Sunday, March 26, 2017

So this is what it comes down to eh?

So this is what it comes down to eh? Example, tried to post my new Mixcloud edition of our overnite show, but grand old facebook decides , nope. Commercial in nature, can't post. What next? Okay I know facebook like any website, can be and is credited with the fact that it's their website, NOT YOURS. You get the luxury to post things there, but its at facebooks little band of commie loving college boys, allowing or not what goes on there. 
Any way got it on Twitter and if you go to you can find the show.
Okay then My girl Shelly decides to snooze overnight, into mid morning. Looking for sleep all the time is a clinical sign of serious depression. My question is what the hell is she worried about? Okay the relocate plans have to be shelved for a few months but hey, we got food and all and everything we need. Sure sleeping on a two person, love seat ain't no picinic but, in time that will rectify that. Only reason I ain't in the sack with her, is Church and all says no frolicking in the land of no no until marriage so, due to economic conditions, I sleep on my bed , she sleeps in the front room. Plans are to eye around for a two bedroom place where we each can have our own room. 
Life does go on. 
Missed my pancake big breakfast this morning at our local McDonalds. Reason I eat that? Can't mess that up so easy. McDonalds here in Etown does better on breakfast things than lunches. The crew in the morning is more friendly, the service more precise, and its a better experience, must have something to do with the not so advanced in age young ladies there haven't been getting bitched at all day yet, so the emotional condition isn't as acute. 
Any way headed to my den to catch a few winks.

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