Sunday, April 30, 2017

Maybe a few might want to humble themselves. AM 1240 is within weeks of ignition

There are always those that want to thumb their noses of us here at HazzardAyre/RodeWolf Radio. A great video and music producer, our local FM, and so on, yet with much prayer, sacrifice, and feeling like a mouse pushing a big boulder up a 90 degree hill, HazzardAyre/RodeWolf Radio is both on line on cyber radio, and about to ignite on the terrestrial radio ayrewaves as well. We as a group, and its not just me or I, but the entire WolfPack, and the Knytes doing a bunch of heavy lifting, but HazzardAyre/RodeWolf radio both AM 1240, as well as 104.7 and on cyber radio waves from and we are not only there but have stayed on the air since 2013 when we launched on as well as KDXC FM 105.7 Buhl Idaho. 
I remember when I first arrived in December 2014 here to Etown, Wyoming. I walked into the other local FM here, and boldly said, " you know what's wrong with your radio station?" The CEO replied, "what?" I responded, " I'm not on it." Not blowing my own horn, or howling in my own forest, but I've been in and on radio since I turned 8 years old, and managing our organization's own station since age 12. I have seen the best, the worst and have taken my cues and inspirations from such legends as Phil Grey, Doug Maughn and Robert Smith, aka the WolfMan. I was doing push the edge on radio long before Howard Stern was in diapers. But I got more of my inspiration, from my Heavenly Father, God flat ass'd zapped me in my sleep and told me to stick with this. At a time, (and still have concerns of it) when I was urged to return to Evanston Wyoming, when my gut and my mind had long forgotten Evanston Wyoming, back in 2006., I never ever wanted to move back here, after the Enima that Tammy Hunt and her nose candy dealing guy pal, gave me, but I came. While there is plans on the boards to set up a station/studio up in Utah and stream the programming here to reair here, on our station, the thing is until I can recruit and if need be train a person to not only be an on air here , but do radio the Hazzard County/ Confederate way, I'm going to be here for at least a year. 
With that said, sales of advertising has bumped up for HazzardAyre/RodeWolf Radio, more over for AM1240/FM 104.7. There is money out there one just has to know how to dig it up. 
Thought our pal Mark, would have trucked on out by now to discuss operations, but who knows. Alesha hasn't said much or called, but I'm hopeful, but a brief bit of Heavenly messages. With concepts of cruising over to the homstead in Twin Falls Idaho, this Tuesday, called Nurse GoodBody, in the conversation she let on that albeit on a tether string is prowling solo. Hey this ain't no time to be wandering off the line here. Which means simply that this 
 and this 
 and most importantly this ; 
 could happen again, and if it did, well there is no one that can or has exceeded the dedication and abilities she has and the gifts she gave to the WolfPack. Like I said maybe a few in local radio and media should humble themselves and begin talking seriously to us , or find themselves walking backwards.

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