Monday, February 6, 2017

Who is Kennedy on that Insurance TV ad? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

So you're sitting there watching a near nameless TV channel, and a commercial comes on. There's a hottie on there , and you wonder who the hell is this cup cake? So you think your going to Google it, Only to find there's not much in the search. This is what I call baffling Google search. Not saying Google is bad, in fact outside of my radio shows online that needs to be carried over Internet Explorer because Google doesn't support anything Adobe, any more. However there's this hottie on this one ad for a Senior aged insurance company, that has this one gal on there, named Kennedy or at least that's her name on the ad, who I think would be keen on screens for things HazzardAyre and of course the Knytes, to name a few. Yet can't find out who she is. This is the same kind of search and searching that I endured over two things. One is the motor and bracket for my aging light bar on LexiBelle. However after years found one through a FB page and shazzam, now I have one. As far as media, I always wanted the music behind the GMC TV ads. After two or so years, caught a clip on AdAge's pages that described the music, went to YouTube(a Google product) and Eminence Front by the Who. and Now I have the music. 
Okay then, life goes on here in our area, slept most of the day, since Monday's and Thursday's are the two days out of the normal work week I flat take off, and replenish my mind and soul. There's that need , so I usually go flying on these two days. Problem is, these times of year that's not possible. So I go by a vehicle with four legs, to a hidden spot of mine, turn off the mind as to the outside world, and just absorb the peace. In this realm, is in my secret spot, two kind to me , but very established Wolf-packs, and I'm not talking our Wolf-Pack. These majestic creatures were taken off the endangered species act two years ago. Wyoming stood fast and retained the endangered protection, but threats of Federal funds being reduced, caused Wyoming's legislators and DC occupiers, to relist the Wolf as not in danger. So now we have the threat of open sport hunting of wolves. There is a strong but uninformed concept that the wolf is some sinister, evil baring , vicious creature. That they are some sort of hunter ready to jump on anything in the forest, or elsewhere. Remember the Little Red Ridinghood story? Yet if one were to spend some quality time in amongst a real pack you would find these creatures are just loving and loyal, as anything you can find. Plus once accepted into a pack, your protection in the forest is assured. 
The first time I got in touch really got in touch with a pack, was years ago, when hunting in the west ridge of the Teton Mountains just east of Driggs Idaho. Just above by the way from where Dawn Wells aka Mary Ann from Gilligans Island. My horse stumbled and I was thrown off. Found my horse had thrown a shoe. So while I was in the process of making a temp shoe for the horse, up came three wolves. Of course I was like many I was a bit spooked by all the hoopla. Thought oops Montgomey, the jigs up. What I found was, these wolves needed my help. Some wolf-pups had gotten stuck under a big stump and could not get out. So I roped the stump with the horse, moved it and rescued the pups. To say I was accepted by the rest of that pack is an understatement. Not only did this pack keep me from other preditors , but found food for me and kept me company. The mother wolf even brought me a pup, as a gift. So I sent back the pup, being that to own a pure wolf was against all too many Fish and Game laws. Yet that same pup, for years found its way to me. First just above Glenn's Ferry Idaho when I lived there, and out near the Farm when I lived there. And I'm sure although not sited yet, the little guy although by now well grown is no doubt very close to me here in Etown, Wyoming, most likely the ones near my shop here. The LZ(Landing-Zone) here is this there are forces beyond many peoples control to protect the wolves. Many organizations say they are out there fixing this problem, yet are only there sucking up money. The AyreWolvez retaining and honoring our organizations name, is heading up an effort, to protect wolves and reverse congressional actions putting wolves into the gun sites of hunters that will not care what they shoot. Wolves are not the evil, man is the evil, leave my wolves alone.
Caught a buzz on the news earlier. Kings Department Store had left Twin Falls for a time. Seems as when I left Twin Falls, so did they. Now that I've been barking about going back , Kings decided to buy and remodel the old Hastings Music Store there in Twin Falls. I leave , so did Kings. I'm moving back there, and so is Kings, coincidence? I don't think so. Where myself as well as the Knytes and the Wolf-Pack goes, prosperity follows. 

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