Sunday, March 5, 2017

Is it or is she real? Or just a faked out pic?

I often see posts on Facebook, that are so phony and all that I think are people even in America that damn stupid? Is it that our population is so glued to their electronic devices that they completely feel the way to satisfy their need to breed, is to troll Facebook. The thing I have learned very tragicly over the last few years is 80 % of what is on Facebook, MySpace,Lycos, and a host of others is pure bullshit. Then of course there's the so called censors, and page/group administrators. Few if any truly monitor their groups or pages, for nudity or improper images or for that matter comments. There's those that pay dearly to Facebook and other webmasters of these pages, to ignore the porn or at least near porn images. 
Now first don't get the idea that I'm against looking at and if I'm really lucky getting to touch, smell, taste or consume a hot body. Either through visual stimulus on facebook, or other places, its the fact that there might just be some preteen or tween that just might see these things. Granted these images and all are for adults at least chronologicaly adults that are far from being adults. 
My wife Shelly earlier and the word has little if anything to do with sexual activity, but my wife called me a pervert. Now the word is derived from the word perversion. Which defined means one who is a anti-establishment person who does things different. The word is not really an insult, and being a rebel in all ways, say if you call me a pervert, thanks for the compliment. But I wonder about the men, who peroose the pages and groups of Facebook looking for a date, as its more like hunting for a victum, and it's not just guys. Women look there too. Mostly especially if its local, to find guys to seduce or con into a affair. Just to break up a marriage. Many times this comes from a woman that got so hurt once in a relationship that she gets it in her head to mess up with other relationships. The if I can't , nobody else gets to, syndrome. Some women yearn for that, just like some hunger for things like booze or nicotine. Many would rather be abused, rather than truly loved and treasured. Trust me I know several who don't or fully can't accept or understand or absorb a guy that is kind and loving. Nope many need to be cheated on, slapped around and abused to be happy. Sorry got off track. 
Now onto our new page and group, on Facebook. Classic Hookers and Haulers Club. In 1997 the Hazzard County Toewing Association the Hazzard County Knytes and a couple of executives from SouthernSteele Media and I met in Rigby Idaho. Yes we had a facility there. Any mile, back then, there were those TV shows on TNN/Spike on the program block called PowerBlock. So we thought hey lets us do up a thing of some the classiest and customized tow trucks, rollbacks and big trucks, this was prior to Trick My Truck and others on CMT. We thought go out shoot pics of the hot old rigs, with some hotties and put it on video, and sell the damn thing. Might make a few bucks. We got a good start, but budgets and some financial support dropped so we put the idea on hold. However over the last few months I have seen quite a few groups on Facebook, featuring these old dragin wagons, that after our meeting last night, why the hell not pull up that idea? Now with that, what about another subsidiary of the Knytes, dedicated to old but still working tow trucks. Especially Holmes and Century rigs. Get some hotties involved. Make a full on production out of it, and sell it at a few County fairs and such this fall, have some placards on moving over slowing down for tow trucks. 
Now to the obviously question. The word Hooker has been used for quite a few years as a slang term for tow truck. It has nothing to do with finding a wife for rent. Then again, featuring a sharp dragin wagon, with an equally long legged(in nylons of course) standing, sitting etc on it? That's what this group and page on Facebook is all about.
More in the PM after church.

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