Sunday, April 30, 2017

Maybe a few might want to humble themselves. AM 1240 is within weeks of ignition

There are always those that want to thumb their noses of us here at HazzardAyre/RodeWolf Radio. A great video and music producer, our local FM, and so on, yet with much prayer, sacrifice, and feeling like a mouse pushing a big boulder up a 90 degree hill, HazzardAyre/RodeWolf Radio is both on line on cyber radio, and about to ignite on the terrestrial radio ayrewaves as well. We as a group, and its not just me or I, but the entire WolfPack, and the Knytes doing a bunch of heavy lifting, but HazzardAyre/RodeWolf radio both AM 1240, as well as 104.7 and on cyber radio waves from and we are not only there but have stayed on the air since 2013 when we launched on as well as KDXC FM 105.7 Buhl Idaho. 
I remember when I first arrived in December 2014 here to Etown, Wyoming. I walked into the other local FM here, and boldly said, " you know what's wrong with your radio station?" The CEO replied, "what?" I responded, " I'm not on it." Not blowing my own horn, or howling in my own forest, but I've been in and on radio since I turned 8 years old, and managing our organization's own station since age 12. I have seen the best, the worst and have taken my cues and inspirations from such legends as Phil Grey, Doug Maughn and Robert Smith, aka the WolfMan. I was doing push the edge on radio long before Howard Stern was in diapers. But I got more of my inspiration, from my Heavenly Father, God flat ass'd zapped me in my sleep and told me to stick with this. At a time, (and still have concerns of it) when I was urged to return to Evanston Wyoming, when my gut and my mind had long forgotten Evanston Wyoming, back in 2006., I never ever wanted to move back here, after the Enima that Tammy Hunt and her nose candy dealing guy pal, gave me, but I came. While there is plans on the boards to set up a station/studio up in Utah and stream the programming here to reair here, on our station, the thing is until I can recruit and if need be train a person to not only be an on air here , but do radio the Hazzard County/ Confederate way, I'm going to be here for at least a year. 
With that said, sales of advertising has bumped up for HazzardAyre/RodeWolf Radio, more over for AM1240/FM 104.7. There is money out there one just has to know how to dig it up. 
Thought our pal Mark, would have trucked on out by now to discuss operations, but who knows. Alesha hasn't said much or called, but I'm hopeful, but a brief bit of Heavenly messages. With concepts of cruising over to the homstead in Twin Falls Idaho, this Tuesday, called Nurse GoodBody, in the conversation she let on that albeit on a tether string is prowling solo. Hey this ain't no time to be wandering off the line here. Which means simply that this 
 and this 
 and most importantly this ; 
 could happen again, and if it did, well there is no one that can or has exceeded the dedication and abilities she has and the gifts she gave to the WolfPack. Like I said maybe a few in local radio and media should humble themselves and begin talking seriously to us , or find themselves walking backwards.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Yo yo Ho here comes the snow dang it no trips today and did you catch the NBC Show First Date yet?

