Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Birthday my butt

Happy Birthday my butt. While I found a solution to my Drivers License situation, still I'm feeling all too much alone this eve before the day that marks the 59th lap of this race of life. Not that I expect or expected a big party, nor and big hoopla still I got to thinking on birthdays of my yesteryear. Seems the blues are getting bluer , at least back home and even when I hung my spurs in Ogden, Utah at least there was someone that stopped by with a beer, or two, or even a few honey's that took it upon themselves to show up for some lady companionship. Not this year, not even one honey, even dropped by, maybe tomorrow one will. 
Now there is some of ya'll that would say, that maybe I was a bit short sighted to give old Smelly Shelly the boot. Fact is that was one early Birthday gift. The mental swings of hers, and that constant jealousy streak in her was giving me stress upon stress. Not something I wanted to retain, even if it did mean getting some sort of soggy dipping of my medium sized worm. To me sex is just a thing one does, I needed a bunch of tenderness and cuddling not just humping. Something Smelly Shelly was not equipped to do. Nor does it seem that ALL so called women Shelly was suspicious of. Since even if I desired(which I seriously do) a honey on my Birthday, at least from here in Etown will ablige. So its being inside your radio. Or at least your Ipad, Ipod, or other cyber radio.
Speaking of Radio. Saw that even BethAnn of CSCTalk Radio is still having tech problems if not engineering problems. Went to reel in her daily show, yet found it was yesterdays(Tuesdays) show not todays(Wednesday's) show. Then checked out the two side channels we glean from, and found no LIVE host inside the radio. Nope not anyone, just tunes . Guess the ONLY place you really get a LIVE host announcer on cyber radio, is WELL Us here at HazzardAyre/RodeWolf Radio. It's not that we have any extra money in our pockets, its that , I'm here at the console every hour of every day doing cyber online radio Hazzard County SOUTHERN STYLE, SOUTHERN FRIED cyber radio. And yes I do talk. 
Just as I reported yesterday here, was on my earthly throne, reading Radio World Magazine, about a online station in Cleveland Ohio, called that is a cyber radio station that operates just like any over the air radio station, except the delivery method is through the Internet rather than over the air. Funny, wasn't and isn't that what HazzardAyre started out to be? Sure we got our wings clipped by moving here to Evanston Wyoming, but efforts are underway to relocate back to metro Utah, where the pipeline and human and support resources exist, and not have to dig the lawn to find a buried bone like a hound dog. (Wolvez don't dig to find prey) I thought at least by now there would be at least one honey here inside the Lair to be side anchor for HazzardAyre, but nope. How do I miss Merdith and all that we had as a staff in both Woods Cross and Tooele Utah, respectfully. I still have video tape, VHS style of our all lady crew there in that attic loft there in Tooele. One researching topic information, one on air and one doing news. We rather I had a dream crew. If only then , had we known of streaming then. What was the predawn of HazzardAyre aka Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, maybe there is magic in Utah that can't be found in Wyoming and parts of Idaho. Ok then. Thought maybe Alesha even though not scheduled until Friday, or so, or one of the lady crew like Andrea, might have drove up here and surprised me, with some southern sugar. But nope. Oh well. There's next year, and a new environment might just cure the conditions I have been enduring here in this running backwards area of western Wyoming.
Even the so called in training engineer Timmy, hasn't made it out. Timmy is like Brittnay here. Both think I and or the Knytes do it all, but they should get a paycheck. Reality is, gotta help build the operation station so it can earn to bestow you its fruits. One thing I learned amongst many on the farm. While you should never count your chickens before they hatch, you can't expect a harvest, until you plant the seed and care for the crop so it can bare that harvest. The seed has been planted , however maybe the field its planted in is not furtile enough to allow the seed to take root. 
Yep feeling a bit blue, Happy Birthday my butt.


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