Friday, March 10, 2017

Welcome to my Friday morning

Thursday I awakened to Brother Dave at the door with viddles from McDonalds, after having a slight attitude adjustment with my computer I decided that with really nothing to do today, I'd hit the rack, So at 16:00 I hit the rack and did not awaken until 22:00 hours just in time to realize I needed milk. Thank goodness that Dave left me $20.00 so I could survive for a few more days waiting on the Wyoming DFS office to quit sucking lemons and renew the EBT card. But at least although I'm going to be tight, I can get to my Grandaughters funeral in Pocatello. 
So I cruise into Walmart, and sure enuff, Howdy Doodie was there, I completely ignored him, now you'd think that this store couldn't get any worse. But it does every damn day. First there was a line because of a lady on Oxygen, doing a return, so every damn thing has to be marked off her sales ticket, so they get us to go to the self check outs. But the self checkouts don't accept cash after midnight. So back to the one cashier. Could it hurt these idiots, to open a check stand so we all could get out of there? What should have been a 15 minute at best go in, and leave turned out to be an hour. 
So I get done with that, go out to the shop, and a bit skiddish LexiBelle turned over in one twist of the key. Still have some fininsh up work, and all including wires , but getting close. Called Nate, LiL Wolf goes in to him come Monday, LexiBelle goes out to Rick's mid week, and then come the first of the month, I'm outta here. Seems for every time I have been wanting to exit Etown here something has kept me here. Sure its great to have the albeit few, but the support people I have here, and if and only if I could scrape together $1400.00 for two months shop rent I'd stay for a month or two more. Fact is I don't see that coming. AS that being that, come May 1st, this old Wolf hunts back in Idaho.
So then I look over my email, and find Shelly was barking about some damn redhead. Really? With my mental load, does she really want to start snarling at me now. Only redhead I have seen in the last month is Julie White of Grace Under Fire Fame(LaffTV) 
 and some hussy up at DFS who apparently was hunting for some sort of support system through a maybe sugar daddy. As for me not interested. I love my grand children, and all and some day way off in the future for Shelly and me, (if I live that long) outside of that I ain't raising somebody elses's kids, nor hooking up with somebody on an obvious drug experience of some sort. The question I had though was simple, did my Shelly really want to bark at me right now? 
HazzardAyre Radio on at 08:00 see you there.

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