Monday, April 24, 2017

Feeling a bit tweaked and forgotten this week of my birthday

This Thursday marks the 58th lap of my race of life. The last 3-1/2 years of which has been spent sometimes I think wastefully here in Evanston Wyoming attempting to jump start a gone way dark radio station in view of making same our Wyoming flagship station for HazzardAyre and AyreWolf Radio. 
Outside of two here Nate and Rick, it would seem that just about if not all either figured I'd moved, not that anybody else has checked to see, or drop by to see if I had, including our LDS Bishop, nor my home teachers, or even a few of my current or even former associates or vendors. 
I even noticed one of who I thought was a dear brother at our LDS ward, Vern , removed me from his friends list on facebook. Now I suppose this might be, because of the fact that for near a month now I haven't been to Church and showed I was still here, since I had long thought I  would be long gone from here by now. But from the second malfunction with Smelly Shelly and I, and did a Church member, even the Bishop come by, to help in my time of sadness over that and a , "Hey can the Ward help ?" the second reason I haven't been to Church is the feeling I get even amongst the greeting at the start of services , that says, " Hope you all feel welcome" Fact is I haven't since I got here. Even though I have done my damnest to uplift this struggling little town through both the radio station project on the organizations side and from my own towing service and a few that said I'll send business your way. Brother Dave said he had a car that needed some wrenching on, but did he even come over so we could haul it out to the shop since LexiBelle is down for still a short spell? Nope, not even a phone call on it. Of course there's quite a few people in this small village that I went out late night to retrieve them out of snow banks, and slide-off's on courtesy tows that normally would be at a rate of $80.00 per tow, I did free. I did it either for free, or from the offer that they'd pay for the fuel used, where is that money? Not that I expect money since our Bible says one should not act in kindness or do for someone in need for a reward or expect it, but how about at least one of them saying thank you, or one of them saying oh I know someone who might have a place for your Club's radio station. Nope not one simple howdy thank you. But here I sit here in Evanston Wyoming, with a slight malady that I need a bit of help on. See my Drivers license expires midnight Thursday night, the problem is No money until a week from today(Monday), so what I need is a lift from here to Idaho to renew my license. But that's not all either, could it hurt someone in our Ward to at least send out the home teachers? Okay I was a bit off with the question of is it wrong to be maybe smitten with a lady missionary but I was just inquiring on protocall not that I was in lust with one. Nor the fact that I thought one daughter of our Ward was older than she was and heck I didn't know any better nor did I even have the right person's name at the start. I had just gotten there, but shouldn't Church be one of the few places we meet those of our faith to get involved with? Did anyone at our Uinta View Ward, look and see this old Wolf's birthday was coming up here this week, and think , "hey lets at least go give the old Wolf a Happy Birthday" Nope , I don't think so. So why AM I STILL Here? Because unlike many who only help the already successful, I champion the cause of the underdogs and the people and places, clawing their way out of a deep messpool. The other reasons are quite simple, can't afford to move, can't find a place to move to back home since the few are no longer available thanks to Smelly Shelly and her intervening , plus LexiBelle still needs work to haul that way over there, LiL Wolf still needs the oil leak plugged, that I can't do without a lift, and last but not least, the damn radio station thing. Not only is it what I came here to do, Froze my butt off in a single wide split trailer falsely branded and apartment out in the middle of no where, but you can't just up root a radio station. There are Federal rules against that, its not just moving the radio gear, but relicensing, selling the original CP and so on. Its not just load up a UHaul and skeedaddle. 
Yea right, Happy Birthday to me, ah phooey.

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