Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I bring this to your attention, not to be mean or insulting just to tell the truth

When I bark or howl on this blog, it's not to be mean or insulting its just that I'd like to have companies no matter what they sell or offer to just tell the truth. Earlier this evening I barked about . For nearly 6 or so months they have been the hosting and carriage of HazzardAyre/RodeWolf Radio. To which I am greatful. The other part is one of their tech guru's did spend a bunch of time trying to iron out a slight incompatability problem, with our older analog radio equipment. I finally came up with my own solution, that I need to pre record most of my program airings, to cassette tape or at least an outside audio input source to get a program that don't sound like I'm in a big metal pipe somewhere. When I mentioned that I feel and its my own opinion , but I feel such streaming services are more for the introductory hobby level, podcaster. Not a over the air professional radio station looking to widen the net of our audience, so that gear splitters and haulers can hear what we are doing and not just groove on the music but eventually get educated when we get to doing editorial stuff on air. Trouble is, when I do talk on air I sound like I'm in a hollow cave. Not only does this irritate our audience(you) but does nothing to encourage advertisers to support the network/station. As anyone in media especially radio and/or TV can attest advertisers, grease the wheels of broadcasting. So when I say that ought to put up a introductory label that reads, " Welcome to, this service is for beginner podcasters, not for standard or pro broadcasters" Now there are services that cater more to broadcasters, , LIVE365 and so on are geared to turbo charging a radio stations reach. The thing I like about is they have connections to website builders who can make a full package. We pay they make, leaving us time to produce content, rather than wrangling with tech problems. Sure I know just like a hot rod, if your going to race it, you need to tune it, thing is most hot rodders have a pit crew to do that. Leaving the driver the time to mentally prepare to drive and race. 
The none transperancy is not limited to . isn't as open as they could be either. Their tag should be, mostly for TV not just audio/radio. Although we get ours over it, with just a screen shot. With our audio rolling under that photo. Trouble is I have to make one each time. Or have the image on file to do a desktop image. Now with I have 10 channels aimed at a different or target listener. Second, and someday when I can round up the $2,500.00 to be a paid Pro client of Livestream that'll be kuel, but to date I haven't paid(although I gave them my credit card info and yet they haven't dinged me yet, I think my overage fee is at $10.00) but I do my shows there free. I get 3 hours or so, I get my shows out, and yet have time to run my personal business's like going towing, flying, and of course bikes and truck fix it up shop. Now then, Spreaker feeds direct to, as well to YouTube which I stopped since YouTube hates any kind of copywritten music placed there. They don't understand a radio station on the terrestrial airwaves has to pay big fees to air music. Yet YouTube doesn't understand that and can't or wont show up here to our studios so I could show documents proving what I just said. I'd send that over on email or something but cyber thieves are all over the place. I just don't dare. I did that once with my pilots license and got in a heap of a mess with identity theft. Not doing that again. However it's not IoT things either. There's that stuff called Flex Seal, there ought to be a disclaimer that reads that it doesn't work on things automotive since gas and diesel turns the stuff into a runny goo. While there's many things, myself and the Knytes do. The major one I or the Club wont do is lie, or mislead. Too bad other organizations and other companies don't do the same, but there is that wonderful thing called the Federal Trade Commission. The Knytes through the FTC, made two companies now tell the truth. J.G. Wentworth the buy your annuity and give you a lump sum company, now they say at the end of their ads, must meet eligibilty(sorry having troubles spelling this morning) requirements. The other one is that outfit called Free Credit Report. We got it to where they had to run a disclaimer saying it wasn't free. Look I don't mean to be mean or to insult here, I just want the truth to be told. Another example: Facebook. I'll get a alert that says, " A person has liked one of our groups" Click on it, and it doesn't tell you who liked it so you can say thank you. Nope, you get your page or group pop up, but all it is , is a come on to get you to put out more money for an ad. Which in the case of Facebook is false. I see promptings all the time saying reach 160,000 people in Evanston Wyoming with an ad. Really? Evanston Wyoming is lucky and the number is dwindling , but Evanston Wyoming only has 13,000 people in it, and if you took in Randolph Utah, Cokeville, and so on you might and I say might hit 25,000 people, not no 160,000 . Last but certainly not least, when I post something in this blog or elsewhere, I always send the company or person I'm howling about directly to them. I will not hide my opinions.
 It's just that simple. Anyway have inspection on the Wolf's Lair today and I need to clean it up a bit and squeeze in some shut eye time, so catch ya'll on our Cyber radio somewhere tonight and on the air over the air on KDXD AM 1240 the old KEVA of Evanston Wyoming.

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