Sunday, March 19, 2017

Almost got one capped, but blacked out

Just about had a show completed last night, but at about 03:35 into it, I flat blacked out. Here came the troops, got me some of that blue stuff in a tube, which righted my blood sugar, and much better now, except still have a bit of a headache, plus numb in one arm. Much of this came from not eating much of the day cept when Rick and I broke bread at Jodies, at which Rick's young'n came up missing so he left quick. With only the scraggly old bats at Jodies left there I left as well. Went out to the shop, attempted to finish my lighting project on LexiBelle, except first needed looms and washers. Went to Walmart for the washers, and Orielies for the loom. Only to find that my lighting configuration wont work so need to re-engineer. Tossed around the idea of going to Pocatello rather than Twin for a short time today, there is a need and room to grow our towing service there, as well as radio station since we already own a license there as well as a strong stick, that we bought in 1988 so that might be something. Yet I'm just not yet quite sure. While Twin Falls, offers a lot, still cost factors, and distance from my family is still at best 270 miles from Pocatello, with that; I have moved 4 times in the last 4 years, mostly due to jumping before I looked. Twin Falls to Ogden Utah, Ogden to Etown out in the blooming BFE, and then here to where I'm at now. All on hunches not examining what else is out there. Not saying Etown, is anything to get in bed with, but before I jump again I'm going to know where and what.
Amber again didn't come over, figured as much, she's a good young lady and all, but maybe her plate is too full for being a media anchor, so spot is open, just not going to beg. Just can't understand why some folks can't be honest. Why can't they just say , I'm not Interested? And be done with it? Or if they want to make a leap, then do it, kinda like what Yoda from Star Wars said, "Do or Don't , no try , no maybe" 
Any way, I'm headed for bed, but don't fret none, we'll be back on the air tonight after the chores are done.

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