Yo, Yo , here came the snow and for me it was not go. In fact a no go. This mostly effects pilots but has relates well to real life. When inclimate weather is on the porch of a given area, most pilots thinking of getting into the air , have that second or to do do a no go decision. For me although yesterday was extremely nice, going over to Paris, (no not France) but Idaho. I went, got my drivers license renewed thanks to some bummed pocket change of Nate's , I not only was greeted by a attractive, front office gal at the Bear Lake County Sheriffs Office, but I was in and out in less than 20 minutes, and all is good there. Much construction going on, that direction, must have something to do with the tech company going in over that direction. It's a energy plant, researching the idea of making biofuels from grain and algea , so CenturyLink, is putting down new upgraded telemetrics, and fiber optics in the area, like wise Garden City Utah and that area is building new housing. Did that area figure out something that Evanston Wyoming didn't? Montpelier Idaho is reaching out both south and west and it seems to be bracing for a fever of new move in's as well as extending area commerce. While some in Evanston Wyoming is still scratching its butt wondering what do we do now? One of the reasons I suppose that the Iron Knytes bought after nearly giving up on the idea, the old KEVA AM 1240 license and going ahead with the project. Plans in that regard is to buy, the local FM here in Evanston, as well as KBRV out of Soda Springs Idaho, as well as negotiations on buying the old station in Montpelier, KVSI. The concept is to create or re-create the old SouthernSteele/Dixie Diesel Radio Network. A regional over the road truckers radio network. 
So with the dawns early light weather conditions, and the Feds missing depositing funds in my account, must going to do that Tuesday, since they'll mostly do that Monday, so no dough and impending snow I remained on station, to Jon, and Alesha that's why I stayed put.
Okay then, snagged my mail, that reminded me that my vehicle license was due at the end of May, yes another thing of taxation without any results, after all ever looked at the conditions of the highways we have in our nation? Moreover in my part of the forest. More holes, more breaking of pavement the list goes on.
So rolled over and went back to sleep. 
Then ventured out for food, and even though no Dewshine anymore which I have gave up, and converted to Mello Yello, went to Smith's got my grub and came home. Made dinner, and began watching the news, saw those blues, then watched this new groove on NBC called , " First Dates" . What I saw was not too bad then came in this one pair who, I first off would have ran away from. This all too much thin woman of blonde hair, with a gall darn beek, that even made Smelly Shelly's beek look short, who you knew was way too full of herself you started to feel sympathy for the guy. The question from her to the guy was, " Do you like animals?" his response, " I like them, don't have one due to him traveling for work so much" . Question from her to him , " Would you want an animal?" His response, " I'd like to own a tiger" Her response was more on the practical legal thing of , " you can't own a tiger" In reality , you can, if you get a exotic animal permit. Something that the fact checkers at NBC forgot to scoop out. Any mile she just left this guy hanging, I thought as he must have under his breath , thank goodness and yellow cab your gone. This gal would be very much heavy lifting and upkeep. No way. First love at first sight is not reality. No relationship happens right off. Time and allowing the relationship to germinate is required , no matter how much chemistry there is. 
Any mile taking the evening off of the radio to watch the bb game with the JAZZ, and hopefully Mark will give me a call soon, as the radio gig offer will not last forever. There is movement, that will make it to where radio stations can be operated by people who don't live in or operate in the city or town of license. KSOA/KDXD is no exception.
More on that after the game.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Birthday my butt

