allowing the actual studios of a station to be outside of the city of license. The conditions of putting anyone on air of either gender to roll in to put on a 6 hour show, that is LIVE all the time which is our goal has become so troublesome that the Knytes(knights) are looking at moving the studios of our station to metro Utah, yet broadcasting from the top of the big mountain just outside of Evanston Wyoming . It will sound like we are here, yet we'll be 125 miles away. Then of course there are the cover girls for the stations formal website. What burns my behind is this. The Knytes(not me) but the Knytes pays feature talent at minimum of $300.00 an hour for their participation, yet few if any will respond to a ad post anywhere. However, you hear from many places from Walmart, to McDonalds, to the Pilot and the Flying J, darn I wish I could get a good part time job. Now lets see, they apply for a cover girl gig of ours, show up at a shoot , earn the $300.00 an hour for a roughly 8 hour day, walk away with just under $2,500.00 for a days work, and yet nobody shows up. Now its not that we do our shoots involving anything like porn, and while a bit racy and slightly naughty, still nothing that many don't already wear, even to Church on Sunday. Yet none show. 
But I'm getting off point. I write this as a associate I contacted not so long ago about becoming involved, hasn't called, visited and while I understand he was busy with the funeral and all of a dear High School friend, still dropping by at least would be appreciated. 
With me, if I tell somebody that I will help do something, or tell them I will at least attempt something, you can bet that I will do what I said I will, unless circumstances dictate that I can't. However if I can't , I will do that promise a courtesy by calling or emailing who ever I made that promise to, and saying I can't and here's why. 
Had a facebook friend, that I am considering even still about as a cover girl. Few weeks ago, she gets in touch, asking could I front her funds for a bike? Really? If there had been anything more like some gag gift in the mail of stockings in an envelope, or such I might have been a bit more pushy at the Knytes about helping. But its not just her. Some local gal got in touch with me a few days ago wanting details on the feature talent gig, then said she'd be out Thursday(yesterday) for an interview, but then barked she wanted paid before hand. Really? Not even McDonalds gives out advances, before you at least show up for an interview. Once upon a time the Knytes did that, until the Knytes got burned all too many times, then made it a policy, that at least one shoot is completed to throughput before there's a pay check. Yep, unfriended her as well. 
Look I'm not ragging on Evanston Wyoming here, this small town could bubble like a boiling pot of water, if only a few people would pull their heads out of the sand, and allow for something albeit out of the box, but allow something to yield a crop. Yet most of the locals have plowed me and the Knytes under dirt so much, that even I have to ask , "Why am I still here?" Which is why if everything goes right, come next week at this time, I'm back in Hazzard Idaho. For those who need to know; Hazzard Idaho is a small rural town west of Twin Falls in Gooding County Idaho of 125 people that lays between Wendell and Hagerman Idaho. 
 The town hall was part of my Mom and Dad and my home there for nearly 65 years. The area is known for its agricultural prowess, and if you have tasted peppermint in your chewing gum or taken medicine with mint in it, it more than likely came from a farm in Hazzard Idaho. Again I'm off point. In closing here, ignore me or the Knytes, consider yourself defriended and forgotten. And as my Mom said, " Don't let the door hit you in the butt." She also said this as well, " The bird that flies too high , usually ends up in a cow pie" meaning when you become to arrogant and stuck up, you'll find your self if one mellofahess. 
On the air at 06:00 on 


