Sunday, April 2, 2017

I truly love my PooBear/SheWolf

At first there was some reluctance, but every day she is here with me, I grow to love her more. Sure she has major mood swings that scares the wolf dung out of me, however she is going through many serious changes. From leaving her usual home and lyfestyle to the one here in Western Wyoming, from near confinement to complete open air kountry, so I'm being patient. While she thinks at times shes big and ugly, I think she is beautiful and sweet. She is so cute when she pouts, and her smile is intoxicating. This is one werewolf that loves his mate and darling woman. 
 and from the environment that is, might be some wolfpups arriving very soon.
Yesterday was a great Saturday. Oh yes a snarl fest started the day, however once we went to Jody's Diner here and got some food, she was good. Watched LDS Conference, SheWolf got much out of the talks. Seems the focus this year is on family and the treasuring family, and retaining family unity. I heard one talk that was aimed at not hating or talking bad against other people of the church or not in the church yet. How many times have I barked about this issue? I myself was the subject of such conversations here in our Ward, and many in the Ward also had the same feelings about my SheWolf when she first came to Church, to the degree she wasn't in a big motivation mood to return. But she's willing to beginning next week. Maybe its time our Bishop, sent the missionaries to the Wolf's Lair to prepare my SheWolf to gain the inner peace of being baptized into the church. 
I thought it not so coincidental that Sid, showed up at Jody's while we were there. I introduced Sid to my SheWolf for several reasons, not the least was to without saying much, to get the message to Sid, that this Werewolf is Shelly's and no one else and hands off . 
Any mile good morning From Western Wyoming, The Wolf's Lair And Hazzard County.

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