Monday, April 17, 2017

Some people are just mentally challenged

This ought to be part of a Governmental study, see how the word MENTAL and GOVERNMENT goes together, this might be symptom one. But there ought to be a study done, on the minds of the youth that are direct kin folk of those who were within the smoke from the nuclear bomb testing in Nevada and northeastrn Nevada, southwest Utah. Since these minds are moving at warp speed only in the stable department as well as the " lets think this out logically " department, example; posted two videos today one on YouTube and one , on Facebook. thing is the videos contain the groovy music from my radio show. So the powers that be start barking saying you can't post that. Hmmm, did anyone consider that the content mainly music, gave permission for us to use that music? It's called ASCAP and SESAC both copyright clearing agencies. As a LICENSED radio station this gives us something called CREATIVE FREEDOM to post such things, but did anyone check there? Nope. Just started bitching. Now I'm not one to post much on either Facebook nor YouTube since both are becoming such as a pain lately, Not the posting, but like many until they being those agents from facebook and/or YouTube come to visit so I can show documentation , it becomes a constant effort to keep all happy. Then one said that the images are copied. Really? The image is me, the truck pictured is MY LEXIBELLE, two the little truck pictured is mine, and there is no objection from Ben or the higher ups in Hazzard saying, "don't do that" It's a handshake agreement sure, but still an agreement. I've been the real to life Cooter since the idea was created. 
Alesha finally got in touch today, what are they in that cyber fuzz going to do when we start rolling video, with her, say its fake? Or that Nurse Goodybody and me kissing her toes in nylons is fake, hey I have urgent real news for them. Maybe some of these jokers that just wants to grumble remember the Knytes and all connected to thereof is very much real.
Then I saw this picture of some guy painting pistons. Painting pistons? Really? As I said, must be a Walmart mechanic, not a skilled one. The real question is or has to be, WHY? 
When it comes to our radio gig, I'm all giddy about having Alesha on board. The real task is going to be getting her into the radio studio. Its not always visual, but I want to get her vocals on the air. Alesha is much more than a hot body, there's much there to like, including her voice. 
So when all these facebook, YouTube and other cyber cops yap, understand, unlike those that post pictures of porn queens from other magazines, the videos and music we post are done with those that created that music's permission.

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