Sunday, March 26, 2017

So this is what it comes down to eh?

So this is what it comes down to eh? Example, tried to post my new Mixcloud edition of our overnite show, but grand old facebook decides , nope. Commercial in nature, can't post. What next? Okay I know facebook like any website, can be and is credited with the fact that it's their website, NOT YOURS. You get the luxury to post things there, but its at facebooks little band of commie loving college boys, allowing or not what goes on there. 
Any way got it on Twitter and if you go to you can find the show.
Okay then My girl Shelly decides to snooze overnight, into mid morning. Looking for sleep all the time is a clinical sign of serious depression. My question is what the hell is she worried about? Okay the relocate plans have to be shelved for a few months but hey, we got food and all and everything we need. Sure sleeping on a two person, love seat ain't no picinic but, in time that will rectify that. Only reason I ain't in the sack with her, is Church and all says no frolicking in the land of no no until marriage so, due to economic conditions, I sleep on my bed , she sleeps in the front room. Plans are to eye around for a two bedroom place where we each can have our own room. 
Life does go on. 
Missed my pancake big breakfast this morning at our local McDonalds. Reason I eat that? Can't mess that up so easy. McDonalds here in Etown does better on breakfast things than lunches. The crew in the morning is more friendly, the service more precise, and its a better experience, must have something to do with the not so advanced in age young ladies there haven't been getting bitched at all day yet, so the emotional condition isn't as acute. 
Any way headed to my den to catch a few winks.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Damn it I have to do my play list all over again and Mam Wolf is coming home.

So I finally got through my overnight radio show, but my music play list did not save so need to do that all over again, Son-of-a-B. Oh well. With rain and clouds overcast and a storm coming in with snow in the high elevation, decided to remain on station here in Etown for the weekend.  I'm both excited and apprehensive on moving and a bit reluctant. Before I pack one sliver of furniture and all, I'm making damn sure what I'm doing. It might take a week or a month, don't care. But moving after the month of April makes more sense. Just need to do a Hazzard two step on my dl. Once for Wyoming, and then do it again in Idaho, unless I can anchor my license to my old address in Twin. We will see. That said a move is coming. Just need to make sure where and why first. Considering the fact that as bad as it is, I have made some progress on KSOA/HAZZARDAyre radio and all, I have a shop at least for the time being, for LexiBelle, Gabriella, and LiL Wolf, and a good home, will all the bells and whistles, cable/Internet and dishwasher. So to just up and move over something as trivial, as fear of a DL transfer, is ludicrious. Considering I have here some friends, a great Bishop, and a warm loving Church Ward here, makes the decision to relocate that much more difficult. So I'm at a point of just digging in, fix what's not working here in Etown and build my empire from grand old Etown. Give it another year. If it goes great I'll buy a house here, if not then look at moving home to Idaho, which even with a part time gig with A1, Still that may not be enough. 
Mama Wolf will be home today, bringing her baggage. Some I can handle , some that needs help, but I'm confident that I can get things arranged where her and I can live a decent life. She'll just have to absorb ETown like I did. It takes a while to get in tune with Etown. Etown is clannish, clickish, and stubborn. Etown is not in the welcoming new people or out of the box ideas, but over time if you fight long enough plus claw and scratch , snarl and bite, you do get there. That said here is okay, not the best, not a shinning star, but livable. Not saying I wouldn't move , but need to examine the lay of the land back home first. 
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Can you just say to facebook, leave me alone?

It makes no difference, if you comment on a page or in a group, you constantly get bombarded with notices in your standard email, of what others have to say on a given thought. Sure its a gas a few times, but unless you check off, don't notify me in the pic, it will constantly pop up in your email. How about a time of expiration? Once it goes up, in 3 days no more notices. Let's move on. Chute, you just want to tell facebook, to just leave you alone. But hey that's not all. Like they say on late night tv infomercials, facebook took a survey that the happily sent me why I no longer place ads on facebook. Simple the damn things never did me any good, did not generate one tow call, nor heavy truck service call. The idiots at facebook, does not have a proper category for neither HCC nor RodeWolf Toewing. Now then, over at Google Advertising, not only did they give me a bunch of neat tools to properly spotlight my companies as well as HazzardAyre Radio, but the damn thing is free. Guess what the 10 calls I get for towing and road service each week, are directly related to and from our listing on Google Advertising. Same thing over at Yelp. The listing is free, allows a free pic, even with a logo with words on it, what the hell is a logo without words on it, a simple pic. Without the words the dumb ass public can't discern if its a picture or a logo. But back over at facebook, the junk, costs you at a minimum of $20.00 a hit, and more up to $150.00 and some extremely north of that. Yet one is so limited on what you can put up. 
Look, when Zuckerburg conceived the idea of facebook it was a great idea. It became a mixture of Lycos, MySpace, and Yahoo all mixed together as a drama that played out in very small packages. Today facebook is a place where little creativity or originality is seen, always just transffering things from one one website, like Pinterest, that is always repeats, right into your email inbox. 
Not for me.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Say what you mean , mean what you say.

