Thursday, March 16, 2017

Now there, don't I look better?

So woke up this morning having some pleasant dreams of Amber and I on the air doing radio, and decided with SheWolf coming home here in a few days, might be time to get the mop on top of my brain mowed. So went to this place called SuperCuts, and had to undergo getting groomed by some queer. I didn't think that queers lived or were much welcomed here in grand Etown. So then prior to that went got my grub stakes from Smiths, then decided it was lunch time. Considering that Amber would be at Sud's Brothers, I went there. Didn't really want a full fare meal, just a quick salad, visit with her, then hammer back here to the Lair. 
So I walked in, and Amber was there but dressed more conservatively than usual. First her shoes and no socks did not match the look she was going for, but she still looked good. Then she was a bit stand offish, which made me wonder, did I overstep again somewhere? Ate, but not before I brought in a 4 pack of Dewshine for them to taste. I'm sorry to those who thing that I'm obsessed with the product, but from the time I had the first bottle last summer, to now, there just is nothing, and I mean nothing that satisfies my thirst like that clear necture called Dewshine. It's just that good. Travis was there at Sud's Brothers I visited with him, and for a time he and I were competitors yet for a competitor Travis is pretty cool, at least for a guy. Seems Travis was having the same problems I was, he too just could not find qualified help for his place, which is why we backed off of both the Gopher Hole, aka Hornets Nest and the Tumbleweed. Both were slated to becoming the Reaper Club, a real life version of the meeting house/bar on Son's. With us its very difficult to blend in with and adjust to the rather brash worlds of bikers, gearheads , Aviators, and truckers. Let alone us southern folk. While I don't know the regulations on this, Travis doesn't have the wild business that he used to. That said; I still think some bar that opened from noon to 5:00PM on Sundays, with at least two big screen TV's tuned to NASCAR, and billed it as NASCAR Sunday, could generate money hand over fist. Think I'm wrong? Somebody ought to check over the books of Lotty's here when they opened for NASCAR, on Sunday's. Tammy being a NASCAR fan and manager, had standing room crowds on both the upstairs and downstairs bars. If you ask why we did not get that? $4k a month, plus remodeling , the staffing if you could find the people, was a serious problem. 
The Club came to Etown in the winter of 2014/2015 to do one thing , retool and refire a fully dark AM radio station to be a flagship station for HazzardAyre and Dixie-Diesel Trucker Radio. Like Travis , its not the money, its not the location well sort of, its finding people who want and are willing to get off their butts , put on their skirts, heels socks and ignite their brains and come out here to the Lair and put in the hours learning skills that enables not just a job, but a real career. Live radio is on its way back, the revitalization of the AM band even HD AM, and extending AM into stereo AM, means there is life coming back to a medium everyone is saying is old hat and dieing. I don't buy that, sure there is satellite, streaming radio which we currently do, and all, but there is nothing like just getting in your truck or on your Harley, turning on the radio, and grooving with the tunes and news. Having someone that is real inside that control room spinning the platters like we used to call it, is and is being hungered, by many people. Enough people that its worth doing. With us we have 5 stations that will be hooked together by both satellite and streaming, the first is obviously our station here in Etown, provided we can get Amber and that kind of sunshine in the studio. The Second station is our original station in Buhl Idaho 15 miles west of Twin Falls, the third one is Wendover Utah/Nevada, and last but not least a just went dark station near Malad Idaho/Tremonton Utah. It is my thought to have Amber and at least one other riding herd over all but one of those, that being the one in Buhl Idaho. That one is my baby.
Next; the big question of why is the damn thing still in where you live? Answer; where else in town or at least Etown here is there a near stand alone facility, under $600.00 a month, with a direct eye site look to where the tower is, that we can operate in 24/7/365? We thought we had a spot at the Wells Fargo Bank building here. While the office space was cheap, the $700.00 a month additional rent for roof space was a bit up there at least for a first year rookie radio station. Second one we thought we had was next to the Post Office here. Wiring WAS VERY OLD, but workable, except to get the license from the FCC we needed a fixed location, except the buttwipes that owned that building wanted to see the license first, can't have one without the other. So we tanked that. Then though we had a spot next to the Last Chance Gas Station, here except the same Internet speed and bandwidth is the same as here and the two brothers that own that one being who we rent the shop from would play ball. Yet we finally found a spot, sign lease on Wednesday then do a ton of remodeling, soundproofing equipment installation and testing. All the while, the station needs to stay operational. That means being on air. So that's another reason I need Amber and a few others that I and Club can trust to ride herd on the station here at the Wolf's Lair. And with that and I know what your thinking; well your a guy, she's a woman, you have a tallywacker and she has a hair muffin, something is going to get together. So let me say this to all who needs to know. My heart, and body belongs to my Shelly, and Shelly only. Whether its been Brittnay , Andrea, Codi, or any of the others, never ever have I done, or asked for or even thought of doing anything really kinky hinky. Oh sure there's the toe smooch, and all, but it starts and stops there. 
There's more, but thing is too: I'm not going to beg for interns and first time radio people. For $20.00 an hour to start, for people to get off their tail to come in sit down and do LIVE radio. $20.00 an hour is the best dang offer for and of any first time radio anchor in the business. Don't matter what market. Hell even Stern doesn't pay if he pays at all , his interns $20.00 an hour, they're lucky if they get $10.00 an hour. 
Any mile show starts at 20:00/8:00PM on .
But damn don't I look Better?


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