Monday, February 6, 2017

Things you see and experience then ask yourself, WHY?

As I finally pulled out another drivers car from a snow drift, waited for an ambulance to arrive, treat and transport the wife of that cars driver, I stopped and thought, why was he messing with his cell phone while driving? Traveling at 70mph, on a black iced road, in the middle of back country Wyoming, that few seconds tapping into his cell phone, just got his wife injured, his small SUV, totalled and owing me $500.00 which I have a feeling will take a long time to get to me since the fuz needs to investigate and file reports. The Insurance company does its claims investigation, but you wonder, isn't ones safety worth putting down that cell phone or not answering it while driving ? It makes no difference, unless I'm stationary, or at the shop or at home, I never ever use or answer my cell phone while driving. Not from SheWolf, not from anybody. LexiBelle, or my hot rod and I are worth more than a delayed phone call. Then I got into a pissing match with some idiot at Smiths, about parking in the Emergency zone. I told him, that a tow truck IS an ENERGENCY vehicle. The pissing match stopped when the manager who knows me very well came out and told the kid, I could park anywhere I wanted. I will not park in a handicap space, but next to the door I will. Many say a tow truck, is not an EMERGENCY vehicle. Now lets see, a person on Wyoming's highways in zero to sub zero tempratures out in the no mans land freezing waiting for a tow or vehicle rescue, might think otherwise. Of course the same thing muddles my mind about the owners of the Wentworth Apartments here in Etown. In my lease here I'm allowed two parking spaces, yet because of some elderly woman her two vehicles get priority. Now here's the problem. My shop is 25 minutes one way from where I live. On a cold night to go to a tow, I have to go out, fire up my hot rod, warm it up, go out to the shop, park my hot rod, open the shop door, fire up LexiBelle, get her warm, back out of the shop, go to the tow. Then after I'm done, I have to do that in reverse. A process that takes 45 minutes, on a 30 minute response time law here in Etown. Not to mention about 100 can't go calls because I couldn't get the truck out of the shop, due to deep snow and snow drifts around the shop. That' $8,000.00 that I have lost, that's not recoverable. Okay so the older lady living next to me has to have two spots, yet I can't? Oh and trust me, I'm looking at elsewhere to be , mainly back to Idaho, if not at least somewhere I can park both rigs where I live. When I give my 30 days notice in April, on the line that asks why am I moving? I'm simply going to put, because the owners of this place are jackass's who can't(or wont) allow someone to park a tow truck here during prime toewing season. 
Last, and I hate to bring this up again, but the other day I got turned down on some ads for the company as well as the WolfPack, by Facebook. Mostly due to visual photographic logos. Okay fine, yet, although pretty and all I saw at least 4 posts that were nude or near nude posts, that were deemed by Facebook . But guess what mine weren't? Of course I looked at some Wolf protection/fan groups on Facebook. Both near ignore me, one didn't even post the blog post I sent em, to maybe get someone off their sixes to help protect the very thing they say they want to protect. This reminds me of the many Confederate heritage and defense sites. Want to post on these? Nope , they don't want outsiders to post. And hell , ask for donations to help an effort like HazzardAyre Radio, or an action fund to facilitate going to state legislators to testify to Congress and State Reps, about why sport hunting of wolves needs to stop or not get started at all. It's not that I NEED the money, I'm okay. Not rich but I'm doing okay, financially. But the Knytes, and the WolfPack needs outside funding if we are going to keep getting waist deep into outside or even any causes. Dig this; right now there's only two outside membership people digging into meger wallets to help, My soon to be wife, Shelly, and our Texas Angel. One contributes $500.00 the other $80.00 . The question becomes, how bad does someone want real change? Or is it some join these pages and groups on Facebook, just to be popular, or make friends? The question I ask, Why? Why, join a group, or Page on Facebook, just to be popular? Sorry, unlike my 4 legged friends and cousin the Wolf, I'm not a really social being. 
SheWolf is going to be calling soon , so need to close, but there are times, I need to just Ask, Why?

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