There's an old saying my Dad and my Uncle Dell taught me years ago, whilest usually fishing at the small creek that ran through the farm. The saying went, " Say what you mean, mean what you say". If you do promise something carry it through. In today's societal environment its called throughput. Normally directed towards a computer to assure completion of a task, but it applies to people as well. I guess one of the things that upsets many people here is that we are too honest, and too much real for most to digest. Two examples , few days ago, in fact last week, was chowing down at Sud's Brothers Brewery , and here was this foxy honey serving. So I pitched the idea to her, would you like to work for us? She said could be fun, I'll be out. It's now Monday no response. Then there's the thing of the Silver Wolf, aka Gabriella that originially and as it looks , will remain the car I'll give my wife Shelly to drive. The old Subaru is not that fancy, but it drives good, has plenty of spirit, and gets it done. The only two things it needs is new tires, and a battery and a fuse for the stereo replaced. Outside of that the little car is a neat little car. So there's this seat cover out at Pilot, named Sidney, griping she needed a car. Knowing that few if anyone is making big money there so I said she could have it. Just call me. Don't know if either one of these people thought I wanted under their panties or something, but fact is I was being kind. The radio station gig, is going to need a for lack of better words a baby sitter, for a year. Since the main reason I'm going to Idaho is to reignite our MC shop and tow service there. So am trying to get someone trained to do that task. Sure $20.00 a hour isn't BIG money but it pays the bills, plus if she is focused and performs the task properly, then mid 50's an hour is in line. Yet no one is jumping. I know welcome to Evanston Wyoming. Same thing goes for Sidney, don't want the car? Then just say I don't want the car. Same for Amber, don't want the job? Fine just say , " I don't want the job" simple. Then I'm not waiting on people, to show up , or taking time out of my day. For every hour of every day including Sunday, is $80.00 an hour, or equal to what a single tow costs. If I can't respond to a tow call or service call, I just lost that $80.00. Multiply that by several hours over several days, it starts to carve away at my bank account. Granted I don't look like I got much in the way of finances but the Knytes have just over $380,million in the bank, of which $50,million has been ear marked for HazzardAyre/KnyteWolf Radio. So why the hessitation? For women it becomes a reluctance due to some of the comedy bits we do on  that are similar to Howard Stern's pranks, but not as in depth. Ours is usually capped off of seeing if a womans toes smell bad, or similar. Nothing that would really injure someone. Yet no applicants. But again, if you pitch or offer someone a job, and they say they'll come out and check it out, then don't You need to ask yourselves, what game are they playing?
Now granted Twin Falls Idaho and area had some of the same stuff except, if someone said they were going to show up, even at the house, they at least showed up. I didn't have to do the 20 calls and 30 facebook posts for them to roll over, to the Lair to apply for our on air openings. Here it's like, really? Then no show up. Sure I remember years ago, there was our Robin, of 23 or so years old then, no reservation what so ever, then there was Erin, who drove over in ice and snow 20 miles or so at midnight to do radio. Contributed to the save truck fund, and was one of if not thee best administrative employees I have ever had. Sure I know, nobody that I have worked with since then and even now measure up to either one, yet if some of these people just would be honest and say what they mean, and mean what they say, there might be some earthly salvation for Evanston Wyoming yet. If not and they keep pushing people that think outside of the box, you'll see Evanston, become Evansgone .

