Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Things in my world change faster than getting into your long johns on a cold Wyoming morning.

Yesterday after visiting and all with a friend from Church by the name of Dave, I had all but caved into the decision of remaining here in Etown and trying to build up an old truck stop and all that, but news of one of the founder's of the Club was on his death bed, plus a few other things looking green, for me to remain in Etown, busting my nuts for poverty wages is just stupid. So plans are come April 1st, I'm outta here. I let Nurse GoodBody know I'm coming home and a few others over there, and most if not all of them were very excited. So I'm headed that way. Now if your wondering why I don't just vamoose now, simple my rides except two wouldn't make it, at least not on their own,. Two the damn fast cash joint stole another $300.00 from my account so gotta repay my bank that on March 1st, if it wasn't for that I'd already be gone. The move to Evanston was the absolute worst most disasterous decision I have ever made. I have messed up one truck, blew the other nearly up, and spent more money on an idea that had no chance in Heaven of ever gaining traction for the action, that I'm just tired of the stress. Then found that My Doctor, is also leaving because she found greener pastures in Utah, that I went out to a spot where I am alone and prayed. The message I got, is simply, time to tuck tail, retreat and just get out of here. Its not the cold or going toewing, everybody that knows me , knows I love snagging and dragging. It's the fact that out of 10 calls, I'm able to respond to, I can only get my truck out of the shop 4 of those 10 calls. Due to snow and lack of snow removal. Beyond that there is the rent of that shop, $750.00 a month may not sound bad, but when you only bring in $1,100.00 by the time I pay everything, I'm still going to our Bishop every other month for help with either a power bill or a heat bill, and sometimes both. Plus with the upcoming rent increase here at the Wentworth having a better choice of income increase, plus my own business, and oh yea, a radio license over in Buhl, when I prayed earlier this evening at my private spot, I just asked, " Heavenly Father, why the hell am I still here" so when I got home and Big C, called me, said he had a spot open for me, that was the answer in part. When Nurse GoodBody buzzed me that too was an answer. Then I was reminded about the hour I was held at gun point in downtown Cokeville, while I was loading my truck to move to Burley the first time around, just because some damn Barney Fife over there did not use a bit of brain fluid and could not understand that Hooker means tow truck in trucker cb lingo, not wife for rent. Why the hell would I move there? Bullsbreath. So I'm headed home. 
I'll be airing some pre recorded shows in the next few days, but they will be much of the last ones at least from Etown Wyoming. To those that say, " I've heard this before" Think again, I have had it with a village that is so running in reverse that they might as well just put up the sign in front of the entering Evanston, below it a sign that says, we're closed due to lack of any interest.

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