Saturday, March 25, 2017

Damn it I have to do my play list all over again and Mam Wolf is coming home.

So I finally got through my overnight radio show, but my music play list did not save so need to do that all over again, Son-of-a-B. Oh well. With rain and clouds overcast and a storm coming in with snow in the high elevation, decided to remain on station here in Etown for the weekend.  I'm both excited and apprehensive on moving and a bit reluctant. Before I pack one sliver of furniture and all, I'm making damn sure what I'm doing. It might take a week or a month, don't care. But moving after the month of April makes more sense. Just need to do a Hazzard two step on my dl. Once for Wyoming, and then do it again in Idaho, unless I can anchor my license to my old address in Twin. We will see. That said a move is coming. Just need to make sure where and why first. Considering the fact that as bad as it is, I have made some progress on KSOA/HAZZARDAyre radio and all, I have a shop at least for the time being, for LexiBelle, Gabriella, and LiL Wolf, and a good home, will all the bells and whistles, cable/Internet and dishwasher. So to just up and move over something as trivial, as fear of a DL transfer, is ludicrious. Considering I have here some friends, a great Bishop, and a warm loving Church Ward here, makes the decision to relocate that much more difficult. So I'm at a point of just digging in, fix what's not working here in Etown and build my empire from grand old Etown. Give it another year. If it goes great I'll buy a house here, if not then look at moving home to Idaho, which even with a part time gig with A1, Still that may not be enough. 
Mama Wolf will be home today, bringing her baggage. Some I can handle , some that needs help, but I'm confident that I can get things arranged where her and I can live a decent life. She'll just have to absorb ETown like I did. It takes a while to get in tune with Etown. Etown is clannish, clickish, and stubborn. Etown is not in the welcoming new people or out of the box ideas, but over time if you fight long enough plus claw and scratch , snarl and bite, you do get there. That said here is okay, not the best, not a shinning star, but livable. Not saying I wouldn't move , but need to examine the lay of the land back home first. 
Stay tuned.

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