Friday, April 28, 2017

Yo yo Ho here comes the snow dang it no trips today and did you catch the NBC Show First Date yet?

Yo, Yo , here came the snow and for me it was not go. In fact a no go. This mostly effects pilots but has relates well to real life. When inclimate weather is on the porch of a given area, most pilots thinking of getting into the air , have that second or to do do a no go decision. For me although yesterday was extremely nice, going over to Paris, (no not France) but Idaho. I went, got my drivers license renewed thanks to some bummed pocket change of Nate's , I not only was greeted by a attractive, front office gal at the Bear Lake County Sheriffs Office, but I was in and out in less than 20 minutes, and all is good there. Much construction going on, that direction, must have something to do with the tech company going in over that direction. It's a energy plant, researching the idea of making biofuels from grain and algea , so CenturyLink, is putting down new upgraded telemetrics, and fiber optics in the area, like wise Garden City Utah and that area is building new housing. Did that area figure out something that Evanston Wyoming didn't? Montpelier Idaho is reaching out both south and west and it seems to be bracing for a fever of new move in's as well as extending area commerce. While some in Evanston Wyoming is still scratching its butt wondering what do we do now? One of the reasons I suppose that the Iron Knytes bought after nearly giving up on the idea, the old KEVA AM 1240 license and going ahead with the project. Plans in that regard is to buy, the local FM here in Evanston, as well as KBRV out of Soda Springs Idaho, as well as negotiations on buying the old station in Montpelier, KVSI. The concept is to create or re-create the old SouthernSteele/Dixie Diesel Radio Network. A regional over the road truckers radio network. 
So with the dawns early light weather conditions, and the Feds missing depositing funds in my account, must going to do that Tuesday, since they'll mostly do that Monday, so no dough and impending snow I remained on station, to Jon, and Alesha that's why I stayed put.
Okay then, snagged my mail, that reminded me that my vehicle license was due at the end of May, yes another thing of taxation without any results, after all ever looked at the conditions of the highways we have in our nation? Moreover in my part of the forest. More holes, more breaking of pavement the list goes on.
So rolled over and went back to sleep. 
Then ventured out for food, and even though no Dewshine anymore which I have gave up, and converted to Mello Yello, went to Smith's got my grub and came home. Made dinner, and began watching the news, saw those blues, then watched this new groove on NBC called , " First Dates" . What I saw was not too bad then came in this one pair who, I first off would have ran away from. This all too much thin woman of blonde hair, with a gall darn beek, that even made Smelly Shelly's beek look short, who you knew was way too full of herself you started to feel sympathy for the guy. The question from her to the guy was, " Do you like animals?" his response, " I like them, don't have one due to him traveling for work so much" . Question from her to him , " Would you want an animal?" His response, " I'd like to own a tiger" Her response was more on the practical legal thing of , " you can't own a tiger" In reality , you can, if you get a exotic animal permit. Something that the fact checkers at NBC forgot to scoop out. Any mile she just left this guy hanging, I thought as he must have under his breath , thank goodness and yellow cab your gone. This gal would be very much heavy lifting and upkeep. No way. First love at first sight is not reality. No relationship happens right off. Time and allowing the relationship to germinate is required , no matter how much chemistry there is. 
Any mile taking the evening off of the radio to watch the bb game with the JAZZ, and hopefully Mark will give me a call soon, as the radio gig offer will not last forever. There is movement, that will make it to where radio stations can be operated by people who don't live in or operate in the city or town of license. KSOA/KDXD is no exception.
More on that after the game.

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