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Almost got one capped, but blacked out

Just about had a show completed last night, but at about 03:35 into it, I flat blacked out. Here came the troops, got me some of that blue stuff in a tube, which righted my blood sugar, and much better now, except still have a bit of a headache, plus numb in one arm. Much of this came from not eating much of the day cept when Rick and I broke bread at Jodies, at which Rick's young'n came up missing so he left quick. With only the scraggly old bats at Jodies left there I left as well. Went out to the shop, attempted to finish my lighting project on LexiBelle, except first needed looms and washers. Went to Walmart for the washers, and Orielies for the loom. Only to find that my lighting configuration wont work so need to re-engineer. Tossed around the idea of going to Pocatello rather than Twin for a short time today, there is a need and room to grow our towing service there, as well as radio station since we already own a license there as well as a strong stick, that we bought in 1988 so that might be something. Yet I'm just not yet quite sure. While Twin Falls, offers a lot, still cost factors, and distance from my family is still at best 270 miles from Pocatello, with that; I have moved 4 times in the last 4 years, mostly due to jumping before I looked. Twin Falls to Ogden Utah, Ogden to Etown out in the blooming BFE, and then here to where I'm at now. All on hunches not examining what else is out there. Not saying Etown, is anything to get in bed with, but before I jump again I'm going to know where and what.
Amber again didn't come over, figured as much, she's a good young lady and all, but maybe her plate is too full for being a media anchor, so spot is open, just not going to beg. Just can't understand why some folks can't be honest. Why can't they just say , I'm not Interested? And be done with it? Or if they want to make a leap, then do it, kinda like what Yoda from Star Wars said, "Do or Don't , no try , no maybe" 
Any way, I'm headed for bed, but don't fret none, we'll be back on the air tonight after the chores are done.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Now there, don't I look better?

So woke up this morning having some pleasant dreams of Amber and I on the air doing radio, and decided with SheWolf coming home here in a few days, might be time to get the mop on top of my brain mowed. So went to this place called SuperCuts, and had to undergo getting groomed by some queer. I didn't think that queers lived or were much welcomed here in grand Etown. So then prior to that went got my grub stakes from Smiths, then decided it was lunch time. Considering that Amber would be at Sud's Brothers, I went there. Didn't really want a full fare meal, just a quick salad, visit with her, then hammer back here to the Lair. 
So I walked in, and Amber was there but dressed more conservatively than usual. First her shoes and no socks did not match the look she was going for, but she still looked good. Then she was a bit stand offish, which made me wonder, did I overstep again somewhere? Ate, but not before I brought in a 4 pack of Dewshine for them to taste. I'm sorry to those who thing that I'm obsessed with the product, but from the time I had the first bottle last summer, to now, there just is nothing, and I mean nothing that satisfies my thirst like that clear necture called Dewshine. It's just that good. Travis was there at Sud's Brothers I visited with him, and for a time he and I were competitors yet for a competitor Travis is pretty cool, at least for a guy. Seems Travis was having the same problems I was, he too just could not find qualified help for his place, which is why we backed off of both the Gopher Hole, aka Hornets Nest and the Tumbleweed. Both were slated to becoming the Reaper Club, a real life version of the meeting house/bar on Son's. With us its very difficult to blend in with and adjust to the rather brash worlds of bikers, gearheads , Aviators, and truckers. Let alone us southern folk. While I don't know the regulations on this, Travis doesn't have the wild business that he used to. That said; I still think some bar that opened from noon to 5:00PM on Sundays, with at least two big screen TV's tuned to NASCAR, and billed it as NASCAR Sunday, could generate money hand over fist. Think I'm wrong? Somebody ought to check over the books of Lotty's here when they opened for NASCAR, on Sunday's. Tammy being a NASCAR fan and manager, had standing room crowds on both the upstairs and downstairs bars. If you ask why we did not get that? $4k a month, plus remodeling , the staffing if you could find the people, was a serious problem. 
The Club came to Etown in the winter of 2014/2015 to do one thing , retool and refire a fully dark AM radio station to be a flagship station for HazzardAyre and Dixie-Diesel Trucker Radio. Like Travis , its not the money, its not the location well sort of, its finding people who want and are willing to get off their butts , put on their skirts, heels socks and ignite their brains and come out here to the Lair and put in the hours learning skills that enables not just a job, but a real career. Live radio is on its way back, the revitalization of the AM band even HD AM, and extending AM into stereo AM, means there is life coming back to a medium everyone is saying is old hat and dieing. I don't buy that, sure there is satellite, streaming radio which we currently do, and all, but there is nothing like just getting in your truck or on your Harley, turning on the radio, and grooving with the tunes and news. Having someone that is real inside that control room spinning the platters like we used to call it, is and is being hungered, by many people. Enough people that its worth doing. With us we have 5 stations that will be hooked together by both satellite and streaming, the first is obviously our station here in Etown, provided we can get Amber and that kind of sunshine in the studio. The Second station is our original station in Buhl Idaho 15 miles west of Twin Falls, the third one is Wendover Utah/Nevada, and last but not least a just went dark station near Malad Idaho/Tremonton Utah. It is my thought to have Amber and at least one other riding herd over all but one of those, that being the one in Buhl Idaho. That one is my baby.
Next; the big question of why is the damn thing still in where you live? Answer; where else in town or at least Etown here is there a near stand alone facility, under $600.00 a month, with a direct eye site look to where the tower is, that we can operate in 24/7/365? We thought we had a spot at the Wells Fargo Bank building here. While the office space was cheap, the $700.00 a month additional rent for roof space was a bit up there at least for a first year rookie radio station. Second one we thought we had was next to the Post Office here. Wiring WAS VERY OLD, but workable, except to get the license from the FCC we needed a fixed location, except the buttwipes that owned that building wanted to see the license first, can't have one without the other. So we tanked that. Then though we had a spot next to the Last Chance Gas Station, here except the same Internet speed and bandwidth is the same as here and the two brothers that own that one being who we rent the shop from would play ball. Yet we finally found a spot, sign lease on Wednesday then do a ton of remodeling, soundproofing equipment installation and testing. All the while, the station needs to stay operational. That means being on air. So that's another reason I need Amber and a few others that I and Club can trust to ride herd on the station here at the Wolf's Lair. And with that and I know what your thinking; well your a guy, she's a woman, you have a tallywacker and she has a hair muffin, something is going to get together. So let me say this to all who needs to know. My heart, and body belongs to my Shelly, and Shelly only. Whether its been Brittnay , Andrea, Codi, or any of the others, never ever have I done, or asked for or even thought of doing anything really kinky hinky. Oh sure there's the toe smooch, and all, but it starts and stops there. 
There's more, but thing is too: I'm not going to beg for interns and first time radio people. For $20.00 an hour to start, for people to get off their tail to come in sit down and do LIVE radio. $20.00 an hour is the best dang offer for and of any first time radio anchor in the business. Don't matter what market. Hell even Stern doesn't pay if he pays at all , his interns $20.00 an hour, they're lucky if they get $10.00 an hour. 
Any mile show starts at 20:00/8:00PM on .
But damn don't I look Better?


