Monday, March 13, 2017

Oh where oh where did my PooBear Go? And I told you this would happen

Sunday came and with it reluctantly I got myself together and went to Church. Figured I should since in a very short weeks I'll be headed to Idaho. At least that's the plan as it rides now. So Saturday, my sweet Shelly calls and says she got some legal money from some dude that snuffed her cat a few years ago, saying she'd send that Monday. Ok, My mom taught me not to count your cookies until they are baked. So Off to Church. Got there, stayed for all three and a half hours sang in front of the congregation, all was fine. However after going through computer hell the previous day after I got home from saying good bye to my Grand daughter for the last time, my mind, body and even spirit was totally spent. So I figured I'd drop in bed for a few hours after the eventful NASCAR race that saw our driver Danica Patrick, explode and engine. I was out until midnight. I closed my eyes and drifted off to spaces and places in and around Hazzard Idaho, that were of a more easier times. Where the biggest problem was getting high centered on a dirt mound, in a VW Rabbit. And yes I am very partial to VW Rabbits, I think unless you as the driver hurt the damn things internally that will last until the damn wheels fall off of them. 
In all of this my PooBear did not call , nor send a text. Is she again pissed? Don't know. Just hope she understands that there is a lot riding on what she does in the next 3 weeks, since our entire relationship is centered on dependability. It's not just money although that's nice, its if you say your going to do something, whatever it is; then do it. If not then just don't say anything or promise something. Its that simple. 
Okay item number 2: Been having a bunch of hardware failures on this old computer. Does it need replaced? Perhaps, I'd be more aimed that it needs to be overhauled, cleaned up, and given some vitamins. Which means unhooking it it and making the haul to PC Laptops in Utah, and get them to tweak it. However to do this publication, and do HazzardAyre Radio consistently, needs a computer, so been looking at going down to Walmart and buying a cheapo to get by then beef it up once the one I'm using now has been pumped up. 
The big problem is waking my computer up from sleep mode. 
So every day its a gamble which is the main reason, I've been off air.
Okay then. If you have medical insurance thank your stars. If your relying on Obamacare which is being modified, not elliminated but modified. The Republicans are just reworking it, making YOU pay more and get less. The big push from the Trump camp, is to beef up our Armed Forces. I'm all for that, anything we as a nation can do to lift up those on the battlefield is crucial. That said, with health care and obtaining aid once our warriors come home is also crucial. We need to support both in service as well as the ones that are home warriors. Trump's current plans are not going to do that.
For right now our Social Security and other entitlement benefits are safe. The question is; for how long? What are you going to do, if one day and this may happen sooner than later, but who are you going to scream at or what are you going to do if one day you get a letter from Social Security that says, sorry, Your benefits are terminated, due to the fact that Social Security is broke, bankrupt or just plain too overdone to allow you to get it? I have recently experienced some of that. While I expect my EBT card will get renewed and all, still all of a sudden, I had to really go out and buy food. Which is why I concluded that with Wyoming being broke or at least nearly there, jobs at a premium if you can get one, is crucial for me to get out and earn. That means Idaho at least for me. It's been nearly a decade since LexiBelle had to feed and house me, likewise HCC,{Hazzard-County-Choppers} but I need to. Not that Idaho doesn't have its economic woes, it does. However unlike Wyoming, Idaho does not depend on oil and natural gas wells to stimulate and maintain the local economy. Idaho does what it does best; farm. Even in bad years, a guy can still drive tater truck in the fall and spring to make some extra cash in again the spring during planting and harvesting in the fall. As well as corn, peppermint , and sugar beets. A guy can make an income there. In short your not just sucking off the hind teat of the American tax payer, as well as the domestic tax payer. 
I'm already seeing evidence of rumblings on facebook, of people looking at themselves in the mirror and saying I, screwed up voting for Trump. Granted , Hilary Clinton was no angel, in any way, but at least she meant some stability. But hey, as with the last 4 administrations , I told you so. 
Last but not really the least. I have seen two facebook groups, one called Cowboys & Truckers, and another called Trashy Truckers. Both post pictures of erotic women that you know are just transplanted from either Pinterest, or some other site. That said; I created a facebook group called: Real Trucks Real Women. In that its time to post pics of real working, verified operational even collector over the road trucks, big rigs, tow trucks, little trucks, but trucks. To add to that, posting pics of real women, big women, hot women, little women, With only a few criteria. Mainly that they can't be models from some unreal Hollywood or Madison Avenue sound or photo stage, but real live women. Women that may be truck stop wait people {Can't say waitress anymore} Lady truckers, tow truck ladies, but real women. The second, I don't want to see pics of women buck ass'd naked or big boobs. On Real Trucks/Real Women its got to be tasteful, and if there's a bunch of filthy language, on there as well as trolls, your outta there. I want my group to be a place where you read trucking style news, look at trucks that are real, and look at women, that can be admired by even my lady SheWolf. If it ain't, its not in my group. Want to be filthy? Go to the other sites. 
Any mile, its Monday, Tomi is on TV and I gotta get to doing a radio show. 

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