Happy Birthday my butt. While I found a solution to my Drivers License situation, still I'm feeling all too much alone this eve before the day that marks the 59th lap of this race of life. Not that I expect or expected a big party, nor and big hoopla still I got to thinking on birthdays of my yesteryear. Seems the blues are getting bluer , at least back home and even when I hung my spurs in Ogden, Utah at least there was someone that stopped by with a beer, or two, or even a few honey's that took it upon themselves to show up for some lady companionship. Not this year, not even one honey, even dropped by, maybe tomorrow one will. 
Now there is some of ya'll that would say, that maybe I was a bit short sighted to give old Smelly Shelly the boot. Fact is that was one early Birthday gift. The mental swings of hers, and that constant jealousy streak in her was giving me stress upon stress. Not something I wanted to retain, even if it did mean getting some sort of soggy dipping of my medium sized worm. To me sex is just a thing one does, I needed a bunch of tenderness and cuddling not just humping. Something Smelly Shelly was not equipped to do. Nor does it seem that ALL so called women Shelly was suspicious of. Since even if I desired(which I seriously do) a honey on my Birthday, at least from here in Etown will ablige. So its being inside your radio. Or at least your Ipad, Ipod, or other cyber radio.
Speaking of Radio. Saw that even BethAnn of CSCTalk Radio is still having tech problems if not engineering problems. Went to reel in her daily show, yet found it was yesterdays(Tuesdays) show not todays(Wednesday's) show. Then checked out the two side channels we glean from, and found no LIVE host inside the radio. Nope not anyone, just tunes . Guess the ONLY place you really get a LIVE host announcer on cyber radio, is WELL Us here at HazzardAyre/RodeWolf Radio. It's not that we have any extra money in our pockets, its that , I'm here at the console every hour of every day doing cyber online radio Hazzard County SOUTHERN STYLE, SOUTHERN FRIED cyber radio. And yes I do talk. 
Just as I reported yesterday here, was on my earthly throne, reading Radio World Magazine, about a online station in Cleveland Ohio, called that is a cyber radio station that operates just like any over the air radio station, except the delivery method is through the Internet rather than over the air. Funny, wasn't and isn't that what HazzardAyre started out to be? Sure we got our wings clipped by moving here to Evanston Wyoming, but efforts are underway to relocate back to metro Utah, where the pipeline and human and support resources exist, and not have to dig the lawn to find a buried bone like a hound dog. (Wolvez don't dig to find prey) I thought at least by now there would be at least one honey here inside the Lair to be side anchor for HazzardAyre, but nope. How do I miss Merdith and all that we had as a staff in both Woods Cross and Tooele Utah, respectfully. I still have video tape, VHS style of our all lady crew there in that attic loft there in Tooele. One researching topic information, one on air and one doing news. We rather I had a dream crew. If only then , had we known of streaming then. What was the predawn of HazzardAyre aka Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, maybe there is magic in Utah that can't be found in Wyoming and parts of Idaho. Ok then. Thought maybe Alesha even though not scheduled until Friday, or so, or one of the lady crew like Andrea, might have drove up here and surprised me, with some southern sugar. But nope. Oh well. There's next year, and a new environment might just cure the conditions I have been enduring here in this running backwards area of western Wyoming.
Even the so called in training engineer Timmy, hasn't made it out. Timmy is like Brittnay here. Both think I and or the Knytes do it all, but they should get a paycheck. Reality is, gotta help build the operation station so it can earn to bestow you its fruits. One thing I learned amongst many on the farm. While you should never count your chickens before they hatch, you can't expect a harvest, until you plant the seed and care for the crop so it can bare that harvest. The seed has been planted , however maybe the field its planted in is not furtile enough to allow the seed to take root. 
Yep feeling a bit blue, Happy Birthday my butt.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Another Morning and a another day after.

It's finally the morning and a another day after. Last week, AllWest went down for a meltdown as well as last night into about 04:00 hours. Like many in our community also too HazzardAyre and all that is a part of that went down too. For a short while, I saw what could have been a full disaster if at some time hopefully in the future of what would happen to the community here in western Wyoming of which I'm in, had no Internet, and no Cable TV. How would this community know what to do in the event of a tragic natural or otherwise disaster or emergency? What is here as far as local radio over the air is nearly none existant, likewise the local FM here is not licensed to the city of Evanston, more like Ft. Bridger, Wyoming and thus no active EAS or Emergency Alert System. As such no tones would go off, and no local response. Even with our efforts of bringing to light KDXD/KSOA here aka the old KEVA AM 1240, we would be the only local radio station here at least over the air, and currently the only local cyber or online radio station broadcasting currently here. But yesterday I had a slight although solvable but I had a personal crisis. After nearly a month and a half of barking at the local Pepsi people to get my DewShine beverage 
 in the store and after some media inquiries I cruised to Ogden Utah, and yup, there it was, bought the last bottle there at Smiths on Harrison in Ogden, Utah. Seems the stuff is popular there. So I came home from a slightly warmer climate to ultra cold. Even through fog and apparently a snow storm. In Ogden I had the window down and saw just a slight uptick in commerce than when I left it only 3 years ago, but got home. So cruised by the old shack on the hill of the old KEVA studios, seems ery and dark there, so did a blip to Wikipedia. Thank goodness one of our Knytes did a revision there, since we are named there as the new licensee of the frequency 1240. No longer as KEVA but of KDXD. I was going for KFXD but can't as the call letters are still active in Nampa Idaho, and yes I worked there with Mike Arms years ago. Any mile, but what if there was no media here? As far as Television? If your not connected to cable or satellite, your not watching TV. The over the air offering is very ify at best if available at all, something that the Knytes have been pushing the local City Council here to take over and operate for nearly two years. Still never a return phone call from the parties involved nor the mayor here. Question is why not establish a both over the air offering as far as a access channel to deliver information and news along with some local programming as well as a cable access channel, like Pocatello Idaho has? So that's why we were not on last night. 
Now then , through channels caught the eye of a hot honey named Tina that would be a purrfect photo model. Now don't get me wrong, Alesha is still our top choice, but what if a gig, comes up , Alesha gets ill, cold, flu etc, or somehow can't make it? Need to have an alternate so doing some recruiting there.
I was reading in my lastest issue of Radio World, Magazine about a station that's online called OwWownow that is a online radio station doing all things radio just without the antenna and/ or transmitter. Hmmm , isn't that what we are already doing here in the west on HazzardAyre? But anyway I started to thinking , what if we set up a studio link between Etown and say metro Utah, relocated our main studio operations there  then did most of our LIVE pieces and all from Utah, and just had a local here monitor the local mini studio here? Let's face it, Evanston Wyoming is dieing. It just is. The labor force here above fast food, is slim at best, and few if anyone in radio or media is just not going to arrive and survive or even thrive here in Etown. Just not going to happen. My personal mini crisis is a stark reminder of that. When I had to drive the equal distance of 160 miles round trip through inclimate weather just to fetch a 4 bottle pack of DewShine, just because somebody at Western Beverage Company is to dim to see that there is a need to retain the brand, then can anyone expect any kind of improvement on a local radio station to recruit a quality on air person? Any mile hope that Tina will give me a call back and likewise Alesha.
Will be on air in the morning at 04:00 on both our online stations.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Feeling a bit tweaked and forgotten this week of my birthday

