Sunday, February 12, 2017

Vet Science does not know much if anything at all, no, A dog getting into your can of Copenhagen wont harm it

The nightly sugar rush. Took my meds and even though its 0 outside I'm sweating like a athlete on a marathon. Okay went to digging on some ideas for this evenings HazzardAyre Coast2Coast FM show. The first one was of a sort of personal nature, on my attraction to any honey in nylons. I was wondering, does or do they still make Underalls? Some of ya'll might be too young to remember those, but just before the full launch of Pantyhose, some outfit made these nylons that had a full panty and stockings all in one, they called em Underalls. So question is do they still make them? Of course right away when I did a Google search that any more has no information on it, I got this post from Ebay, somebody is trying to peddle used Underalls. Really? BTW, still waiting those used smelly hose to be snail mailed in for studio decoration. The only 2 lady's that have ever done that was one local here named Tammy, and relationship expert Sue Rogers( All the way from Canada. I'll let ya'll in on where that idea came in a future post. 
Okay so my little puppy, got a sniff of my Copenhagen. So she ingested some. Now she likes it, so I tried to look up the concept on line, again a Google search in reality, not much information. Considering we used to give snuff to critters on the farm to get rid of worms, with no harm, so I figure must be okay. Now Lacey don't like Skoal, but she loves Copenhagen. Since age 5 I've had a pinch of Skoal between my cheek and gum at every oppurtunity. However, here lately it seems that some folks at US Tobacco Company, decided to put in a mini drop of hot sauce or something in my Skoal, kinda burned my lip off. Of course there was a recall of a bunch of Skoal, and Copenhagen longcut, due to some screwball putting in tiny bits of ground up glass, in the chew. Many people were getting cut lips, so again industry gets hammered by terrorists. I'm with Trump on the idea, ship them damn Musslims and all back to where they came from. While we are building a wall on our southern border, why not throw up at least a fence on our northern border? If terrorists are going to enter this nation from the north, now that the southern border is gated up. Some of these Yankee politicians, have never raised hogs or critters on a farm. I say that because if one can't get in or out one way, they'll root around and get in or out another. 

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