Monday, February 27, 2017

You never start biting and snarling the hands that is going to feed you

Something I was taught as a wolf pup, is that you never ever snarl or bite or insult a hand or human that is going to help if not completely feed you. Example; Our Angel in Texas was barking about the thought of the embroidery equipment we got as salvage years ago was crap. The fact that we are as a organization willing to flat give our Angel in Texas these machines in exchange for doing up our wearables including patches, then snarl at us, makes me go wait a gall darn minute. The how we got these embroidery sewing machines is quite comical. A lady who ran a shop of embroidery at the base of Hill Air Force Base, whom I had a sort of half personal half business arrangement did much of the Club's work, in 2004-2005. When Alicia became ill with Cancer, the Club helped with her medical bills, and as a gift, Alicia gave us those embroidery machines, thread and fabric and cutting tables. Which we put in storage in Utah where they still remain. When our Angel in Texas said she could use them, I approached the Club, they said okay, we don't know how to use them, but we do the gift in exchange for doing up our things. The ONLY reason they aren't in Texas is simply weather, and getting enough of our people together to load and haul them down there. These machines have huge big heads , 8 of them, and one that is a 4 head , plus one is a two head for doing hats and such. But to say its crap? Maybe we just sell em. That ball is in Texas Angels court.
Then my sweet Shelly, started howling at me of am I with someone else this evening? Really? I thought we cured that illness. Hell when I went to bed at 10:00AM yesterday morning, I didn't see light or life until 18:00, went to the shop, got stuck got unstuck by Nate at 21:00(9pm) dropped by Ricks, for a few , went to Walmart, snagged a microwaveable soup, and some chips. Came home and been watching Time is on our Side, on the UHD TV channel. Now unless some creature of the paranormal came into this apartment while I was sleeping, I ain't been with anyone. Door is locked. 
Hope that clears that up. No new news as of Monday, the place we are looking at ground zero of AyreWolfFM, the Daddy of HazzardAyre, is still a go, plus a few others in Twin Falls. Plan is right now to head over there come Thursday, and get this thing bottled up. It is my full intention to have myself and the WolfPack out of Wyoming at least Etown Wyoming by May 1st. 
See ya'll on the radio at 09:00(9:AM) On HazzardAyre/KnyteWolf Radio.
Have a

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