This Thursday marks the 58th lap of my race of life. The last 3-1/2 years of which has been spent sometimes I think wastefully here in Evanston Wyoming attempting to jump start a gone way dark radio station in view of making same our Wyoming flagship station for HazzardAyre and AyreWolf Radio. 
Outside of two here Nate and Rick, it would seem that just about if not all either figured I'd moved, not that anybody else has checked to see, or drop by to see if I had, including our LDS Bishop, nor my home teachers, or even a few of my current or even former associates or vendors. 
I even noticed one of who I thought was a dear brother at our LDS ward, Vern , removed me from his friends list on facebook. Now I suppose this might be, because of the fact that for near a month now I haven't been to Church and showed I was still here, since I had long thought I  would be long gone from here by now. But from the second malfunction with Smelly Shelly and I, and did a Church member, even the Bishop come by, to help in my time of sadness over that and a , "Hey can the Ward help ?" the second reason I haven't been to Church is the feeling I get even amongst the greeting at the start of services , that says, " Hope you all feel welcome" Fact is I haven't since I got here. Even though I have done my damnest to uplift this struggling little town through both the radio station project on the organizations side and from my own towing service and a few that said I'll send business your way. Brother Dave said he had a car that needed some wrenching on, but did he even come over so we could haul it out to the shop since LexiBelle is down for still a short spell? Nope, not even a phone call on it. Of course there's quite a few people in this small village that I went out late night to retrieve them out of snow banks, and slide-off's on courtesy tows that normally would be at a rate of $80.00 per tow, I did free. I did it either for free, or from the offer that they'd pay for the fuel used, where is that money? Not that I expect money since our Bible says one should not act in kindness or do for someone in need for a reward or expect it, but how about at least one of them saying thank you, or one of them saying oh I know someone who might have a place for your Club's radio station. Nope not one simple howdy thank you. But here I sit here in Evanston Wyoming, with a slight malady that I need a bit of help on. See my Drivers license expires midnight Thursday night, the problem is No money until a week from today(Monday), so what I need is a lift from here to Idaho to renew my license. But that's not all either, could it hurt someone in our Ward to at least send out the home teachers? Okay I was a bit off with the question of is it wrong to be maybe smitten with a lady missionary but I was just inquiring on protocall not that I was in lust with one. Nor the fact that I thought one daughter of our Ward was older than she was and heck I didn't know any better nor did I even have the right person's name at the start. I had just gotten there, but shouldn't Church be one of the few places we meet those of our faith to get involved with? Did anyone at our Uinta View Ward, look and see this old Wolf's birthday was coming up here this week, and think , "hey lets at least go give the old Wolf a Happy Birthday" Nope , I don't think so. So why AM I STILL Here? Because unlike many who only help the already successful, I champion the cause of the underdogs and the people and places, clawing their way out of a deep messpool. The other reasons are quite simple, can't afford to move, can't find a place to move to back home since the few are no longer available thanks to Smelly Shelly and her intervening , plus LexiBelle still needs work to haul that way over there, LiL Wolf still needs the oil leak plugged, that I can't do without a lift, and last but not least, the damn radio station thing. Not only is it what I came here to do, Froze my butt off in a single wide split trailer falsely branded and apartment out in the middle of no where, but you can't just up root a radio station. There are Federal rules against that, its not just moving the radio gear, but relicensing, selling the original CP and so on. Its not just load up a UHaul and skeedaddle. 
Yea right, Happy Birthday to me, ah phooey.

