Sunday, March 5, 2017

It's amazing at your attitude once you get hitched or just about to

I find it absolutely interesting that the things I used to find hot or alluring no longer get my pubic hairs to stand up. The junk I see and its not just facebook. Hell facebook tries to patrol and kick pages, groups and people who are abusing facebooks TOS, however that said, looking at what looks like such a tasty auntrey in reality most likely isn't. Have you ever held back all that blonde hair, while she's doubled over the toilet hurling? Have you ever considered that, the squishy stuff your feeling inside her vagina is help back shit? And YOU want to go sucking and licking her butt? Sorry eating poop is not my idea of fine dining. This is why such things as my fetish of toes and all in nylons is so on the right idea. You can't get poop in your mouth, urine in your nose, or an STD from kissing and snuggling her toes especially in nylons. More over you'll never leave that table with a bad taste in your mouth.
However your hungers change I think once you get involved with someone. All of a sudden our male minds can focus on our hot rods, trucks, bikes etc and not just seeking a way to get our snake wet. The really hot honeys are more trouble than you can want. They are more moody, they expect to be treated like royalty, they are being ogled by every other guy(remember how fragile our male egos are) and try to get a bit of work out of a hot woman, shit, you'd be better off hiring a robot. All those sweet treats, are nothing but big trouble and the worst of it is, most are nothing but teasers or posers, or fronters no matter what label you put on em, they are just fake. There ain't one of them that is going to get together with one of us who sweat, have diesel and gas fumes all over us, grease under our fingernails. Nope, those super hotties, only go for guys who drive (and the bank usually owns it they don't) new trucks or such, have a bankroll the size of a KrispyKream sweet roll, and reside in an apartment or condo, on a top floor off of Madison Avenue , who has a job like an attorney or doctor. Oh your not one of those guys? Forget the hottie, all se's going to do is tease you all night while her Doctor hubby pal, is working late at night, then that hottie will tease you all night on Facebook, and little of anywhere else.

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