Monday, March 13, 2017

Oh where oh where did my PooBear Go? And I told you this would happen

Sunday came and with it reluctantly I got myself together and went to Church. Figured I should since in a very short weeks I'll be headed to Idaho. At least that's the plan as it rides now. So Saturday, my sweet Shelly calls and says she got some legal money from some dude that snuffed her cat a few years ago, saying she'd send that Monday. Ok, My mom taught me not to count your cookies until they are baked. So Off to Church. Got there, stayed for all three and a half hours sang in front of the congregation, all was fine. However after going through computer hell the previous day after I got home from saying good bye to my Grand daughter for the last time, my mind, body and even spirit was totally spent. So I figured I'd drop in bed for a few hours after the eventful NASCAR race that saw our driver Danica Patrick, explode and engine. I was out until midnight. I closed my eyes and drifted off to spaces and places in and around Hazzard Idaho, that were of a more easier times. Where the biggest problem was getting high centered on a dirt mound, in a VW Rabbit. And yes I am very partial to VW Rabbits, I think unless you as the driver hurt the damn things internally that will last until the damn wheels fall off of them. 
In all of this my PooBear did not call , nor send a text. Is she again pissed? Don't know. Just hope she understands that there is a lot riding on what she does in the next 3 weeks, since our entire relationship is centered on dependability. It's not just money although that's nice, its if you say your going to do something, whatever it is; then do it. If not then just don't say anything or promise something. Its that simple. 
Okay item number 2: Been having a bunch of hardware failures on this old computer. Does it need replaced? Perhaps, I'd be more aimed that it needs to be overhauled, cleaned up, and given some vitamins. Which means unhooking it it and making the haul to PC Laptops in Utah, and get them to tweak it. However to do this publication, and do HazzardAyre Radio consistently, needs a computer, so been looking at going down to Walmart and buying a cheapo to get by then beef it up once the one I'm using now has been pumped up. 
The big problem is waking my computer up from sleep mode. 
So every day its a gamble which is the main reason, I've been off air.
Okay then. If you have medical insurance thank your stars. If your relying on Obamacare which is being modified, not elliminated but modified. The Republicans are just reworking it, making YOU pay more and get less. The big push from the Trump camp, is to beef up our Armed Forces. I'm all for that, anything we as a nation can do to lift up those on the battlefield is crucial. That said, with health care and obtaining aid once our warriors come home is also crucial. We need to support both in service as well as the ones that are home warriors. Trump's current plans are not going to do that.
For right now our Social Security and other entitlement benefits are safe. The question is; for how long? What are you going to do, if one day and this may happen sooner than later, but who are you going to scream at or what are you going to do if one day you get a letter from Social Security that says, sorry, Your benefits are terminated, due to the fact that Social Security is broke, bankrupt or just plain too overdone to allow you to get it? I have recently experienced some of that. While I expect my EBT card will get renewed and all, still all of a sudden, I had to really go out and buy food. Which is why I concluded that with Wyoming being broke or at least nearly there, jobs at a premium if you can get one, is crucial for me to get out and earn. That means Idaho at least for me. It's been nearly a decade since LexiBelle had to feed and house me, likewise HCC,{Hazzard-County-Choppers} but I need to. Not that Idaho doesn't have its economic woes, it does. However unlike Wyoming, Idaho does not depend on oil and natural gas wells to stimulate and maintain the local economy. Idaho does what it does best; farm. Even in bad years, a guy can still drive tater truck in the fall and spring to make some extra cash in again the spring during planting and harvesting in the fall. As well as corn, peppermint , and sugar beets. A guy can make an income there. In short your not just sucking off the hind teat of the American tax payer, as well as the domestic tax payer. 
I'm already seeing evidence of rumblings on facebook, of people looking at themselves in the mirror and saying I, screwed up voting for Trump. Granted , Hilary Clinton was no angel, in any way, but at least she meant some stability. But hey, as with the last 4 administrations , I told you so. 
Last but not really the least. I have seen two facebook groups, one called Cowboys & Truckers, and another called Trashy Truckers. Both post pictures of erotic women that you know are just transplanted from either Pinterest, or some other site. That said; I created a facebook group called: Real Trucks Real Women. In that its time to post pics of real working, verified operational even collector over the road trucks, big rigs, tow trucks, little trucks, but trucks. To add to that, posting pics of real women, big women, hot women, little women, With only a few criteria. Mainly that they can't be models from some unreal Hollywood or Madison Avenue sound or photo stage, but real live women. Women that may be truck stop wait people {Can't say waitress anymore} Lady truckers, tow truck ladies, but real women. The second, I don't want to see pics of women buck ass'd naked or big boobs. On Real Trucks/Real Women its got to be tasteful, and if there's a bunch of filthy language, on there as well as trolls, your outta there. I want my group to be a place where you read trucking style news, look at trucks that are real, and look at women, that can be admired by even my lady SheWolf. If it ain't, its not in my group. Want to be filthy? Go to the other sites. 
Any mile, its Monday, Tomi is on TV and I gotta get to doing a radio show. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Welcome to my Friday morning