When you ignore , insult, or flat give your middle finger to me, you also give the same to 250,000 members and their families that will cost you money

I don't think that everyone who reads this quite understands or if they do, they don't comprehend it, but when someone be it a business inquiry, leasing arrangement on a office/studio for the radio gig, or a modeling agency or talent, that when they ignore, insult, cause a delay, or just gives us the one finger salute, they have just gave the same thing to 250,000 Knytes-of-Dixie, AyreWolvez, American Professionals Association and the Deere Dazzlerz Association to name a few the same ignorant, arrogant, insulting brush off. Not only myself and those 250,000 members, that range from blue collar gearheads, to professionals in Law, Medicine, Technology, and other enterprises, but also to their families that range from their immediate family all the way to their Father in Laws, Mother in Laws and grand children as well as their own children. 
No matter the city or rural small town, give us the brush off and you just cost yourself, money from loss of business, and any potential, of those members or family members ever doing business or locating a business in your town. Example; the local Chamber-of-Commerce here in Evanston Wyoming. Brushed us off when I hung up the idea of a deal involving one real estate sales lady here on a site for the Reaper Club. Then when I brought up why haven't you came to see me, at the Wolf's Lair about our radio station, and/or the Knytes-of-Dixie itself, at the local Mcdonalds one day, the guy said he would stop by as soon as he got back from some conference in eastern Wyoming. That was nearly 3 months ago. Really? What he did in his ignorant and arrogant way is kiss away, a half a million visitors, business people and tourism, that would have followed had he been a bit more forthcoming. Likewise the same holds true when the local newspaper, did a recent article on another MC here, but failed to include us. Who is fooling who, and who paid who? This situation is not just here in Evanston either. TMG Talent and Vickie who owns and manages same in Utah, after an audition that did not go right pretty much did the same thing. Well there went a half a million could be clients, that would have specified her talent, for TV ads for their own individual business's. The list goes on, when some little hussy decides she's too damn good to work with me in the Wolf's Lair here in Etown on HazzardAyre and the rest of our radio/TV projects, they just killed any chance of working for any other member of the Knytes, even in other regional area locations including the three states of Idaho, Utah and/or Wyoming. The wise advice from an AlphaWolf now verified in part by a survey on facebook, is; make me happy and you can expect business from the rest of the organization, however give me the brush off, and you just lost business or commerce, of the organization and its members. That really will cost you money.