Another day wasted on a brick wall

Another day wasted on hanging around for a feature talent for the website. The would'ves, Could'ves and Should'ves creep in but at the end of the day, can't fix stubborn. Gal emails me on a pitch of the feature talent on facebook, says she's really into it, wants to know what its about? Now the ad is pretty well self explanitory plus if someone can't figure it out their, probably not the one for the task to begin with. That said, when we do this projects as a organization, its done from the framework, of putting a sweet face with a truck, bike, and or muscle car, with the radio gig's printing and then apply it for the website. A website I have held up making simply because no visual talent to make ours stand out and be taken notice of. In today's media business if you don't get your prospective customers attention within the first glance or first word, you've most likely lost that attention either for good, or at least the foreseeable future. From the dawn of the automotive performance industry, whether its a manufacturer or the young buck down the street in some home garage bringing a street muscle car to life, ads for parts or magazines featuring a project have always been enhanced by a scantly cladded lady standing, laying on or at least posing with the ride. 
There was a time that bringing up such an idea or posting a notice at the neighborhood burger joint or even newspaper you got several model wanna bee's who would show up give em a hundred bucks and be done with it. You didn't have to submit to a saliva test just to get the gal with the car, truck or bike. Today the opposite is the condition of the situation. So many goofballs and wierdos have done un questionable acts on attractive women that its no wonder why some might be a bit skiddish at going to a home studio, or a shop out in the middle of the boonies to take video. In today's society of ultimate paranoia if you ain't downtown, or have a public office/studio, forget sweet ladies to show up for much if anything. Of course environment is something different too. In the greater Magic Valley area of Idaho, where most who are over 30 or who have lived there for longer than 40 years, knows the Knytes, knows what we have in mind, and realize there is not any kind of physical danger about showing up at one of our open talent calls. Outside of the Magic Valley in fact outside of Idaho, and parts of Utah, there is that, stranger danger thing that hovers and you either need to go through an agency, or book through an agency in someplace Hollywood, or Denver etc , not ultra conservative Utah, or western Wyoming. When I say conservative I mean religiously strict and restrictive Utah or western Wyoming. Oh sure you see hundreds of images on such social sites like facebook, and so on, but notice they are not from our area or if they are, she's booked through an agency. 
But I wasted a whole day, when I could have been finishing up LexiBelle and getting ready for the great relocation back home to Hazzard, Idaho. Funny thing, I'm not mad, since it would have been a much greater surprise if this new applicant had showed up. 
$100.00 in wasted revenue, but hey this is Evanston Wyoming.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Some times you need to skin the cat to get to the meat

I sure wish things had been much different and that this community of Evanston Wyoming would have been much more helpful, but today I got a serious set of offers that have me standing back thinking the offers are not so bad and might give me and the Knytes/AyreWolvez a shove in the right direction. 
The first offer I got was from a party in western Nevada, who has kin folks here in Evanston, that wants to buy the license to the radio station we just barely acquired. The offer is just enough that with it I could buy a license and station in mid central Idaho for and is part of both a bar/cafe there that would cure a host of financial problems that I have been going through. Hey $ 400K for our license here in Etown is not a bad offer. Next heard tell of a whole house in a town 10 miles east of my home town in western Idaho for $500.00 a month , yep a whole house. 
Now don't get me wrong if I had the community support, as well as the human resources, both for on air as well as administrative here, as well as someone to go out and beat the bushes to get some steam rolling from ad sales I'd most likely stay. However two things got my gears in my head turning. 
First good old President Trump, is going to be cutting SSI payments or at least benefits, by how much I don't know but it'll be stiff none the less. Add to that Medicaid is going to get axed for many if you get it at all, all which means, the safety net that I have been enjoying since the Montgomery Foundation got froze in 2003 and still only trickles coming in every two years since will put a serious hurt on old folks like me, if I'm not making good money soon on my own. Bottom line while I got it, I'm going to use it to gain some altitude in my income. Etown Wyoming is not the place that will come from. Western Idaho has if nothing else jobs. Some high paying, some, not so much , but at least jobs. An example; When I was living albeit slim, but living in Idaho, if my income got low , I could always find a job driving spud truck in the spring and fall, as well as beet truck in the late fall, early winter, just before toewing season. Here in Etown that's just not the case. I seldom had income infrastructure problems. Oh once in a gray moon I might if I got a stupid mail carrier, or cousin Bud forgot to send the Foundation check or stipend check in the mail. But overall I never wanted for much of anything or for very long and never did I fear utility payment problems. LexiBelle always made money even when she was getting older, and my trucks always were up to operational status. Here in Etown that hasn't been the case. Even after I had one guy do some wrenching on LiL Wolf, which was no wrenching at all, and still cheated me out of $600.00 for. Guess I didn't buy enough meth through his company nor was I the right gender. 
While I haven't yet made my decision yet, the combination offers I got today, has me thinking, maybe it's time to step on my pride and consider what's best for me and my company, as well as the Knytes/AyreWolvez. 
Okay and if she reads this I don't care, but last night I got two texts from Smelly Shelly. The first was accusing Alesha of being a transgender, which that's I don't think is accurate. And two saying something of that Shelly thinks she's the only woman for me, which I say is bull. Simply because of the emotional and mental abuse she put me through. Not to mention the substantial financial loss from low tow volume due to me having to remain home tending to her all the time. But I was kind and said it like this; If she wanted to try for round three, once she paid me the total amount of loss to me for what she cost me around $15k, ($15,000.00) I might consider it. Which wont happen since she doesn't have $15k, or ever will have it. So that shut that off immediately. Of course I had to get up, and block her from my cell phone. The concept that after the last go around that we were through. Didn't register. 
Any way much to do Tuesday, so it's lights out here.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Church is fun except when you just got to pee, and then get a tow call.