Thursday I awakened to Brother Dave at the door with viddles from McDonalds, after having a slight attitude adjustment with my computer I decided that with really nothing to do today, I'd hit the rack, So at 16:00 I hit the rack and did not awaken until 22:00 hours just in time to realize I needed milk. Thank goodness that Dave left me $20.00 so I could survive for a few more days waiting on the Wyoming DFS office to quit sucking lemons and renew the EBT card. But at least although I'm going to be tight, I can get to my Grandaughters funeral in Pocatello. 
So I cruise into Walmart, and sure enuff, Howdy Doodie was there, I completely ignored him, now you'd think that this store couldn't get any worse. But it does every damn day. First there was a line because of a lady on Oxygen, doing a return, so every damn thing has to be marked off her sales ticket, so they get us to go to the self check outs. But the self checkouts don't accept cash after midnight. So back to the one cashier. Could it hurt these idiots, to open a check stand so we all could get out of there? What should have been a 15 minute at best go in, and leave turned out to be an hour. 
So I get done with that, go out to the shop, and a bit skiddish LexiBelle turned over in one twist of the key. Still have some fininsh up work, and all including wires , but getting close. Called Nate, LiL Wolf goes in to him come Monday, LexiBelle goes out to Rick's mid week, and then come the first of the month, I'm outta here. Seems for every time I have been wanting to exit Etown here something has kept me here. Sure its great to have the albeit few, but the support people I have here, and if and only if I could scrape together $1400.00 for two months shop rent I'd stay for a month or two more. Fact is I don't see that coming. AS that being that, come May 1st, this old Wolf hunts back in Idaho.
So then I look over my email, and find Shelly was barking about some damn redhead. Really? With my mental load, does she really want to start snarling at me now. Only redhead I have seen in the last month is Julie White of Grace Under Fire Fame(LaffTV) 
 and some hussy up at DFS who apparently was hunting for some sort of support system through a maybe sugar daddy. As for me not interested. I love my grand children, and all and some day way off in the future for Shelly and me, (if I live that long) outside of that I ain't raising somebody elses's kids, nor hooking up with somebody on an obvious drug experience of some sort. The question I had though was simple, did my Shelly really want to bark at me right now? 
HazzardAyre Radio on at 08:00 see you there.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Want state aid? be female, have children, be on narcotics and stuck up

Okay , so after awaiting on the phone for the 3rd hour and needing to recharge my aging mini communicator, I ventured to our local DFS office. Once there and getting the hurry up and wait, of which several were in behind me I still had to wait for 70% women to be seen for their state EBT cards and state benefits. Some for recertification, the rest getting it benefits for the first time. Once I got done there went downstairs to use a whopping $40.00 voucher to get some grub stakes until my trust card got going again, I sat in the lobby and just observed how many other candidates some very good looking, some that could easily be on air anchors here at HazzardAyre, many who if that was too long of a duration, be part time visual talent for the ads for HazzardAyre as well as on the website, some that could be the Lady Shewolvez and so on. Yet many would rather traipse up the elevator to DFS and get tax payer supported aid. Before many of you start barking that's what I do, don't. I only have to have aid as I'm working and I do mean working to gain some traction to both HazzardAyre Radio, as well as Hazzard County Choppers/RodeWolf Toewing, here. Once I get to snagging and dragging to the point of income generation, I'll be happy to cut up that EBT card and tell SSA , see ya'll when I'm 80. Yet here's these rather young ladies who could be making money, and don't say that there ain't no jobs here. There's however a difference between a job and a career. A job is being a cashier clerk at Walmart or doing duty at McDonalds. A career is; being a visual Talent for HazzardAyre or a on air anchor for HazzardAyre Radio. It depends on how one wants to apply themselves. Of many that I have met here in Etown, Wyoming over the past 3-1/2 years two stand out. One