Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Another Morning and a another day after.

It's finally the morning and a another day after. Last week, AllWest went down for a meltdown as well as last night into about 04:00 hours. Like many in our community also too HazzardAyre and all that is a part of that went down too. For a short while, I saw what could have been a full disaster if at some time hopefully in the future of what would happen to the community here in western Wyoming of which I'm in, had no Internet, and no Cable TV. How would this community know what to do in the event of a tragic natural or otherwise disaster or emergency? What is here as far as local radio over the air is nearly none existant, likewise the local FM here is not licensed to the city of Evanston, more like Ft. Bridger, Wyoming and thus no active EAS or Emergency Alert System. As such no tones would go off, and no local response. Even with our efforts of bringing to light KDXD/KSOA here aka the old KEVA AM 1240, we would be the only local radio station here at least over the air, and currently the only local cyber or online radio station broadcasting currently here. But yesterday I had a slight although solvable but I had a personal crisis. After nearly a month and a half of barking at the local Pepsi people to get my DewShine beverage 
 in the store and after some media inquiries I cruised to Ogden Utah, and yup, there it was, bought the last bottle there at Smiths on Harrison in Ogden, Utah. Seems the stuff is popular there. So I came home from a slightly warmer climate to ultra cold. Even through fog and apparently a snow storm. In Ogden I had the window down and saw just a slight uptick in commerce than when I left it only 3 years ago, but got home. So cruised by the old shack on the hill of the old KEVA studios, seems ery and dark there, so did a blip to Wikipedia. Thank goodness one of our Knytes did a revision there, since we are named there as the new licensee of the frequency 1240. No longer as KEVA but of KDXD. I was going for KFXD but can't as the call letters are still active in Nampa Idaho, and yes I worked there with Mike Arms years ago. Any mile, but what if there was no media here? As far as Television? If your not connected to cable or satellite, your not watching TV. The over the air offering is very ify at best if available at all, something that the Knytes have been pushing the local City Council here to take over and operate for nearly two years. Still never a return phone call from the parties involved nor the mayor here. Question is why not establish a both over the air offering as far as a access channel to deliver information and news along with some local programming as well as a cable access channel, like Pocatello Idaho has? So that's why we were not on last night. 
Now then , through channels caught the eye of a hot honey named Tina that would be a purrfect photo model. Now don't get me wrong, Alesha is still our top choice, but what if a gig, comes up , Alesha gets ill, cold, flu etc, or somehow can't make it? Need to have an alternate so doing some recruiting there.
I was reading in my lastest issue of Radio World, Magazine about a station that's online called OwWownow that is a online radio station doing all things radio just without the antenna and/ or transmitter. Hmmm , isn't that what we are already doing here in the west on HazzardAyre? But anyway I started to thinking , what if we set up a studio link between Etown and say metro Utah, relocated our main studio operations there  then did most of our LIVE pieces and all from Utah, and just had a local here monitor the local mini studio here? Let's face it, Evanston Wyoming is dieing. It just is. The labor force here above fast food, is slim at best, and few if anyone in radio or media is just not going to arrive and survive or even thrive here in Etown. Just not going to happen. My personal mini crisis is a stark reminder of that. When I had to drive the equal distance of 160 miles round trip through inclimate weather just to fetch a 4 bottle pack of DewShine, just because somebody at Western Beverage Company is to dim to see that there is a need to retain the brand, then can anyone expect any kind of improvement on a local radio station to recruit a quality on air person? Any mile hope that Tina will give me a call back and likewise Alesha.
Will be on air in the morning at 04:00 on both our online stations.

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