Monday, February 20, 2017

Welcome to America a truly dysfunctional nation

Today didn't start off good, I found at 04:35 that overnight due to my diabetes and all that I had wet my bed, and not in a good way. Once I arrived at the shop, found that my battery demon had returned to Mini Wolf, so now need to get a new battery amonst other things, like finding out why the display on the stereo runs all the time and will not dim, which might be part of the battery drain. 
With that, I went home to grab lunch. What comes next is very bad. And there's a need for our Texas Angel to jump in and see if she can get some of her followers to help. It's not the bail money the Knytes can handle that alone, but the legal counsel is what is going to be a beast. We need to raise $500.00 in the next three days. What happened should make every Confederate mad at the system and why we fight it. The circumstances are simple. Some members of the Knytes went to display our Confederate Flag, and make known our efforts to reaffirm the Confederate National Party as a viable political party in Utah. The reason that our people got arrested? Displaying our Flag of Dixie . Seems as though the State of Utah, considers the display of such flag as an act of hate and terrorism. So I'm asking all Knytes members and friends of the Knytes, please if ya'll can help, see if ya'll can dig deep, and rake out say $50.00 or so a piece, so we can get our members the legal help they deserve. 
Our members were there to stir up trouble but fight for the Dixie Nation. Lets see if we can help. 
If ya'll can help send cash, money order or Check, to Knytes-of-Dixie 96 East Hayden #C202 Eavanston Wyoming, 82930. 

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