Monday, March 20, 2017

Say what you mean , mean what you say.

There's an old saying my Dad and my Uncle Dell taught me years ago, whilest usually fishing at the small creek that ran through the farm. The saying went, " Say what you mean, mean what you say". If you do promise something carry it through. In today's societal environment its called throughput. Normally directed towards a computer to assure completion of a task, but it applies to people as well. I guess one of the things that upsets many people here is that we are too honest, and too much real for most to digest. Two examples , few days ago, in fact last week, was chowing down at Sud's Brothers Brewery , and here was this foxy honey serving. So I pitched the idea to her, would you like to work for us? She said could be fun, I'll be out. It's now Monday no response. Then there's the thing of the Silver Wolf, aka Gabriella that originially and as it looks , will remain the car I'll give my wife Shelly to drive. The old Subaru is not that fancy, but it drives good, has plenty of spirit, and gets it done. The only two things it needs is new tires, and a battery and a fuse for the stereo replaced. Outside of that the little car is a neat little car. So there's this seat cover out at Pilot, named Sidney, griping she needed a car. Knowing that few if anyone is making big money there so I said she could have it. Just call me. Don't know if either one of these people thought I wanted under their panties or something, but fact is I was being kind. The radio station gig, is going to need a for lack of better words a baby sitter, for a year. Since the main reason I'm going to Idaho is to reignite our MC shop and tow service there. So am trying to get someone trained to do that task. Sure $20.00 a hour isn't BIG money but it pays the bills, plus if she is focused and performs the task properly, then mid 50's an hour is in line. Yet no one is jumping. I know welcome to Evanston Wyoming. Same thing goes for Sidney, don't want the car? Then just say I don't want the car. Same for Amber, don't want the job? Fine just say , " I don't want the job" simple. Then I'm not waiting on people, to show up , or taking time out of my day. For every hour of every day including Sunday, is $80.00 an hour, or equal to what a single tow costs. If I can't respond to a tow call or service call, I just lost that $80.00. Multiply that by several hours over several days, it starts to carve away at my bank account. Granted I don't look like I got much in the way of finances but the Knytes have just over $380,million in the bank, of which $50,million has been ear marked for HazzardAyre/KnyteWolf Radio. So why the hessitation? For women it becomes a reluctance due to some of the comedy bits we do on  that are similar to Howard Stern's pranks, but not as in depth. Ours is usually capped off of seeing if a womans toes smell bad, or similar. Nothing that would really injure someone. Yet no applicants. But again, if you pitch or offer someone a job, and they say they'll come out and check it out, then don't You need to ask yourselves, what game are they playing?
Now granted Twin Falls Idaho and area had some of the same stuff except, if someone said they were going to show up, even at the house, they at least showed up. I didn't have to do the 20 calls and 30 facebook posts for them to roll over, to the Lair to apply for our on air openings. Here it's like, really? Then no show up. Sure I remember years ago, there was our Robin, of 23 or so years old then, no reservation what so ever, then there was Erin, who drove over in ice and snow 20 miles or so at midnight to do radio. Contributed to the save truck fund, and was one of if not thee best administrative employees I have ever had. Sure I know, nobody that I have worked with since then and even now measure up to either one, yet if some of these people just would be honest and say what they mean, and mean what they say, there might be some earthly salvation for Evanston Wyoming yet. If not and they keep pushing people that think outside of the box, you'll see Evanston, become Evansgone .

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