Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Can you just say to facebook, leave me alone?

It makes no difference, if you comment on a page or in a group, you constantly get bombarded with notices in your standard email, of what others have to say on a given thought. Sure its a gas a few times, but unless you check off, don't notify me in the pic, it will constantly pop up in your email. How about a time of expiration? Once it goes up, in 3 days no more notices. Let's move on. Chute, you just want to tell facebook, to just leave you alone. But hey that's not all. Like they say on late night tv infomercials, facebook took a survey that the happily sent me why I no longer place ads on facebook. Simple the damn things never did me any good, did not generate one tow call, nor heavy truck service call. The idiots at facebook, does not have a proper category for neither HCC nor RodeWolf Toewing. Now then, over at Google Advertising, not only did they give me a bunch of neat tools to properly spotlight my companies as well as HazzardAyre Radio, but the damn thing is free. Guess what the 10 calls I get for towing and road service each week, are directly related to and from our listing on Google Advertising. Same thing over at Yelp. The listing is free, allows a free pic, even with a logo with words on it, what the hell is a logo without words on it, a simple pic. Without the words the dumb ass public can't discern if its a picture or a logo. But back over at facebook, the junk, costs you at a minimum of $20.00 a hit, and more up to $150.00 and some extremely north of that. Yet one is so limited on what you can put up. 
Look, when Zuckerburg conceived the idea of facebook it was a great idea. It became a mixture of Lycos, MySpace, and Yahoo all mixed together as a drama that played out in very small packages. Today facebook is a place where little creativity or originality is seen, always just transffering things from one one website, like Pinterest, that is always repeats, right into your email inbox. 
Not for me.

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