HazzardLyfeSundayEp2 20170424 023650 198

Saturday, April 22, 2017

More me doing things for getting in the air rather than as much as being on air

There are more nights I spend doing side work here lately than doing my on cyber radio thing, than I can count. The organization had a conference call meeting preve eve, thanks to Google and its people for that, but we had a meeting of sorts via Skype and computer. Much of that meeting can't be told just yet as they are in conceive mode right now, but the thing most are pushing for as far as myself is simply to head up our vintage military warbird enthusiasts also known as the AyreWyng aka AyreWolvez. That being said, I promise that coverage and efforts on behalf of our biker brethren will not be forgotten nor that of our over the road and toew truck organizations, but the mess that due to having less guidance than usual, here in Etown, the organization thinks that I'd be better off doing things in the air and for those looking to gain a spot in the left seat with a stick in their hands. Aka flying. Thus I'm taking the election spot as President of the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association. That being that, there is on my part as far as pinup girls, etc will be more directed at placing hot lady bodies with vintage military warbird aircraft and military helicopters, rather than doing so much as bikes, trucks and to a lesser degree toew trucks. More time planning airshows rather than biker rallies and/or Hazzard Knytes gigs. Oh don't sweat this, since Hazzard County etc is being retained by me through HazzardAyre Aviation 
 But I needed to make a change that was much less stress and much more fruitful. Don't get me wrong straddling a Harley or in my case a Norton, and cruising down the highway, of rushing to rescue a disabled truck or light truck in LexiBelle is really a groove, but the best move is getting my head in the clouds, and as it was once said, 

 I truly believe that. You see, long before going toewing, trucking or even preytell radio, living just outside the gates of Hill Air Force Base, seeing those F4C Phantoms drape black smoke taking off, the big cargo planes and yes even those big helicopters, my head was in those clouds. Going up with air techs as they flew combat aircraft, (I was in the back seat) the rush of lifting off, and headed into the blue sky, was the thrill few youngsters ever experience. So I studied hard, took ground courses after school through the Junior Civil Air Patrol, and at age 12 got my fixed wing license. By age 16 I had my helicopter license although restricted to agricultural flying. At age 17 as I finished high school the next step was the Marines, and through channels was in Florida, doing pilot training, although at the beginning stage I signed up to be an air tech rather than pilot. But there I was training to fly. AV-4's to be exact, then F14-Tomcats. Finally graduating to F-18 Hornets. After the Marines and I agreed my skills would be better used as an instructor, and was set in 2001 as such on reserve active duty. But flying has always been my deep seated affection and now I am where I can share that affection with other Marine and Navy pilots. As such, HazzardAyre Radio, AyreWolfFM and such will be my main focus. At least on the radio, and even on TV. 
Sure as far as the ground forces are concerned I'll be as active as I can be, aka Hazzard County Choppers, and RodeWolf Toewing, but, we are going to push at least from my cockpit, more flying, less highway. 
Okay then; Alesha didn't call last night, maybe she's getting cold feet , hope not. Thing is many although they say they are, are just not into bikers, etc. One TV show that we all loved Sons of Anarchy, gave us a dramatized look into a 1%er Biker club. But like BlackSheep Squadron on TV, and hell even Airwolf itself was fictional. As far as the BlackSheep Squadron, I was proud to be there in that, but the TV show by the same name did not portray the greatest combat squadron in history quite correctly. First many of the 214 were not bums waiting to be courtmarshalled. Nope most were college graduates from Ivy league schools. Things like having a medic unit on the base as the 214 on TV, on the front lines would never happen. You don't put nurses there, and socializing with the 214 crew, nope not accurate. We were in the Solomon islands, where it was musty, soggy, and every stinging flying bug you can imagine. If you were lucky you had your own bird, most of the time you flew what was on the flight line, you had to be a super ace pilot to get your own bird with your name on it. 
Any flyte, need to get prepped for this mornings show on as well as on but understand , while not as active on bikes and the biker/trucker community I'm still there, but my focus is now on those that flew and are still in the air flying in defense of this nation. 
L8R Aviators 