has become so stuck up that she's difficult to attract to a opening here at the radio gig. The other I met, who came out once, dressed as requested , nylons and all. This was during the off season with SheWolf and I. Of the two the latter I'd love to work with again. She is just enough of a tom boy that digs what guys like, and yet feminine enough to lure any guy she sees fit. Just the qualities I need on radio. As well as feature on the TV ads for same. Yet even though arrangements are made she don't show. Granted right now she's transportation challenged , but hey , she comes out, works on the station HCC fixes car. Simple. I am however thinking you can be too kind. Example; just before I left Twin Falls to Ogden in 13, Charlie gave me this older Subaru Legacy. It only has three things wrong with it, a battery, 2 flat tires and a bad stereo. The car itself runs like a Swiss sewing machine. So a lady that I know at Pilot needs a car. So I said why not take the Subaru. Sure I promised that to Shelly, but: If I sold the Subaru to Sydney, once Shelly and I get home to Idaho, I can buy something newer and better for Shelly, and not have to worry about coming over to fetch the Subaru. Yet Sydney does not visit, or call. Now here's the thing. It's not that I want Syd to come over to something kinky but few know where or how to find the shop. Syd comes over we go out I show her the Subaru, strike a deal, she drives it home. No harm no foul. Still no inquiries. 
However I'm off topic. Seems that all too many women and few men, but still a few men, look to EBT cards as a lifelong thing. When the EBT, formerly Food Stamp and welfare programs were established, the goal was to be a cushion, between poverty starvation, and training to become employed or as a support while they learned skills to become employed. All through President Obama's terms and even now with Trump in the big chair, many , mostly women just sit, never looking to becoming self sufficient. Me, as I said , my benefits are there just until I get the cash flow , flowing again. Mostly from what I know how to do, fly, turn a wrench, tow, and yes radio/TV media. I'll be happy to get rid of all this state and Federally subsidized crap. Its too restrictive. I don't want it, but because of some poor judgement calls of Cousin Bud, I have to be on these programs, although I hear all the time the restoration of same is going to be immediate, I've been waiting since 2004 for that restoration. Rather than just sit at home watching TV and gaining weight, eating candy and pizza, I'd rather be out busy, finding that one small spark that will light the fire of my earning again. Likewise anyone who is with me will benefit from that effort as well. However they need to not make mistakes and step out from the oh something is going to maul me thought pattern and come out to the Lair here and lets get busy. 
The original food stamp/welfare thing was to last 2 to 3 years at best. There were requirements, either be learning a skill or trade, to be employed, or loose the benefits. There were authentication and mandates to prove you were in a skills training program, or in some kind of school to be able to be employed. If you were not, your benefits got cut off. Many early to mid 20 something women learned that if they got PG(pregnant) they could get more benefits , plus tag some poor working man with child support. More kids, more benefits and child support. Who had to work? Get PG, you didn't have to work. My xol Suzi in Pocatello got in that frame of thought. Unfortunately I got snared and am still paying. So where does that stop? Of course I also look on the so called Naughty facebook pages. 1 or maybe 3 gals go on one, dick tease a bunch of guys, and you can bet your next oil change, she's looking for some guy that has money that can get her knocked up, so she can collect. Forget about love and companionship with some good man. Then many of them ask where have all the good men gone or why am I alone, it's because many men have figured out the scheme and no want to anymore play that game. Those sweet hearts that look so hot, are just the pasting from some porn or dating site of women that really are not all that alone. If they are, its their own choosing. 
So in closing, if your looking to get some grub from the state, be a woman, single or divorced, have at least the required 3.5 children, be on some kind of narcotics and of course be stuck up.
Oh BTW, who was that gal there at DFS in the brilliant red hair and tight jeans?