Ever hear of a LDS Church member whose kin folk was a FBI guy from the days of the thugs of the 1930's? I did today and was really getting into it all, talking of Capone and Baby Face Nelson and others. I'm sure there was maybe less than half of the congregation who understood the talk, and even fewer that would call it what it was the St. Valentines Day Massacre . I'm sure the rest of our church members understood and even fewer would absorb that. So services are about to end, After 6 sodas before church, and all , lets say my bladder and kidneys were screaming for relief.
Met the new sweetheart of a lady missionary this morning, and discovered one of the city council members just happens to go to our Church. Might can just adjust here and keep it together. If this town is about to ignite as this City Council guy says, might not be to hasty in moving, although I did see an ad in the Slime News on a 3 bed house in Wendell for rent.
Concept being home base Wendell, Radio gig Etown. 
Get two gigs for the price of one. 
So did you see the shake down bark this morning from Saudi Arabia, and Prezz Trump? If he hangs together that might be something to shake them Turbin heads up a bit over there. Which brings me to another point of thought.
Why is it all these Islam types, getting off on my farm aviation company; AyreWolf Aviation? If the idea is to convince me to fly ayreraids for Islam or something forget it. The only things my byrds kill are bugs, and pests of farm fields not people. Although there are some that say our use of RoundUp Herbicide is harmful to people. 
So as I was headed to pee, then to class, darn phone rings, actually vibrated Tow call, lane blockage, one car versus big truck. Cleaned up that in less than 15 minutes. No damage to big truck, minor damage to car. Came home grabbed food. 
Today didn't see Dave at Church, but I always am happy to see our missionaries especially the young Angels or lady missionaries out spreading the Lords words. Oh sure their cute and all, but I feel, that if I can uplift them, they can do a better job of telling people how obeying the gospel, can make miracles happen. Just like me who needs a miracle on my power bill, of $176.00 by Wednesday. Yea I know the Church helped with the rent here and all, due to the underhanded junk, of an Identity theft, and looting my bank account. That's fixed Can you say Candc Bank of Idaho? Bet that you can. My bank account moved, many will try to get water out of the Well, this next month, but the Well is dry. Last but not least. Just before Sacrament being blessed, caught a text from Verizon, saying bill owed. Really? Of all of $13.22 and they at Verizon are fussing. As usual I get a receipt. Which I had, so called Verizon, payment hadn't been applied. Thing corrected, but I'll bet someone's going to get an ass chewing in the morning. My step son Mike always used to call me a pack-rat, in that I kept everything including invoices paid and such. Sometimes having one of those bits of paper helps. Wonder if somebody popped $13.00 into the wallet for lunch that day? Can you say job opening?
Going in for a afternoon nap, then out to the shop, clean out the General, and then its HazzardAyre/RoadWolf Radio overnight.

I'm absolutely convinced texting via Smartphones is the decomp of The English written language

Grand howdy this morning from the frozen tundra of Wyoming. Yes the sun is out, but its colder than a bankers handshake this early hour.
Woke up with a hangover headache without the party before. Noticed last night that dreams of a romantic nature did little to bring themselves to boil, since there's been very little to no visual or tactacle stimulus. I did get a slight rise in my jeans however at one seat cover out at the Pilot, here plus still visually alive from one that brought me back to being alive two weeks ago. Then a photo or two from the Princess from Texas, got my interest up, although little all over viewing was detremental to any kind of release of liquid. 
So with that said, I must progress to my main point this morning. I'm all for mistakes in spelling, hey some can't always put every letter of every word in order. However there are blatant mashups of words due to tiny keyboards on these blooming Smartphone cell phones. All too many words mashed together in a big hurry, so as to not use up data minutes and or battery life. Sure old skool texting wasn't much better but it was slow enough that you could, although many didn't then, but that you could go back, proofread the text then push send. Today the blooming things are so fast that it takes wordsmith to translate the thing. 
Of course , even those using a computer desktop app, very seldom proofread what they write. Even pro news and magazine writers don't look into what they wrote as to either punctuation, spelling, or grammar. Didn't these young writers get the lesson on sentence trees? Of course there are words that are improperly spelled on purpose. I do it every hour. Such as spelling the word AIR as AYRE. It's an agreement on a copyright fiasco. Certain areas of our nation spell things or use words not always used in every day speech . Such as You'ns. That is ya'll plus three. Ustacould. Such as Hey can you help me move this couch, and responding, hey UstaCould, just can't do it these days. Or spelling a chow line as Buffay, instead of Buffet. Spell it like its said. Or our beloved Hazzard County. I used to have hours of rather heated discussions with news writers telling me Hazard was spelled with only one Z. Until I showed em that our Hazard was spelled Hazzard as with two Z's. 
Okay then, have you noticed the disasterdly President Trump is gaining ever so closely to impeachment? Was reading a thing from that spot. I don't like to tell you so, but I did tell you so, Trump is about as Trustworthy as a snake. May look all innocent but is as sinister as a Devil's demon. 
Granted we as a people didn't have much of a choice last election at the end, but way too many, better qualified candidates were biding for the seat in the Oval office. 
Time to get together for Church, be with you at 17:00 For Talking Toews and A blast to the past, of HazzardAyre at midnight.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Nite Rolls in the snow is exiting and ever try to build a website that's beyond the abilities of most website builders?