Friday, April 21, 2017

I truly hate teasers , people who front and those that can't or wont be honest

Maybe it was a fact that I was raised by southern Christian parents, Maybe its living of ancestors from Dixie, or maybe it has to do with being really rural and life on a farm, whatever it was or is, I believe that if you tell someone your going to do something, you keep your word and follow through. Not get someone all hepped up, then don't or wont even make a phone call or answer the door, yet have the nuts to ask me to nearly give up a car? Naw. Keep the thing , build it into a hobby stock, and tell anyone else if you want the Soob, get down on your knees. Then there are those that wimper they want to be on our radio network station, or on our imagery for the TV ad's and or website amongst other visual projects. Oh yes they say they are into us, but can't make the effort. Small things done as a courtesy, like keeping me posted of their interest or that they have decided against it , what ever IT is, goes a long way to earning my respect, and that respect, can equate into me being more open to employing them in the future. Just like the other night, my neighbors invited me over, for a visit. The lady of the house was all into the radio gig, yet tonight I go over , after telling Josh, that I wanted to chat with her, and his brother, and guess what? Not only did they not open the door, but hell not even coming over and giving me their phone number. Guess what the answer is going to be when they need me the next time. When he said they were looking at moving to eastern Wyoming, my thoughts are simply, " See ya, don't let the snow gates hit you in the ass." No sweat off my balls. 
Western Wyoming is not alone in this; western Utah, Metro Utah and even Tweaker Flatts Idaho was like this as well. But only to a very small degree. Most of the time , in both those locations, with every 10 inquiries, we'd at least snag at least 3 to 5 new hires, many of which are still associated with the Knytes , but currently on assignment. Thing is at least if those folks said they were up on something, they at least showed up, or if not, made a call and said they weren't. Sure being told no or I am not interested stings once in a while, but at least your not working or sitting on your thumb waiting on them and they not be there when you need them. 
Look AM 1240 is going to happen here with or without employing the locals, I'll recruit out of area if need be, same goes with lady model talent for the ad's to enhance and give support to the website there of. Again hire outside the area. After all the entire aim of our AM 1240 is not Evanston Wyoming, its that big black strip of ribbon called I-80. Truckers. That's why we are here, the Confederacy is number 2, bikers number 3 and us going toewing number 4. Everyone else is welcome to tune, in but we are not just another radio station or podcast, we are an attitude. 
Then there was this filly last night on Facebook, that anymore reminds me of a truck stop parking lot with a bunch of wanna be's and pretenders, on the CB. A bunch of yapping but no serious intelligent conversations, and if its a woman on there, she's trolling for a quicky. Or turning a trick for cash. But was chatting with this gal on there that does photography with pinup girls, so I said my would it be nice to have her working with us. After unloading some minor 411, she said she was going to call, but never did, ALL DAMN DAY!! I'm glad Alesha at least calls or texts. She's real. Alesha established long before a meet and greet, that I wanted her as model talent and maybe a second seat in the radio studio. No more, no less. Not that I'm turning queer, as my equipment is always ready for action, all it takes is a gal in nylons to raise my attention level. That said, I'm in no big hurry to gain a mate either. Our scriptures say God mandated man should marry a woman etc. My heart was stolen in my 2nd grade class, by a sweetheart, that same young lady stomped on that heart, and I'm in no damn big hurry to settle down. I'll do the occassional casual sex thing anytime, but at my age, I relish living alone, and don't ever want a wife, since none can tame me, nor am I open to that. This Wolf prowls alone, and alone I will stay.,
That said, Alesha, is one that with very little that could change that entire concept.
Now then, to close this out so I can watch the rest of the BB game, I truly hate teasers, penus or otherwise, I truly dislike people who front, LDS Ward church members who say they are coming over but never do including home teachers, and people who can't or wont be honest. The three spear point is Strength, Duty, Tradition, and joining that all together is the circle of Honor. That is the core of the Knytes-of-Dixie and will always be.



Thursday, April 20, 2017

What your looking for sometimes is just under your feet, and not all Wolves prowl at night.

