Friday, April 21, 2017

I truly hate teasers , people who front and those that can't or wont be honest

Maybe it was a fact that I was raised by southern Christian parents, Maybe its living of ancestors from Dixie, or maybe it has to do with being really rural and life on a farm, whatever it was or is, I believe that if you tell someone your going to do something, you keep your word and follow through. Not get someone all hepped up, then don't or wont even make a phone call or answer the door, yet have the nuts to ask me to nearly give up a car? Naw. Keep the thing , build it into a hobby stock, and tell anyone else if you want the Soob, get down on your knees. Then there are those that wimper they want to be on our radio network station, or on our imagery for the TV ad's and or website amongst other visual projects. Oh yes they say they are into us, but can't make the effort. Small things done as a courtesy, like keeping me posted of their interest or that they have decided against it , what ever IT is, goes a long way to earning my respect, and that respect, can equate into me being more open to employing them in the future. Just like the other night, my neighbors invited me over, for a visit. The lady of the house was all into the radio gig, yet tonight I go over , after telling Josh, that I wanted to chat with her, and his brother, and guess what? Not only did they not open the door, but hell not even coming over and giving me their phone number. Guess what the answer is going to be when they need me the next time. When he said they were looking at moving to eastern Wyoming, my thoughts are simply, " See ya, don't let the snow gates hit you in the ass." No sweat off my balls. 
Western Wyoming is not alone in this; western Utah, Metro Utah and even Tweaker Flatts Idaho was like this as well. But only to a very small degree. Most of the time , in both those locations, with every 10 inquiries, we'd at least snag at least 3 to 5 new hires, many of which are still associated with the Knytes , but currently on assignment. Thing is at least if those folks said they were up on something, they at least showed up, or if not, made a call and said they weren't. Sure being told no or I am not interested stings once in a while, but at least your not working or sitting on your thumb waiting on them and they not be there when you need them. 
Look AM 1240 is going to happen here with or without employing the locals, I'll recruit out of area if need be, same goes with lady model talent for the ad's to enhance and give support to the website there of. Again hire outside the area. After all the entire aim of our AM 1240 is not Evanston Wyoming, its that big black strip of ribbon called I-80. Truckers. That's why we are here, the Confederacy is number 2, bikers number 3 and us going toewing number 4. Everyone else is welcome to tune, in but we are not just another radio station or podcast, we are an attitude. 
Then there was this filly last night on Facebook, that anymore reminds me of a truck stop parking lot with a bunch of wanna be's and pretenders, on the CB. A bunch of yapping but no serious intelligent conversations, and if its a woman on there, she's trolling for a quicky. Or turning a trick for cash. But was chatting with this gal on there that does photography with pinup girls, so I said my would it be nice to have her working with us. After unloading some minor 411, she said she was going to call, but never did, ALL DAMN DAY!! I'm glad Alesha at least calls or texts. She's real. Alesha established long before a meet and greet, that I wanted her as model talent and maybe a second seat in the radio studio. No more, no less. Not that I'm turning queer, as my equipment is always ready for action, all it takes is a gal in nylons to raise my attention level. That said, I'm in no big hurry to gain a mate either. Our scriptures say God mandated man should marry a woman etc. My heart was stolen in my 2nd grade class, by a sweetheart, that same young lady stomped on that heart, and I'm in no damn big hurry to settle down. I'll do the occassional casual sex thing anytime, but at my age, I relish living alone, and don't ever want a wife, since none can tame me, nor am I open to that. This Wolf prowls alone, and alone I will stay.,
That said, Alesha, is one that with very little that could change that entire concept.
Now then, to close this out so I can watch the rest of the BB game, I truly hate teasers, penus or otherwise, I truly dislike people who front, LDS Ward church members who say they are coming over but never do including home teachers, and people who can't or wont be honest. The three spear point is Strength, Duty, Tradition, and joining that all together is the circle of Honor. That is the core of the Knytes-of-Dixie and will always be.



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