Monday, April 24, 2017

When you ignore , insult, or flat give your middle finger to me, you also give the same to 250,000 members and their families that will cost you money

I don't think that everyone who reads this quite understands or if they do, they don't comprehend it, but when someone be it a business inquiry, leasing arrangement on a office/studio for the radio gig, or a modeling agency or talent, that when they ignore, insult, cause a delay, or just gives us the one finger salute, they have just gave the same thing to 250,000 Knytes-of-Dixie, AyreWolvez, American Professionals Association and the Deere Dazzlerz Association to name a few the same ignorant, arrogant, insulting brush off. Not only myself and those 250,000 members, that range from blue collar gearheads, to professionals in Law, Medicine, Technology, and other enterprises, but also to their families that range from their immediate family all the way to their Father in Laws, Mother in Laws and grand children as well as their own children. 
No matter the city or rural small town, give us the brush off and you just cost yourself, money from loss of business, and any potential, of those members or family members ever doing business or locating a business in your town. Example; the local Chamber-of-Commerce here in Evanston Wyoming. Brushed us off when I hung up the idea of a deal involving one real estate sales lady here on a site for the Reaper Club. Then when I brought up why haven't you came to see me, at the Wolf's Lair about our radio station, and/or the Knytes-of-Dixie itself, at the local Mcdonalds one day, the guy said he would stop by as soon as he got back from some conference in eastern Wyoming. That was nearly 3 months ago. Really? What he did in his ignorant and arrogant way is kiss away, a half a million visitors, business people and tourism, that would have followed had he been a bit more forthcoming. Likewise the same holds true when the local newspaper, did a recent article on another MC here, but failed to include us. Who is fooling who, and who paid who? This situation is not just here in Evanston either. TMG Talent and Vickie who owns and manages same in Utah, after an audition that did not go right pretty much did the same thing. Well there went a half a million could be clients, that would have specified her talent, for TV ads for their own individual business's. The list goes on, when some little hussy decides she's too damn good to work with me in the Wolf's Lair here in Etown on HazzardAyre and the rest of our radio/TV projects, they just killed any chance of working for any other member of the Knytes, even in other regional area locations including the three states of Idaho, Utah and/or Wyoming. The wise advice from an AlphaWolf now verified in part by a survey on facebook, is; make me happy and you can expect business from the rest of the organization, however give me the brush off, and you just lost business or commerce, of the organization and its members. That really will cost you money.

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