Thursday, March 2, 2017

Some get, others don't. But that's why MC's have just Prospects and few become Patched

Some get it, most don't. That's why there is a systematic method to becoming a Knyte. Most new members are put on a hangaround status for 6 months or so to see if they remain loyal and do as requested, likewise pays his monthly dues, even if discounted on time each month. Nope that did not happen in this case. (More on that in a few here). Next the new maybe member is put on as a prospective or prospect status. For another year again, attending meetings in their area and upholding Club standards and duties, and yes paying dues on time. Then and only then at a rather extensive ceremony do they do the blood oath, and then sworn in as a patched member. In the case of our person of interest from Texas, this did not occur. I did extend a courtesy of membership and the one time ignoring of dues due to medical conditions for a month, but when the Club gets insulted and such, the invitation is withdrawn, and its good bye , don't let that door hit you in the butt. Again as I put in the HazzardAyre Gazzette, thank you to Quik Draw Embroidery of Kimberly Idaho, for stepping up to the plate. But that's not all, to get a revenue stream going for the club, I think its a good thing for the Club to retain those fancy sewing machines and use a store front I know in Buhl, and set up our own embroidery shop. As far as the wearables? Dixie Outfitters in Alabama can supply us with all we need. The Texas person, I say that, that way, because she is no longer a real friend, she's no longer associated with the Knytes or the AyreWolvez, and she turned out to be exactly as I predicted a one time maybe Facebook acquaintance . Past that not a firm supplier to the Knytes. And how many requests did I send out for her to put together something with the Club's name on it? I even had to do a verisign thing to okay the imprint. Nothing. No dues for March then insult me and the organization? Phooey. Makes one feel a bit sorry sometimes for some people that have nothing or little to do in life every day, than be on a couch or such, with a Smartphone, on Facebook all day. Do like me go out and get a life. As far as anything for the 214 or any of that, where is that sample? More over the invoice for it. No organizational treasurer is just going to cut checks to suppliers or vendors until there's a sliver if paper to account for that outgo of funds. Nope we didn't sell any pillows, can't sell something you don't have and no body is going to pre order, from an unknown vendor. Plus with a new organizational President coming in August, plus the summer and fall shows add to that a new administration that I just barely was able to hang onto my spots in the Council and officership , the years since 1980 of blind outlandish spending is over. 
Okay enuff of that.
So I go down to the Etown Walmart to get , I thought, a belt for this vaccum . Guess what can only get it on the Walmart website. Except without doing a bunch of looking which they flat don't have. I hate to throw out a good working little cleaner just because a bunch of clusterscrews  in Etown Wyoming can't find, order or get a small little drive belt. Especially when I now have spent $8.00 on the damn thing. Needless to say they are going to get a new ass chewing in the AM. Now then, so I go to get milk thinking it is still only the $1.20 it usually is especially their no name brand. $3.00 a gallon? Really? Even over at the nearby Smith's Food and Drug a subsidiary of Kroger its only $2.50 a gallon. Now to answer the question , why don't I shop there? Simple, by the time I get off air at 20:30 hours here, get there , Smith's is closed. If I want milk, need to grudgingly stop at Walmart. So I mentioned this to one of the CSM's at our Etown Walmart, he say's he can't do anything about it. Then he get's snippy with me then this supervisor type twenty something that's on a power trip, starts getting uppity. Really? I guess that the concept that Sam Walton started Walmart with of be nice to the customer because the customer is who pays your wages, has long faded from the minds of Walmart and at least this Walmart's employees minds. 
HazzardAyre Radio is on at 08:00 see you there.

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