Monday, March 6, 2017

Want state aid? be female, have children, be on narcotics and stuck up

Okay , so after awaiting on the phone for the 3rd hour and needing to recharge my aging mini communicator, I ventured to our local DFS office. Once there and getting the hurry up and wait, of which several were in behind me I still had to wait for 70% women to be seen for their state EBT cards and state benefits. Some for recertification, the rest getting it benefits for the first time. Once I got done there went downstairs to use a whopping $40.00 voucher to get some grub stakes until my trust card got going again, I sat in the lobby and just observed how many other candidates some very good looking, some that could easily be on air anchors here at HazzardAyre, many who if that was too long of a duration, be part time visual talent for the ads for HazzardAyre as well as on the website, some that could be the Lady Shewolvez and so on. Yet many would rather traipse up the elevator to DFS and get tax payer supported aid. Before many of you start barking that's what I do, don't. I only have to have aid as I'm working and I do mean working to gain some traction to both HazzardAyre Radio, as well as Hazzard County Choppers/RodeWolf Toewing, here. Once I get to snagging and dragging to the point of income generation, I'll be happy to cut up that EBT card and tell SSA , see ya'll when I'm 80. Yet here's these rather young ladies who could be making money, and don't say that there ain't no jobs here. There's however a difference between a job and a career. A job is being a cashier clerk at Walmart or doing duty at McDonalds. A career is; being a visual Talent for HazzardAyre or a on air anchor for HazzardAyre Radio. It depends on how one wants to apply themselves. Of many that I have met here in Etown, Wyoming over the past 3-1/2 years two stand out. One has become so stuck up that she's difficult to attract to a opening here at the radio gig. The other I met, who came out once, dressed as requested , nylons and all. This was during the off season with SheWolf and I. Of the two the latter I'd love to work with again. She is just enough of a tom boy that digs what guys like, and yet feminine enough to lure any guy she sees fit. Just the qualities I need on radio. As well as feature on the TV ads for same. Yet even though arrangements are made she don't show. Granted right now she's transportation challenged , but hey , she comes out, works on the station HCC fixes car. Simple. I am however thinking you can be too kind. Example; just before I left Twin Falls to Ogden in 13, Charlie gave me this older Subaru Legacy. It only has three things wrong with it, a battery, 2 flat tires and a bad stereo. The car itself runs like a Swiss sewing machine. So a lady that I know at Pilot needs a car. So I said why not take the Subaru. Sure I promised that to Shelly, but: If I sold the Subaru to Sydney, once Shelly and I get home to Idaho, I can buy something newer and better for Shelly, and not have to worry about coming over to fetch the Subaru. Yet Sydney does not visit, or call. Now here's the thing. It's not that I want Syd to come over to something kinky but few know where or how to find the shop. Syd comes over we go out I show her the Subaru, strike a deal, she drives it home. No harm no foul. Still no inquiries. 
However I'm off topic. Seems that all too many women and few men, but still a few men, look to EBT cards as a lifelong thing. When the EBT, formerly Food Stamp and welfare programs were established, the goal was to be a cushion, between poverty starvation, and training to become employed or as a support while they learned skills to become employed. All through President Obama's terms and even now with Trump in the big chair, many , mostly women just sit, never looking to becoming self sufficient. Me, as I said , my benefits are there just until I get the cash flow , flowing again. Mostly from what I know how to do, fly, turn a wrench, tow, and yes radio/TV media. I'll be happy to get rid of all this state and Federally subsidized crap. Its too restrictive. I don't want it, but because of some poor judgement calls of Cousin Bud, I have to be on these programs, although I hear all the time the restoration of same is going to be immediate, I've been waiting since 2004 for that restoration. Rather than just sit at home watching TV and gaining weight, eating candy and pizza, I'd rather be out busy, finding that one small spark that will light the fire of my earning again. Likewise anyone who is with me will benefit from that effort as well. However they need to not make mistakes and step out from the oh something is going to maul me thought pattern and come out to the Lair here and lets get busy. 
The original food stamp/welfare thing was to last 2 to 3 years at best. There were requirements, either be learning a skill or trade, to be employed, or loose the benefits. There were authentication and mandates to prove you were in a skills training program, or in some kind of school to be able to be employed. If you were not, your benefits got cut off. Many early to mid 20 something women learned that if they got PG(pregnant) they could get more benefits , plus tag some poor working man with child support. More kids, more benefits and child support. Who had to work? Get PG, you didn't have to work. My xol Suzi in Pocatello got in that frame of thought. Unfortunately I got snared and am still paying. So where does that stop? Of course I also look on the so called Naughty facebook pages. 1 or maybe 3 gals go on one, dick tease a bunch of guys, and you can bet your next oil change, she's looking for some guy that has money that can get her knocked up, so she can collect. Forget about love and companionship with some good man. Then many of them ask where have all the good men gone or why am I alone, it's because many men have figured out the scheme and no want to anymore play that game. Those sweet hearts that look so hot, are just the pasting from some porn or dating site of women that really are not all that alone. If they are, its their own choosing. 
So in closing, if your looking to get some grub from the state, be a woman, single or divorced, have at least the required 3.5 children, be on some kind of narcotics and of course be stuck up.
Oh BTW, who was that gal there at DFS in the brilliant red hair and tight jeans?

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