With Lil wolf back on the road and now just waiting to set the service bed back up again, bizzness is getting back in gear here. Sadly with the shop we are in now costing so much for what it is, the Club decided to withdraw its support of the shop, and my own income will not sustain the high cost so for the near future I just toew. 
Okay then: At 17:30 did we catch a very busy set of hours. With all the highways being shut down to all points east, both Highway Hooker Toewing and RodeWolf Toewing got swamped. Even had to call out my bud Nate, on two calls. We just got hammered. But even with that, didn't make enough to cover keeping the shop. Oh the shop, is okay for what it is, but its location, the month to month rent rate, the cost to heat the place at $500.00 a month, there's just not enough coming in to offset the retention, of the shop, so we're out looking. That being that, as for myself I never left the graneuer of Metro Utah for southwestern Wyoming to toew and build bikes, I left Utah, to refire a inferno of a Super Radio Station both over the air as well as online. The latter is the real headache. Seems that even with the platforms we stream over, still the actual website has never been built at least to a degree that means anything. 
The most successful and at least my vision of what a website for a streaming radio station is To date I have not found anyone that can duplicate that, even to a smaller degree Both are excellent sites. While there may be website builders that reside great distances from us here. I have yet found one that will sit down and discuss with someone not to knowledgeable on website or computer intelligent, namely me. Sure I can shoot the cover photos, design much of what should appear on the front page, but I'm lost after that. 
Building a site for the Knytes, as well as the radio network, has been a quest, of mine since 1999, when I figured out that the Knytes needed one. With that said; there is a slight glimmer of light here as far as the stations consistency. The FCC is going to relax the requirement of having to keep studios/office within a 20 mile radius of the transmitter. Which means KSOA/KTOW could be remotely operated from Metro Utah where on air, on screen and technical human resources abound. Not to mention a better pipeline that's a bit more expanded to where streams of at least, 250 mbps down and nearly that going up is possible, as well as eventually gaining the sky to 1 Gig via Google . This would greatly enhance the abilities of HazzardAyre Radio and everything that makes that up. A few nights ago after another computer failure, I thought to myself, why the hell am I here? I have no kin here, outside of about two maybe three real friends, which includes my Bishop and one family from church I'm just not making enough to make this operation happen, at least to a revenue generation situation. Plus the loss of the shop, means there is really nothing for a long term residency here. So efforts will be engaged to progress to exiting gracefully, from Western Wyoming. 
Saw some outfit from Denver Colorado, of a person following me on Twitter, that builds websites, one other guy has been calling for me to have them build it, what I want and demand from a website builder, is someone that will sit down with me go over my requirements, and my vision for it, do the cash stash, then build the thing. Not someone from NYC or Miami, that have no idea of what I'm wanting to do, or what the Knytes want the thing to do. 
Will be on air at 08:00 until then:

Is it Taupe or Taupae ? Ever try mixing that color for a paint app?