Just like it was in Smokey and the Bandit, when the Sheriff kicked the kid in the butt, " That's an attention getter" As such so is Highway Hooker Toewing. Odd enough to get your attention, in a partly carnal way, and yet says what we do. That said several other toew services run from the Wolf's Den here in Etown, RodeWolf Toewing, Dixie A1 Toewing and of course not to be left out Cooter's A1 Toewing. But the mothership is always and will remain the one I started with in 1978 come this Friday 40 years going towing in the Mountain West , Highway Hooker Toewing. Highway Hooker Toewing and its brother Heavy Hooker Toewing that is for big long haul trucks and heavy equipment, got the name from some CB radio chatter one day, as I heard as I was rescuing a rig at mile marker 162 Eastbound on I-84 near Wendell Idaho. " Hey there's a Hooker working the side of the road" He said. Hey I thought I have an idea. Now the next day as I was fetching the mail in anticipation of unloading my bowels after saw my latest issue of the original Overdrive Magazine, that every month had a Wrecker of the Month in it. Now it so happened that there was a picture of a pearl white heavy haul Peterbilt tow truck in it, that was titled, the " Happy Hooker", inspiration began, it was though finalized when a mentor and friend who ran and as far as I know still does one of the biggest tow fleets in Boise TnT Towing, did up some T Shirts with a light duty tow truck facing right on the left side, a silloette of a hot lady and a heavy duty tow truck facing left on the right side of the picture. The tag line read, " Our Hookers Handle All Sizes" so figured this is something groovy. So after long hard thought and despite many objections from associates, I still went ahead and named my main tow service company Highway Hooker Towing. With that said, when I started pushing for a radio show for us in the disabled vehicle rescue industry, I had our radio station with the call letters K-T-O-W or Kay-Tow. However many doing promo introductions including the famed and legendary Bill Mack of Midnight Cowboy Radio and writer of the hit song Blue, by LeAnn Rhymes. Kept saying Kay-Tow As Kay-Cow or it sounded like that. So I was attempting to correct that when our in station sex thearpist Emme Lee, said why not just put the word TOE, and TOW together as TOEW? In that there is the proper pronounciation of the word, without mistake, plus like Highway Hooker, gets your attention. This is where the concept of me kissing a woman's toe in our visual ads for TV and print started. The idea is simple, We LuV Toews.
 Southern Eagle Toewing is us in the greater Eagle/Horshoe Bend area of Idaho. Getting on here several concepts were tried, but the one that has been a trademark is this 
 and so that's that on that, again it gets your attention. Okay then: Been off the air for a few nights, catching some needed time off and colaborating with associates, to bring you who toew and truck a better radio experience. As well as our upcoming TV series on things going towing in the west. That said we at SouthernSteele Media the media finger of the Knytes, has been conceiving the ideas and I had a great time with some neighbors who is as much in the idea of radio and media as I am. Last night, went out to the shop to unload the Subaru on another victim and left my cell phone at home, completely by mistake. Was talking to our main visual talent from Las Vegas on the thing, and had it plugged into the charger to rejuvinate it. But for a few hours was happy that it wasn't there, since for once I could ignore all calls. To all who tried to reach me, sorry about that. So on we watched the FoX series, the "Last Person on Earth" which as it turned out plot wise, the guy finds a woman, its a kind of at that point a Adam And Eve thing. Until they smash into a limo driven by a hot blonde who admits to this guy that just got married to repopulate earth, but this blonde admits she's horny. It's truly a series to watch, if your looking for adult comedy, it is a real gas.,
Okay finally. The idea of wolves prowling at night may or may not be accurate. However with me, when 03:00 hours rolls around this old Wolf, (hitting 59 years old next Thursday)-{Hoping that I can at least get laid by some hottie around here} - But when 03:00 comes around, I'm tired. The thing of sleeping while its dark and getting a full 12 hours slumber time is a thing I'm relishing. So we are going to make some on air scheduling changes. I'll be doing a 12 hour shift from 13:00 to 23:00 . The 13:00 Hour to 18:00 hour shift will be called simply HazzardAyre Radio. Highway Hooker Radio from 18:00 to 23:00 , and a 3 hour program on will air from 00:00 to 03:00. I'll be in the cockpit of the programs, but we are searching for 3 sweethearts to be co-hosts, and alternate co-anchors that means we are looking for 3 uninhibited radical rebellious women who love radio and rockabilly music to sit in studio for 2, 6, hour on air shifts, and one 3 hour shift at midnight. Pay starts at $20.00 an hour and increases by $10.00 to $60.00 an hour over a years employment here. So any hotties want an on air radio host job? Get in touch with us at 307-679-7209 or 307-444-3014. 
I'll be back on air in full uniform starting Friday(that's tomorrow) starting at 13:00 Hours(that's 1:00PM for you none military folks out there).