Sunday, March 5, 2017

It's amazing at your attitude once you get hitched or just about to

I find it absolutely interesting that the things I used to find hot or alluring no longer get my pubic hairs to stand up. The junk I see and its not just facebook. Hell facebook tries to patrol and kick pages, groups and people who are abusing facebooks TOS, however that said, looking at what looks like such a tasty auntrey in reality most likely isn't. Have you ever held back all that blonde hair, while she's doubled over the toilet hurling? Have you ever considered that, the squishy stuff your feeling inside her vagina is help back shit? And YOU want to go sucking and licking her butt? Sorry eating poop is not my idea of fine dining. This is why such things as my fetish of toes and all in nylons is so on the right idea. You can't get poop in your mouth, urine in your nose, or an STD from kissing and snuggling her toes especially in nylons. More over you'll never leave that table with a bad taste in your mouth.
However your hungers change I think once you get involved with someone. All of a sudden our male minds can focus on our hot rods, trucks, bikes etc and not just seeking a way to get our snake wet. The really hot honeys are more trouble than you can want. They are more moody, they expect to be treated like royalty, they are being ogled by every other guy(remember how fragile our male egos are) and try to get a bit of work out of a hot woman, shit, you'd be better off hiring a robot. All those sweet treats, are nothing but big trouble and the worst of it is, most are nothing but teasers or posers, or fronters no matter what label you put on em, they are just fake. There ain't one of them that is going to get together with one of us who sweat, have diesel and gas fumes all over us, grease under our fingernails. Nope, those super hotties, only go for guys who drive (and the bank usually owns it they don't) new trucks or such, have a bankroll the size of a KrispyKream sweet roll, and reside in an apartment or condo, on a top floor off of Madison Avenue , who has a job like an attorney or doctor. Oh your not one of those guys? Forget the hottie, all se's going to do is tease you all night while her Doctor hubby pal, is working late at night, then that hottie will tease you all night on Facebook, and little of anywhere else.