So in amongst my day today of salvaging my computer since few here in our cottage village knew how to correct the situation I got a paint order to do a set of tanks in taupe color. Or is that coloure ? Any mile went to Automotive Paint and supply to attempt to match the transparent nearly color of taupe. Which I discovered is Taupae as well. So taking cues from stocking attractions, I went and bought some taupe knee highs and off back to the paint store. Apparently there is several levels of taupe colors as they pertain to hosiery, and matching that color in a paint version to spray on fuel tanks for a HoG. The gal who is buying the finished product is going for a near nude hosiery colored fuel, tank to resemble a hosed butt. 
Still doing diagnostics on the computer, here trying to tune up the band for tonights gig, so without adue,

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Now I lay me down to sleep, but tried to bathe and all I could do is weep

Okay first of all, before I get into my usual rant here, why is it that all these Iranian and mid east nation type people digging on my company's FB page, AyreWolf Aviation? I truly would like to know. The page is not one that would excite the military, its pretty much to do with a few of us that apply farm chemicals over large farms. I don't think even one of my byrds would carry weapons, or deploy them since most are only equipped to drop fertilizer. But many seem to dig on the page, I have an idea, since these folks seem to have more money than brains, how about contributing to my bank account or at least the Treasury of the WolfPack, aka the AyreWolvez? 
Okay then; show nearly done, decided to go in and take a bath, shave my face and get clean. Figuring that the malfunction of the faucet handle was over. Nope, still fuggledup. The handle is upside down for starters. The valve is meant to have the handle pointing down, as you twist the handle to the right engages the cold water, and as you progress from right to the far left in an arc it gets warm then right down hot. Pressure to the hot side is now less than it was before. Don't get me wrong the lady who manages this complex known as the Wentworth Apartments, of Evanston Wyoming, is one sweet lady. She truly watches over most of us here, however the complex goes through fix it people faster than I change shorts. 
As the guy, who seems able seems not able to satisfactory fix the tub faucet handle, it comes down to me, searching out the one I need, and fixing this mess myself, which is what I should have done in the first place. It's that old saying, " If you want it done right, do it yourself." , my only gripe is I'm paying more for rent here, and getting less for that increase. Apparently too, the real owners are to sweep through in the next day or two, when I suggested, let me chat with them, our Janet said , "no", there's only one reason, a risk in job security. Since the only thing that really would happen if I voiced my thoughts to the owners, would do to me is me get thrown out. Janet needs to get old Ed, back here, he might not be an expert, but I trust him much more than the new guy.
Going to attempt being on air overnight Friday, into Saturday.

LiL Wolf is back on the road, and LexiBelle is about to be,

Feeling better today, A1C level seems to be steady, and got a few things done. Nate got in touch and I took Lil Wolf down to him for the surgery she needs, but from the muscle she was putting out this morning, it can't be that bad. Then got an inquiry from our Texas Princess on helping on a bike purchase. The Club may help, but needs more details, and what she will do in return for the Club. Remember the Club, is not a bank nor a welfare organization, and at this point don't know this seatcover that well to fund $6k, for HOG. That's Harley, Owners, Group. In case ya'll didn't know. Kinda sounds like the Texas pillow deal that became a real pain. We see.
It's really balmy here today, got 3 inches of snow on the ground. With about 30 inches expected by morning. So been keeping close watch ready to be going towing. I laughed at a post by our Texas Princess, about working late nights. Really, In the 30 plus years that I've been towing, and wrenching on bikes, I haven't been on a complete let my hair down get wasted vacation. Even going to Sturgis is a business trip, in selling for Hazzard County Choppers, or covering the evet for SAMCROMC RADIO. I had a breef escape in 2001 in Layton, Utah. But no real put my feet up, get drunk, and stoned day off. There's always a tow call, always a service call, and this radio gig is doing 20 hour days, and what feels like 8 hour nights , in real bitter weather. If that doesn't grip your heart strings dig this friends, do you realize its been nearly 23 years since I even got laid? Even then while it was as smooth as 20 year old scotch, still there was no emotional connection. When it comes to Evanston Wyoming, shyt, I have yet to get any interaction between me and a hot lady. While difficult, I will hand off this to Twin Falls, at least there was some intimate action at least twice a week, every week, and in Ogden Utah at least once a week. Heck even when I was residing in a 10X10 office in Woods Cross Utah, at least there was a spreading thighs event once a month. Here absolutely nothing. So if you think that sometimes I'm a bit shall we say deprived and hungry, for a woman's touch your right. So you would be too. So when a lady approaches me from afar I think could I get lucky here? 
I remember one a few years ago that impressed me. Although the wyld thing never happened with her, At least she knowing that I love gals in nylons and such, took it upon herself to take a few pairs of her well worn scented hose put em in an envelope and mail them to me, know what? 3 years after, she was the owner of a very pink flamed custom chopper built by HCC, yep we built her a bike. She sadly lost her battle with COPD, and went to that great biker bar in the sky, but her slightly naughty gift to me and the Club, earned her a scoot. 
Any mile, in production for tonights radio gig, tune in on www.livestream/hazzardlyfe at 02:00 and on at 22:00 hours.